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Gran is a versatile ShotoShort for "shotokan"A character archetype defined by being similar in some way to Ryu or Ken Masters from Street Fighter. Shotos usually have a horizontal fireball, an invincible reversal, and a forward moving special move. character. Gran has a solid arsenal of moves which are fundamental to the fighting game genre. His reliable fireballA projectile which usually travels slowly across the screen in a horizontal path above the ground., DP Dragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion.s, and fast approaching moves combined with normals with few obvious flaws make Gran a very well rounded character who can play footsies well and get rewarding punishes.

GBVS Gran Nameplate.png
GBVS Gran Portrait.png
High Recovery (30f)

Gran is a well-rounded character with many solid tools.

  • Simple and Strong: Gran has all the tools he needs to win and is incredibly well-rounded.
  • Anti-Airs: Between 2HGBVS Gran 2H.pngGuardMidStartup10Recovery24Advantage-13, 623HGBVS Gran RisingSword.pngGuardMid×3, AllStartup9Recovery32Advantage-30, and f.HGBVS Gran fH.pngGuardMidStartup9Recovery21Advantage-9, Gran can intercept jumping opponents quite easily at any range.
  • Fast Buttons: Gran has the longest reaching 7f punish in the game, f.MGBVS Gran fM.pngGuardMidStartup7Recovery18Advantage-6 being the best 7f button of its class, as well as a 9f f.HGBVS Gran fH.pngGuardMidStartup9Recovery21Advantage-9.
  • Pressure: His massive 2LGBVS Gran 2L.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery6Advantage+2, plus on block 2MGBVS Gran 2M.pngGuardMidStartup7Recovery9Advantage+1, and H ReginleivGBVS Gran Reginleiv.pngGuardAllStartup15RecoveryTotal 46Advantage+3 ensure that Gran can keep his turn and continue strike/throw pressure.
  • Damage: High damage off most hits and crushing damage in the corner further accentuates his strengths. Counterhits and anti-airs are especially brutal, typically breaking 5K for one cooldown near the corner.
  • Short Reach: The shortcomings of his quick normals are their relatively short reach compared to the rest of the cast.
  • Whiff Punishes: Gran's punish damage at the maximum range of his pokes is quite lacking if he doesn't have meter to spare.
  • Cooldown Cycling: Gran does not have reliable ways to cycle his cooldowns during combos without situational starters (antiairs, far wall bounces) often leading to low damage on the second hit.
  • Bad Supers: Tempest BladeGBVS Gran TempestBlade.pngGuardMidStartup6+5Recovery23Advantage-13, is incredibly slow, often not comboing from his far normals, and poor for punishing fireballs due to its very short invulnerability frames. CatastropheGBVS Gran Catastrophe2.pngGuardAllStartup8+5RecoveryTotal 98Advantage-18 is similarly very slow, and often will not punish an enemy fireball even if it clashes from further out.

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 Mid 5 3 6 +2 +6

Gran's fastest button for pressure, great for frame traps and tick throws. It can link into c.M on regular hit for a hitconfirm. When done meaty, it can avoid some of the slower reversals.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Mid 6 3 12 0 +4

A good upclose tool, post-nerf it is mostly combo filler but can frametrap against 6f c.L characters due to attack level. Can link into c.L on crouching hit.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1200 Mid 8 4 18 -3 +1

Highest damage button that goes into auto combo, better choice for combo filler for the extra damage when applicable. Puts the opponent in huge hitstun on Counter Hit, so much so that it can link into either itself or f.H depending on distance, allowing for a high damage combo in the corner. That, combined with being able to combo into any level of 5U to wall bounce in the corner makes this Gran's best punish starter overall.

Level Attribute

Auto Combo

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
c.XX 350 Mid 9 3 15 -3 +1
c.XXX 350 Mid 12 4 17 -4 0

Despite being airborne, the second hit can be canceled into grounded attacks on the first few active frames. On clash, Gran can delay his button to get c.XX > j.L, but this is slower than c.XX > c.XXX.

Because of his speed, the second hit of Gran's autocombo can also be used as a soft reset point. While pausing here isn't safe, you are left close enough to your opponent to go into a low, throw, or overhead mixup if you're willing to take the risk that your opponent is mashing here or buffering DP. You can also use this point in the autocombo to stop and block(to bait a DP) or insert your own DP here to punish mashers. Against stronger or more paitent players, this point can also be used to transition into 2L pressure.

Version Level Attribute
c.XX 2
c.XXX 3



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 Mid 6 3 13 -3 +1

A faster close range poke at 6 frames, so it can punish some things from further away. Can combo into 214L>214M to round out a punish, but the cancel window is fairly tight.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Mid 7 3 18 -6 -2

His go to poke. Has the farthest reach of his normals and reaches far for its speed.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1000 Mid 9 5 21 -9 -5

Has slightly less range than his f.M, but pulls his hurtbox back a bit. Great for counter poking. It has enough range to hit after you end your string with a fireball and doing so can catch mashing, but it's not recommended to do all the time because there are moves that will beat it.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 Low 6 3 6 +2 +6

Good range 2L that can link into itself as well as c.L and c.M. Really strong pressure tool as it works for low mixup and a frame trap. Can confirm into 214L>214M for knockdown

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Mid 7 5 9 +1 +5

Good poke and common combo tool. +1 on block, making it a decent choice to use.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1000 Mid 10 6 24 -13 -9

Really strong anti-air with a good hitbox in front and behind Gran, allowing him to beat out opponents jumping behind him. On CH, whiff 214L>2H>214M is a good damage combo with great corner carry, but when they're closer to the ground/to you you'll need to go for an alternate route.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Low 7 6 21 -12 HKD

Gran's sweep. 2nd farthest normal poke. It low profiles normal projectiles. Sets up for a safejump on its own and sets up for high damage combos.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 High/Air 5 Until L 0

Gran's fastest air normal. Has active frames from startup until it hits the ground.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
550 High/Air 6 7 Until L

Gran's best air-to-air normal. Has a small cross-up hitbox at the very beginning. It's use as a crossup is mostly outshined by j.U, but it's good to know that it's there.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
800 High/Air 7 6 Until L

Gran's longest reaching and most damaging jump-in. Hitbox is smaller/further up the closer it is to Gran's body.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 High/Air 12 8 Until L

Gran's j.U is a ridiculous jump-in and crossup attack. It hits all around him, which makes it by far his best jump in and arguably the best jump-in attack in the game. Use it after safejumps, use it whenever you're in the air. It's just that good. It's only real fault is that it's slower than most air normals, so you will have to use something else to air-to-air.

Level Attribute

Unique Action

Power Raise


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
5U 1000/1200/1400/1600/2000 Mid 20 9 13 -5
5[U] > X 15

A chargable slash attack. Can be charged up to four levels and gains invulnerability at level four. Each level will also increase in damage and range.

Charge can be cancelled with L/M/H/G. Level is stored and resumes charging from the same level when using 5U again. Gran will auto cancel charge after Level 4, and once he's at Level 4, he can still delay the attack by holding 5U or cancel it like normal.

On normal hit at Level 2 it will cause a wallbounce in the corner allowing for combo extensions. On counter hit all versions will wallbounce on hit in the corner.

The knockback at Level 4 can wallbounce midscreen  

It's also a decent pressure tool as it's -2 on block when spaced at the tip and also pulls Gran's hurtbox back a bit.

Can be used in some corner combos if an opponent is high enough after 2H.

Version Level Attribute
5U 3
5[U] > X


  • Damage increases with each level he gains.
  • At the 5th level, the attack gains invuln.

5[U] > X:

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1500 Throw 7 3 31 HKD

Forward throw knocks opponent far away, but untech time is long enough so you can run in for a meaty or jump in. Great for driving your opponent towards the corner.

Back throw switches sides. Useful if you want to stick close to your opponent after as you will recover closer up than if you were to forward throw.

Between buttons such as c.L, 2L, c.M, and 2M, throw is a particularly strong mix-up option for Gran as it offers many tick throw opportunities. Gran's ability to convert the opponent's whiffed throw techs into enormous damage also serves to make his throw mix up game all the more scary.

Level Attribute
0, 4

Air Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1500 Throw 5 5 Until L+6
Level Attribute
0, 4

Overhead Attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1000 High 26 6 17 -4 +1

Same use as most overheads, checking for low blocks and getting counter hits on late buttons or throws. Gran gets really good reward off of CH Overhead in the corner due to his explosive corner damage, enough to end the round from half health with all specials and super. As of 2.0 Patch Gran can get a stronger Midscreen combo thanks to the changes to H Reginleiv, allowing for follow-ups and better damage.

Level Attribute

Special Moves


GBVS Fireball.png 236X or S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
236L 800 All 15 Total 46 -7 -3
236M 400, 800 Mid, All 13 4 Total 55 -4 0
236H 350×3 All 15 Total 46 +3 +7

Projectile. Gran's traditional fireball.

L Fireball
  • Standard fireball.

Travels fairly fast and across the screen. Serves as a safe ender for his block strings and pokes.

M Fireball
  • Gran slashes upward before shooting out a projectile.
  • First slash cancels out projectiles.

Useful to turn projectile wars more in your favor as you can cancel out incoming projectiles with the upward slash before throwing out a projectile of your own. Also is helpful in throwing off your opponent's timing when trying to dodge 236L. Serves as a better blockstring ender than 236L, and as of the 2.0 Patch there's no Gap in-between the two hits.

H Fireball
  • 3-hit fireball.
  • Hard knockdown on airhit.

A grown man 3-hit fireball. As of the 2.0 Patch H Reginleiv does NOT knockdown, but instead leaves them standing. Depending on distance and the state of the opponent, it allows for combos afterwards. At least +7 on hit, allowing for follow-ups even midscreen provided that the opponent is close enough to be hit. Primarily a combo and pressure tool, as it has lost a lot of its neutral prowess due to the nerf. Worth throwing out when applying pressure in the corner, however. H Reginleiv can also frame trap from cXX, albeit in a rather tight window.

Version Level Attribute
236L 2
236M 2
236H 2


  • Cooldown: 32-105F (Technical) 52-125F (Easy)
  • Easy input damage: 700


  • Cooldown: 58-118F (Technical) 78-138F (Easy)
  • Easy input damage: 300, 700


  • Cooldown: 516-575F (Technical) 536-695F (Easy)
  • Easy input damage: 300×3

Rising Sword

GBVS Parry.png 623X or 6S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
623L 700, 300 Mid, All 9 2,9 30 -22 KD 1~10 All
623M 700, 300×2 Mid×2, All 9 2(3)2,17 32 -30 KD 1~17 All
623H 950~1400 Mid×3, All 9 2,3,6(23)2(3)2,2,3,3,9 32 -30 HKD 1~19 All

Invincible rising uppercut. Useful both as a damaging combo ender and a tool to escape pressure, at the risk of being highly punishable on block or whiff.

  • Invincible reversal.

Air unblockable during the early active frames. Technically the least unsafe on block and can be difficult to punish at far ranges due to the pushback and shorter recovery than the other versions, but don't count on it.

  • Also an invincible reversal.

Standard non-H combo ender for damage. Also air unblockable during the early active frames.

  • Oops, all reversals.

Double the uppercuts. Hard knockdown. There is a small gap in-between the two strikes where daring players can attempt a counter hit punish. The entire first strike is air unblockable, however invincibility wears off before the second strike.

Version Level Attribute
623L 4, 3
623M 4
623H 4


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash level 14 (Technical) 10 (Easy)


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash level 16 (Technical) 10 (Easy)


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash level 18 (Technical) 10 (Easy)
  • First part does 3 hits, second part does 3~6 hits. Both parts can only land a max total of 6 hits.

Overdrive Surge

GBVS Charge.png GBVS Tackle.png 214X or 4/2S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
214L 700 Mid 13 3 17 -5 -1
214L > 214M 500 Mid 13 13 12 -10 KD
214M 1200 Mid 16 13 14 -10 to +2 -2 to +10
214H 1200 Mid 13 13 12 +4 to -8 HKD

Gran's advancing move and main combo tool for knockdown and damage.

L Version
  • Has a follow-up version of 214M that knocks down.

Gran dashes forward with a slash. Safest version of 214X at point blank. Can cancel into 214M on hit or block. On hit, 214L > 214M serves as his standard meterless combo ender. On block can be used to test your opponent's willingness to mash after 214L lest they risk a Counter Hit 214M.

M Version
  • Does not knock down on grounded hit.

Gran dashes forward with his foot out. Covers a lot of horizontal space in front of him. Minus on hit, so you'll lose your turn should you end grounded combos with this. On block safety ranges depending on the range used. At point blank, Gran is punishable. However at farther lengths it can be spaced out to be safe and at most be slightly plus on block. On Counter Hit causes extended hitstun for a follow-up combo, but doesn't allow for a combo at point blank. Doesn't reliably combo from far pokes without a counter hit.

H Version
  • Wallbounces in the corner.
  • Gran's primary juggle starter.

Similar to 214M, but Gran dashes forward faster. Cannot be canceled into from 214L. Causes a wall bounce in the corner on hit regardless of counter hit, allowing for additional follow ups. Exercise caution as depending on the opponent's height when used, it can cause them to fall behind Gran after the wall bounce, possibly causing a side switch with yourself in the corner. As of 2.80 the side switch is less likely to occur, meaning you can most likely keep both corner and damage after certain combos, like counter hit anti-air confirms.

Version Level Attribute
214L 2
214L > 214M 2
214M 3
214H 3


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)

214L > 214M:

  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)


  • Cooldown: 480F (Technical) 600F (Easy)

Skybound Arts

Tempest Blade

236236H or 236S

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
3500→2500→2000 Mid 6+5 3(4)9 23 -13 HKD

Metered advancing invulnerable move. Deals big damage but has a short reach. Try using it when you're close to your opponent as damage dropoff is drastic without the cinematic hit from point blank distance. Don't bother trying to bulldoze through projectiles with this super either as the invul frames run out before then.

Level Attribute
  • Clash level: 25 (Technical) 20 (Easy)


236236U or 236S+U

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
4500→3500 All 8+5 Total 98 -18 HKD

Gran charges and throws out an invulnerable projectile move. It can travel across the screen, however if used at point blank it will be followed by a massive blast by the summoned Proto Bahamut. Deals a lot of chip damage on block which can setup for a chip kill afterwards.

Level Attribute


Color 1
Color 2
Color 3
Color 4
GBVS Gran Color 01.png
GBVS Gran Color 02.png
GBVS Gran Color 03.png
GBVS Gran Color 04.png
Color 5
Color 6
Color 7
Color 8
GBVS Gran Color 05.png
GBVS Gran Color 06.png
GBVS Gran Color 07.png
GBVS Gran Color 08.png
Color 9
Color 10
Color 11
Color 12
GBVS Gran Color 09.png
GBVS Gran Color 10.png
GBVS Gran Color 11.png
GBVS Gran Color 12.png
Color 13
Color 14
Color 15
Color 16
GBVS Gran Color 13.png
GBVS Gran Color 14.png
GBVS Gran Color 15.png
GBVS Gran Color 16.png
Color 17
Color 18
Color 19
Color EX
GBVS Gran Color 17.png
GBVS Gran Color 18.png
GBVS Gran Color 19.png
GBVS Gran Color EX.png
GBVS Gran Weapon 01.png
GBVS Gran Weapon 02.png
GBVS Gran Weapon 03.png
GBVS Gran Weapon 04.png
GBVS Gran Weapon 05.png
GBVS Gran Weapon 06.png
GBVS Gran Weapon 07.png
GBVS Gran Weapon 08.png


To edit frame data, edit values in GBVS/Gran/Data.

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