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General Tactics


Most of your blockstrings will consist of mixing up between real plus frames and fake pressure resets with dashes. Gran leans heavily on his three plus normals: 2L, c.L, and 2m. After you get pushed out, you can cancel into 236X to keep your pressure safe if you tried to catch mashing with f.H after a plus button. Any time that you're using plus button, you can dash up for a reset. It's especially good if you've already threatened with a far button, discouraging your opponent from countering your advance.

Complementing your plus frames is your universal overhead. Anytime you're plus and close to the opponent, you can dash up and throw them relatively safely. If it succeeds or fails, you've still set up the next portion of your mixup. If you can convince your opponent to tech, then you can crush their throw with UOH, leading to massive damage in the corner. This is what makes Gran's corner pressure so terrifying: it's a rotation of plus frames, throws, and UOH that is really hard to deal with.


Gran's main way of generating pressure on a knockdown is from safejumps. In the corner, most combos with an EX move will allow you to juggle into 2U, which leads into a safejump if you cancel it into Dodge. Midscreen, the best you get is a meaty. Gran doesn't have devastating okizeme, but it is very effective at keeping it his turn.

Matchup Information

General Information

Gran can approach pretty much any character in the game, with some help from his 236X. If you're getting zoned out, try to use 236M over 236H so you still have a fireball if it doesn't work out. Against characters with better fireballs, not having one makes neutral really tough for Gran.

Matchup Chart

 Ferry 5:5 Good Ferry players will try to zone you all game long. Make use of Gran's great buttons to pressure and try to steal her turns. I've also seen players using his invincible Super / H Overdrive Surge to beat her buttons and get enough damage to close a Round. These are great moves if her zoning gets too obvious, but if it gets blocked you're screwed, So try to not get baited. Off a HKD, go for safejump / safejab setups to blow up her wake up H DP and seize victory from then on.
 Gran 5:5 Gran can engage in long, escalating fireball wars with himself. His new 214M can crush his own non H normals, so it really is just who masters Gran better.
 Lancelot 6:4
 Percival 4:6 Percy's buttons are gonna be issues for Gran to overcome, especially when Gran will get almost nothing off of punishing a whiffed Percy f.H.
 Katalina 4:6 This MU can be summed up as "Gran vs Gran with bigger buttons". Although not as many plus frames up close, Kat can use her far M normals and H normals to give Gran a hard time, playing around those buttons are needed in this MU. 236M comes in real handy in the event of classic fireball wars.
 Metera ?:?
 Ladiva 6:4 Keep your space against Ladiva, and watch out for her "get in" buttons (214X and SBA). If she gets in expect grappler things to happen but until then pester Ladiva with fireballs. On knockdown don't get too close when her SSBA is on the table
 Charlotta ?:?
 Zeta 4.5:5.5 While Zeta can outpoke Gran, the recent changes to her 236X make it so that Gran's fireballs have more of a use in neutral. Be sure to cancel 2U into something, as she can punish it with 2M from almost anywhere.
 Vaseraga ?:?
 Lowain ?:?
 Beelzebub ?:?
 Narmaya ?:?
 Djeeta 5:5
 Soriz ?:?
 Zooey 5:5
 Belial 4:6 This MU makes me cry

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