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Percival is a pressure heavy character whose playstyle ramps up as he charges up stocks of powerups to buff his specials throughout the course of the match. Along with his long-range normals and great damage output thanks to the aforementionned buffs, once Percival picks up the momentum during a round, he can effectively swing the tide into his favor.

Overall, Percival plays a solid neutral game by poking from a distance with his sword and by throwing fire waves along the ground, establishing a longer-than-average burst range. Perci's whole gameplan revolves around finding opportunities to channel Träumerei, a special giving Perci stocks of powerups he can use to buff his other skills, making his already good damage even more threatening. Along with excellent reward off of hit-confirms, a dash with multiple followups for pressure scenarios and a command grab for good measure to complement his offense, Percival has all the tools he needs to play comfortably in almost any matchup, suffocating opponents through royal pokes and pressure options while melting health bars for the slightest mistakes.
GBVS Percival Nameplate.png
GBVS Percival Portrait.png
High Recovery (30f)
Unique Movement Options
Lord's Strike

 Percival is a slow footsies character who pressures the opponent with good pokes while charging up stocks to empower his big special moves.

  • Well Rounded: Percival is blessed with strong normals, whiff punish tools, and a passable fireball as well as a good meterless reversal on defense.
  • Pressure: long reaching L normals and spaced Anzünden give Percival strong and consistent pressure up close and midscreen. He can also capitalize on conditioned opponents with X-Seele, a command grab that he can combo off of.
  • Whiff Punishment: his aforementioned strong normals convert into high damage and a knockdown with Zerreissen.
  • Damage: Percival's damage is above average and becomes extremely high if he has Träumerei stocks or lands a counterhit.
  • Sluggish: while long-ranged, Percival's normals have slow recovery and Anzünden projectiles don't travel far without stocks, making it difficult to contest zoners at certain ranges.
  • Resource Reliant: Percival's whiff punish ability and pressure is greatly lessened without Träumerei orbs available.

Unique Mechanic: GBVS Percival Traumerei Icon.png Träumerei Orbs
By using 22X, Percival gains a number of Träumerei Orbs, 1 from 22L, 3 from 22M, and 5 from 22H. He can store a total of 5 Orbs and it cannot overflow. The next time he uses an M or H special, besides for Träumerei itself, the special will be powered up, increasing its damage and changing its properties.

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 Mid 5 3 6 +2 +6
  • 5 frames, Percy's fastest button.

This is where the party starts. c.L is Percy's fastest attack, and is a great move overall for both offense and defense thanks to being quick and +2 on block. Can be used to start his pressure up close, meaty on okizeme or as a fast jab to contest someone during their offense.

The damage this move leads to isn't much, but being +2 merits its use in combination with its speed. Use this to structure your pressure.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Mid 7 3 12 0 +4
  • 0 on block, decent for pressure.
  • Combos into another c.M on counterhit.

Classic Granblue c.M, being neutral on block and complementing Percy's frametrap game really well. This move is Percival's pressure normal out of c.L range. Great move to catch someone mashing during your plus frames and can be plus when used as a meaty. Also a good button to anti air opponents when in proximity range, leading to combos if you manage to get a counterhit. However, being 0 on block, continuing pressure after c.M is not guaranteed, as the opponent can contest with a fast normal.

It's also really good against Charlotta, as it completely shuts down her Noble StrategyGBVS Charlotta 22X.pngGuardStartup26RecoveryAdvantage-.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1200 Mid 10 6 15 -2 +2
  • Only -2, it looks worse than it is.
  • Percy's go-to normal for punishing high recovery attacks such as DPs.
  • Combos into another c.H on counterhit.

This is where the damage starts. c.H is Percy's most damaging normal, and is therefore an excellent combo starter when you know you're gonna hit it. However, as it's still -2, there are tools better suited for pressure. On oki, its long active frames lend it to being a decent meaty : in theory the maximum frame advantage is +3 on block and +7 on hit, enough for a c.M.

On counterhit, Percival is +14; letting you link it into another c.H or f.H when not close enough. If you don't get a counterhit, you still get a beefy combo in the corner and above-average damage midscreen.

Level Attribute

Auto Combo

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
c.XX 350 Mid 9 3 15 -3 +1
c.XXX 350 Mid 12 3 18 -4 0
  • Classic Granblue autocombo without any particular feature.
  • Both hits are safe on block and special cancellable.

It's an autocombo. Useful midscreen as combo filler and sometimes useful in the corner to gain height in EX Platzen combos, allowing Percy to catch people during their fall with a c.L or another close normal. Not really much use outside of that, as Percy can't frametrap with either of the two hits and loose his turn on block if not special cancelled.

Version Level Attribute
c.XX 2
c.XXX 3



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 Mid 6 3 15 -5 -1
  • Whiffs on crouchers at max range.
  • Great move to hit confirm pressure strings into specials.

This move is a lot better than it looks. It's very fast and very long compared to most other f.L attacks. It has enough hitstun to combo into 623H for hard knockdowns, or 214H~H with stocks for damage. This makes f.L very good as a whiff punish tool.

When Percy doesn't have Traumerei stocks, f.L won't combo into any version of Zerreissen, so converting with 623H is the only real way to get something significant. That can give enough time for Percy to charge stocks during 623H's knockdown.

However, be careful about 623H conversions, as they can whiff even with stocks if Percy hits f.L at max range.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Mid 9 5 16 -6 -2
  • Excellent poke with good speed and great range.
  • Far less commital than f.H.
  • Great to pressure someone trapped in the corner, as they generally won't have the range to properly contest it.

This is it. This is the button. It's fast, scooches Percival forwards, special cancels, and it has massive range. It's an excellent whiff punish and combo tool midscreen. Using this move in the corner alongside Anzünden is very tricky to get out of, and it is a cornerstone of his corner pressure.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1100 Mid 12 6 26 -15 -11
  • Percival's defining move.
  • Crushingly massive range, making it an excellent keepout button.
  • Lingering hurtbox, making it extremely easy to whiff punish.

Percy's f.H is by far his biggest button, as it hits nearly 3/4 of the screen. This button is ridiculous, but it has some downsides to complement its massive range, primarily its hurtbox. The hurtbox is active before the hitbox is, leading to some weird-looking interactions where he gets hit by a button a screen away. It's not just when the move starts up, either. The hurtbox lingers far after it looks like it would be over, allowing for easy whiff punishes by most of the cast. To counteract these weaknesses, all you have to do is make sure it doesn't whiff.

If it gets blocked, you can cancel into Dodge (4G), Light Träumerei, or any version of Anzünden to stay safe. Be careful however, as some characters can trade with the Anzünden cancel if they have a poke that can hit Percy through the firewave.

If you happen to hit with it while possessing Träumerei stocks, even midscreen, a conversion with 214H~H gives Percy an outrageously high damage confirm from a simple long-range poke.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 Low 6 3 6 +2 +6
  • Good range and speed for a 2L.
  • Great move for hit confirming pressure strings along with other lights.

Percival's primary close-range pressure tool. It's plus on block and hits low, what more could you ask for?

Can lead to easy confirms with f.L and c.L, allowing Percy to confirm into combos giving him time to get stocks with Träumerei or using these stocks to get good damage.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Mid 7 5 13 -3 +1
  • Combos from 2L on crouchers.
  • Great as a counterpoke after f.M.
  • Does not hit low.

Percival's 2M is good on its own, but its main purpose is to act as a complement to f.M. It hits lower where f.M would whiff at the cost of less range, but f.M > 2M can catch people trying to punish f.M at a distance.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1000 Mid 11 5 24 -12 -8
  • Percival's most rewarding and therefore main anti-air.
  • Allows for great combos on counterhit.

Decent anti-air that isn't particularly outstanding hitbox or hurtbox wise. Can be used reliably against jumpy opponents, but still requires a bit of timing to not get hit by the targeted jump-in.

Where it really shines is in combos, as it allows 236L > 2H to loop on an airborne opponent in the corner. If you land it as a counter hit AA, canceling into 214L or 214M allows you to pick what side you want to end up on and still get a combo.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
700 Low 7 6 21 -12 HKD
  • Low attack inflicting a hard knockdown.
  • Good range and decently fast for a move of its size.
  • Can be comboed into from 2L on crouchers.

2U is the universal sweep. Decent range and speed though nothing impressive. Can be special cancelled, provides a way to safely charge up stocks with Träumerei. Also sets up for a safe jump. One of the main ways to continue a combo after Heavy Anzünden in the corner or Schneiden (with stock).

Can also be used in poke wars in certain matchups, but be careful as it has high recovery and is heavily punishable on block. Better to cancel it just like f.H when it hits something just in case.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
400 High/Air 5 Until L 0
  • Fast overhead that stays active until landing.
  • Decent for air-to-air but outshined by j.H.
  • Fastest air move available in case of aerial clash.

Easy safejump tool and Percy's fastest air normal. Can be used as a last-minute jump-in, but j.M is better all around. Can sometimes be used as an air-to-air if you need something faster than j.H.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
550 High/Air 7 6 Until L
  • Percival's crossup jump-in button.
  • Really poor horizontal reach, making it a horrendous air-to-air.

Percival swings his sword in an arc, from in front of him to slightly behind. This is your main jump in as it has decent hitstun, blockstun, and it can cross up. It doesn't have great horizontal range in front of Percival, but j.H fills that niche nicely.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
800 High/Air 10 6 Until L
  • Big downward strike with the sword, giving good blockstun, hitstun and damage.
  • Great jump-in with excellent horizontal range.
  • Notable as Percival's longest-range air-to-air attack.

Perci's j.H is his biggest jump-in. Great range when aiming for someone grounded or in the air, and can be mixed with j.U to alter his jump arc. Not useful for much outside that.

Level Attribute


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
800 All 20 Until L+1 12 KD
  • Airstall button to throw off anti-airs.
  • Always minus or even punishable on block depending on the height when it hits.
  • NOT an overhead. Can be blocked by crouching.

Can be useful for changing jump-in timings and baiting out a 2H, making Perci's jump-in more unpredictable and harder to contest. Other than that, it's minus on block and gets you a knockdown on hit.

However, some characters with high-hitting 2Hs like Beelzebub's 2HGBVS Beelzebub 2H.pngGuardMidStartup12Recovery24Advantage-13 or DPs like Katalina's 623LGBVS Katalina 623X.pngGuardMid→AllStartup9Recovery30Advantage-23 can actually snatch Percival so high in his jump arc that using j.U won't make that much of a difference. Don't use it too much, as it has very little reward in the end.

Level Attribute
  • Clash Level 1

Unique Action



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
0 Throw 14 3 41 +12
  • Command grab giving Perci a free combo opportunity after.
  • Pushes the opponent a bit so won't allow close normals midscreen.
  • Counts as 2 hits for damage scaling purposes.

A command grab that doesn't deal any damage, but provides hitstun in order to follow with additional attacks. If the opponent is in corner, Perci can follow up with proximity normals. Otherwise, midscreen, can use a far normal like f.H or 2U to convert into a knockdown or a super.

This move complements Percival's offense, as it gives Perci more reward than a normal throw because of potentially higher damage and time to charge stocks. Perci also gets good opportunities to hit it, as Macht and c.L gives plus frames, while the latter can also catch people trying to jump 5U.

Level Attribute
0, 4

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1500 Throw 7 3 31 HKD HKD

Forward throw sends the opponent almost fullscreen, giving Perci space and time to setup stocks or allowing him to dash back in with a 214M~M. In the corner, it sets up a reliable safejump by superjumping, allowing Perci to loop his pressure in some scenarios. However, 5U tends to give more reward compared to forward throw.

Back throw switches sides, leaving opponents close to Perci. Allows for a meaty normal or a meaty Macht anywhere, but doesn't have enough advantage for a safejump. Useful when you want to switch positions with the opponent, especially when your back is against the corner.

In the end, forward throw is a faster but less rewarding version of 5U. Leaving the opponent pretty far away from Percival can also be good or bad depending on the matchup. Alternatively, if you want stocks, you can 22M midscreen and 22L > c.H in the corner for a meaty as well.

Level Attribute
0, 4

Air Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1500 Throw 5 Until L+6 HKD HKD

Unblockable generic airthrow that knocks opponents back down to the ground, allowing Percival to position himself as he pleases after the hard knockdown. Hard callout option for someone jumping.

This move isn't seen very much as 2H CH AA combos typically deal far more damage. It's a good tool to have, but Percy has stronger ones.

Level Attribute
0, 4

Overhead Attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
1000 High 26 6 17 -4 +1 4-40 Throw
12-37 Low
11-39 Airborne

Generic overhead that counterhits throw whiffs and checks for low blocks. Gets throw invincibility from frame 4, and jumps over lows midway through the animation. Looses turn on block and only +1 on normal hit, but excellent reward on CH with potentially monstruous damage with stocks available.

Percival's Universal Overhead has less range than it looks with how his sword bends, but by no means does that make it bad. Percival has a lot of ways to set up a meaty UOH, most of which involve a combo with 623H.

Level Attribute

Special Moves


GBVS Install.png 22X or 2S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
22L 400 Mid 11 14 12 -13
22M 400 Mid 11 28 12 -27
22H 400 Mid 11 38 12 -37
  • THE move allowing Perci to charge stocks to powerup his other specials.
  • Percival's most important tool, giving him his win condition.

Percival charges for a short duration in order to obtain stocks of powerups. Stores 1, 3 or 5 powerups that enhance M and H versions of skills. The number of orbs stored will be displayed under Percival's HP bar. Stocks are automatically used with medium and EX specials, meaning Perci can only conserve his stocks by using the light versions of his specials. However, the tremendous buffs the stocks give to his specials make them almost always worth it, and Perci can buy himself time to charge another batch of stocks easily after winning neutral.

The Träumerei channeling has a hitbox directly above him that can be used to juggle opponents mid-combo. The L version is also a good move to cancel into from pokes like f.H.

Version Level Attribute
22L 1
22M 1
22H 1


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Gains 1 Orb


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Gains 3 Orb


  • Cooldown: 480F (Technical) 600F (Easy)
  • Gains 5 Orb


GBVS Fireball.png 236X or 5S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
236L 900→800 All 22 Total 53 -7 -3
236M 900→800 [1000→900] All 22 Total 53 -7 -3[KD]
236H 350×2+400→300×2+400 [400×3→350×2+400] All 19 Total 53 0 +4[HKD]

Percival swings his sword and launches a projectile that travels along the ground. The slow speed and way it travels along the ground makes this a really hard move to dodge, and if there's any amount of distance between you and your opponent, it will be meaty enough to be plus. Since it has slower startup and Percival's hurtbox extends below and in front of him, it is prone to end up trading with other normals such as f.M.

  • Data in [] is for when it consumes a Träumerei orb.

L Version
  • Travels to about f.H range and stops fizzles out.
  • Doesn't take a stock.

The light version of 236X can be used as a way to suffocate people trapped in the corner alongside f.M and f.H. If spaced properly, it's extremely difficult to find an opening between f.H and firewaves. Can also be used to mix up the timing needed to spotdodge in neutral if you conditioned people with the medium version's speed.

M Version
  • Travels farther than the L version, and travels fullscreen with a stock.
  • Takes a stock when one is available.

Good projectile with decent speed, this is the version you'll want to use most in neutral, as it's the only one who will travel far enough without burning a cooldown.

H Version
  • Travels similarly to the M version, but is slower and even at point blank.
  • Takes a stock when one is available.
  • Percival's only combo extender, but needs Träumerei stocks to do that job.

Can be used from time to time in fireball wars or as Perci's combo extender with stocks in the corner.

Version Level Attribute
236L 2
236M 2
236H 2


  • Damage decreases as projetiles moves forward (see →)
  • Cooldown: 42-69F (Technical) 42-69F (Easy)
  • Easy input damage: 800→700


  • Values in [] are when using an Orb
  • Damage decreases as projetiles moves forward (see →)
  • Cooldown: 45-56F (Technical) 65-76F (Easy)
  • Easy input damage: 800→700 [900→800]


  • Values in [] are when using an Orb
  • Damage decreases as projetiles moves forward (see →)
  • Cooldown: 520-523F (Technical) 640-643F (Easy)
  • Easy input damage: 350×3→300×3 [400×3→350×3]


GBVS Parry.png 623X or 6S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
623L 700, 400 Mid, All 9 2(2)6 37 -26 KD 1~12 All
623M 300,700,400 [300,700,120×5] Mid×2, All 11 17[21] 37[49] -24 [-40] KD 1~10 All, 11~27 Strike/Throw [11~31 Strike/Throw]
623H 300,600,200×3 [300,700,100×7] Mid 9 26[28] 40[43] -33 [-38] HKD 1~8 All, 9~13 Strike/Throw
  • Percival's invincible DP.
  • Needs stocks to be buffed into being completely air-unblockable.
  • Great to use in combos when you don't want to use 214X~H.

Performs a rising attack that cannot be blocked by midair foes immediately after start-up. M/H version advances Percival forward before rising. Rises higher and deals increased damage with a Träumerei orb but also makes the move more unsafe on block.

  • Data in [] is for when it consumes a Träumerei orb.
Version Level Attribute
623L 4, 3
623M 4
623H 4


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level 14 (Technical) 10 (Easy)


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)
  • Clash Level 16 (Technical) 10 (Easy)


  • Cooldown: 480F (Technical) 600F (Easy)
  • Clash Level 18 (Technical) 10 (Easy)

Lord's Strike

GBVS Sprint.png 214X or 4S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
214L 11 Total 32
214M 11 Total 32
214H 11 Total 27

Performs a forward dash that can be canceled into various skills while in motion. M/H version enhances follow-up skills upon consuming a Träumerei orb. M version and H version are generally the same when not Träumerei empowered, but H version does more damage and allows the 214H~L to be -1 on block instead of -8.

Version Level Attribute


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)


  • Cooldown: 20F (Technical) 200F (Easy)


  • Cooldown: 480F (Technical) 600F (Easy)


Lord's Strike > L

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
214L > L 800 Low 7 3 20 -6 -2
214M > L 800 [850] Low 7 3 20 -6 -2 [KD]
214H > L 850 [900] Low 7 3 20 -4 0 [HKD]

Performs a low slash attack during Lord's Strike. When enhanced with a Träumerei orb, it'll cause knockdown upon connecting.

  • Data in [] is for when it consumes a Träumerei orb.
  • 214H!~L launches, but only allows c.L in the corner.
  • on CH, 214H~L It allows a link into c.M, 2M, or 2U making it very good for people who will challenge you after moves like f.M and f.H.
Version Level Attribute
214L > L 2
214M > L 2
214H > L 2

214L > L:

  • Clash Level 3

214M > L:

  • Values in [] are when using an Orb
  • Clash Level 3

214H > L:

  • Clash Level 3


Lord's Strike > M

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
214L > M 1400 Mid 20 6 21 +2 KD
214M > M 1400 [1700] Mid 20 6 21 +2 KD[HKD]
214H > M 1500 [1800] Mid 17 6 21 +2 HKD

Performs a downward slash attack during Lord's Strike. Very good frame advantage, so Percival can start his shenanigans before the opponent recovers even on block, with a guess between throw/5U and mashing. When enhanced with a Träumerei orb, causes an unrecoverable knockdown. NOT an overhead, but people unfamiliar with the matchup may try to block it standing, granting easy hits with 214X~L.

  • Data in [] is for when it consumes a Träumerei orb.
  • Every version of Macht launches different on CH, 214L/M~M allows a c.M juggle, 214M/H!~M allows a c.H or a 2H juggle
Version Level Attribute
214L > M 4
214M > M 4
214H > M 3

214L > M:

  • Values in [] are when using an Orb
  • Clash Level 3

214M > M:

  • Values in [] are when using an Orb
  • Clash Level 3

214H > M:

  • Values in [] are when using an Orb
  • Clash Level 3


Lord's Strike > H

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
214L > H 1400 Mid 10 [4] 3 52 -16 KD
214M > H 1400 [2000→1500] Mid 10 [4] 3[9] 52 -16 [-4] KD
214H > H 1500 [2300→1500] Mid 9 [4] 3 52 -16 [-4] HKD
  • Perci's best special for conversions, especially with Träumerei stocks available.
  • Leads to way above average damage in conversions both midscreen and in the corner.
  • Sometimes, needs to be slightly delayed after hitting f.H in order to get the clean hit by letting Perci get a bit closer during the dash.

Performs a piercing attack during Lord's Strike. When enhanced with a Träumerei orb, it'll cause more damage if it connects at close range, as indicated by a zoom-in effect.

This is the move you want to combo into when you hit a far normal. This gives Perci absolutely insane damage from simple poke conversions, allowing him to melt health bars by just hitting f.H in neutral and confirming into this. Being able to get powerup stocks before converting pokes into this move is incredibly important for all Perci players and makes for an incredibly rewarding gameplan.

  • Data in [] is for when it consumes a Träumerei orb.
Version Level Attribute
214L > H 4
214M > H 4
214H > H 4

214L > H:

  • Values in [] are when using an Orb

214M > H:

  • Values in [] are when using an Orb

214H > H:

  • Values in [] are when using an Orb

Skybound Art


236236H or 236S

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
3600→2600 Mid [Unblockable] 6+7~146 6 30 -18 HKD
  • SBA dealing good damage and can clean hit upclose, giving an opportunity to pressure after the knockdown.
  • Chargeable super, letting Perci mix up his timing against unfamiliar opponents.
  • Unblockable when fully charged.
  • Does NOT go through projectiles.

Performs a powerful advancing attack that can be charged by holding down the button. Since it covers a long range, it can be used as both a combo finisher or a counter from afar. However, it will not hit at full-screen. The simple input version of this super makes the cinematic trigger smaller, but this typically doesn't matter when confirming out of a poke.

Min Damage: Technical 900→650, Simple 540→390

Level Attribute
  • Clash Level: 25 (Technical) 20 (Easy)

Super Skybound Art

Feuerrote Krone

236236U or 236S+U

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block On-Hit Invuln
3800→2900 [4800→3800] Mid, All 9+7 37~91 Total 143~197 -18 HKD
  • SSBA leading to a cinematic fire tornado upclose.
  • Chargeable super again, increasing the number of hits of the initial tornado from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12. When charged for 6-11 hits, the final hit will do 1900 but when fully charged to 12 hits, the final hit will do 2000.
  • When not at close range, the final swing will fire a bigger version of Anzünden that travels full screen. In certain situations in the corner, you can combo off this when setup properly.

Unleashes a spiral of flames from the hilt of Percival's sword that deals additional hits when holding down the button. If this skill connects at close range, Percival will perform an enhanced version for increased damage.

This move can be hard to combo into from midscreen juggles because of the flame spiral causing them to fall out. This leads to it being very unsafe as the opponent will typically tech through the fireball itself. However, it deals incredible damage if charged fully compared to most SSBAs. Can also be used as a knowledge check against beginners that aren't prepared to punish after the charged version's pushblock.

Min Damage: Technical 950→580[1160→760], Simple 760→580[960→760]

Level Attribute
  • Clash Level: 35 (Technical) 30 (Easy)


Color 1
Color 2
Color 3
Color 4
GBVS Percival Color 01.png
GBVS Percival Color 02.png
GBVS Percival Color 03.png
GBVS Percival Color 04.png
Color 5
Color 6
Color 7
Color 8
GBVS Percival Color 05.png
GBVS Percival Color 06.png
GBVS Percival Color 07.png
GBVS Percival Color 08.png
Color 9
Color 10
Color 11
Color 12
GBVS Percival Color 09.png
GBVS Percival Color 10.png
GBVS Percival Color 11.png
GBVS Percival Color 12.png
Color 13
Color 14
Color 15
Color 16
GBVS Percival Color 13.png
GBVS Percival Color 14.png
GBVS Percival Color 15.png
GBVS Percival Color 16.png
Color 17
Color 18
Color 19
Color EX
GBVS Percival Color 17.png
GBVS Percival Color 18.png
GBVS Percival Color 19.png
GBVS Percival Color EX.png
GBVS Percival Weapon 01.png
GBVS Percival Weapon 02.png
GBVS Percival Weapon 03.png
GBVS Percival Weapon 04.png
GBVS Percival Weapon 05.png
GBVS Percival Weapon 06.png
GBVS Percival Weapon 07.png
GBVS Percival Weapon 08.png


To edit frame data, edit values in GBVS/Percival/Data.

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