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DNF Duel is a 2D 1-on-1 fighting game based on Dungeon Fighter Online from South Korea! One of the most popular and widely played RPGs in the world, Dungeon and Fighter is now back as a 2.5D action fighting game.

Choose from 16 charming characters, each with their distinct skills and personalities. Outsmart, outplay, or downright beat up your opponents and become the master of the Ultimate Will!
Season 1 DLC Characters

The first DLC character  Spectre was released on July 12th 2023 as part of DNF Duel's Season Pass.

The second DLC character  Brawler was released on September 14th 2023 as part of DNF Duel's Season Pass.

The third DLC character  Battle Mage was released on December 18th 2023 as part of DNF Duel's Season Pass.
About DNF Duel

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Release Dates

Steam International.png: June 28th, 2022
PS4/PS5 International.png: June 28th, 2022
Nintendo Switch International.png: April 20th, 2023
Epic Games International.png: December 18th, 2023

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Patch Notes
version date summary
v1.60 2023-12-18 Bug Fixes,  Battle Mage Added as DLC character.
v1.50 2023-09-14 Bug Fixes,  Brawler Added as DLC character.
v1.41 2023-08-02 Bug Fixes
v1.40 2023-07-12 Major Balance changes, Introduction of the Indomitable Spirit mechanic, Introduction of the Clear Cube awakening mechanic,  Spectre Added as first DLC character.
v1.20 2023-04-19 Bug Fixes, Language Support
v1.11 2023-01-27 Bug fix
v1.10 2023-01-05 Bug fix
v1.09 2022-12-22 Major balance update
v1.08 2022-10-25 Various bug fixes
v1.06 2022-08-29 Striker, Grappler, Hitman, Swiftmaster character balance and bug fixes
v1.03 2022-07-20 Bugfixes for training mode and keyboard-related online issues. Fixed some hitbox issues and removed a few infinite combos.


Application & Advanced Information
Archived Information