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Welcome to the Dustloop Wiki page that documents various tools and templates, their possible implementations, and how they may be formatted to be used to their fullest potential on character subpages and general system pages on the wiki.

What are Templates?

Templates are pieces of Mediawiki script that act as a way to replicate Mediawiki code from one page (the template page) onto any number of pages. In effect they are infinitely versatile and can be used for any sort of application. A template is generally created and used when one finds themselves writing the same Mediawiki code over and over, a template can reduce the amount of typing needed and streamline the process of creating wiki pages and sections. Dustloop uses a variety of custom templates for a wide variety of usages. For more information on templates see this Mediawiki Help Page.

Overarching Tools & Templates

This section will contain tools and templates that are typically utilized on just about any page, if not every page on the wiki.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents (TOC) is a navigation list made up of all the headers (text surrounded by '=' signs (==Header==) on a page). This should auto-generate by default, but in the event it does not, you can always force one to appear by manually calling it with {{TOC limit|}}.

Adding an index after the limit| will limit the TOC to only show up to a specific header level. For example, {{TOC limit|3}} will only show headers on the TOC that are level 3 or higher (three '=' like ===Header===). This is useful if you have many sections with many subheaders that you might not want to bloat the TOC at the side of a page, such as on a Matchup page where information may go multiple header levels deep.

Move Card

Each Game on Dustloop has its own Move Card template, such as Template:GGST_Move_Card. Each of these move card templates are unique and customized for the game they are for. Each move you see on the overview page of a character is generally created via a Move Card. These templates are fairly complex and incorporate a lot of data querying, as well as other custom templates. It's best to avoid changing anything unless you know what you are doing. If you are looking to modify framedata that appears on the Move Cards, you will want to navigate to the /Data page of the respective character, e.g. BBCF/Jin_Kisaragi/Data.


Placeholder Description
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
9 Mid 5 2 6 +2

Placeholder Description

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 90% 3 8 1

Color Template

Documentation of Templates mentioned: Template:Color

To add emphasis to text that notates buttons and inputs, Dustloop uses a template called Color to add color to them. You can read the documentation for how the template works for supported games. Every page on the wiki should utilize this where applicable.


{{clr|1|5P}}, {{clr|4|Hard}}, {{clr|reworked|Reworked}}, {{clr|#008000|Hex #0080000 Green}}

5P, Hard, Reworked, Hex #0080000 Green

Keywords and Tooltips

Documentation of Templates mentioned: Template:Keyword, Template:Tt, Template:GlossaryTerm
Repository: Glossary

Dustloop Wiki has a Glossary of common FGC terms that readers may use to learn or cross-reference certain phrases or concepts during reading. To help keep text engaging and reduce the necessity of cross-referencing, we have a Keyword template that utilizes our Tooltip (Tt) template to place a tooltip of the definition of the term if the reader mouses over them. The keyword in question must be stored in the site's Glossary first, by using our GlossaryTerm template on the Glossary page to add a term to the Cargo so it can be retrieved via Keyword.

If you ever want to make a helpful tooltip that is completely unrelated to any terms in our Glossary, you can always use the Tooltip (Tt) template directly to write whatever you may want, instead of Keyword.

Character Labels

Documentation of Templates mentioned: Template:CLabel

Mini Move Card

Documentation of Templates mentioned: Template:MMC

Combo Pages


Documentation of Templates mentioned: Template:TheoryBox

Strategy Pages

Image Galleries

On Strategy pages, writers tend to use visual aids to display specific attacks or their hitboxes at the same time they are discussed. Normal formatting works fine at times, but most of these utilize the <gallery> tag in MediaWiki to place and space them conveniently, and allow for captions to go underneath.

Repurposing Overview Page Elements

A lot of the usages of templates and elements on Overview pages are not restricted to the character's Overview page only! Here are a couple templates that are reused elsewhere on the wiki:

General Move Cards

Documentation of Templates mentioned: [[Template:(Your game's acronym) Move Card]]

Move Cards from regular Overview pages can be reused on Strategy (and by extension, Okizeme pages) for their technical data, but can have completely different descriptions entered. This is ideally used to re-contextualize the move for certain sections without having to require a cross-reference or repeating the accompanying data.

Example: Jack-O's Strategy Page has a full segment that re-uses her Move Cards, but uses different descriptions that are in relation to how to counter her attacks.

Pros and Cons

Documentation of Templates mentioned: Template:StrengthsAndWeaknesses