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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
BRC = Blue Roman Cancel
RRC = Red Roman Cancel
PRC = Purple Roman Cancel
YRC = Yellow Roman Cancel
YYXRC = Dash Input X Roman Cancel in Y direction i.e: 22PRC
XRC~Q = Cancel the X Roman Cancel into Q i.e: RRC~5K
WS = Wall Stick/Wall Splat
AN = Anji Mito
AX = Axl Low
BA = Baiken
BR = Bridget
CH = Chipp Zanuff
FA = Faust
GI = Giovanna
GO = Goldlewis
HA = Happy Chaos
IN = I-No
JC = Jack-O'
KY = Ky Kiske
LE = Leo Whitefang
MA = May
MI = Millia Rage
NA = Nagoriyuki
PO = Potemkin
RA = Ramlethal
SO = Sol Badguy
TE = Testament
ZA = Zato-1

Combo List

  • All damage values tested on Ky.
5P/2P/6P/5K/2K Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
[5P]x3 > [4]6S Anywhere 73 ~12% Everyone [1] Very Easy Youtube Simple scramble/mash combo. Can start with 2P as well. You may need to reduce the number of punches depending on how far away the opponent is.
[5P]x3 > 3K Anywhere 73 ~10% Everyone [1] Very Easy Youtube Simple scramble/mash hit confirm into knockdown. Can start with 2P as well. Using 3K as soon as a hit is confirmed helps to avoid pushing the opponent out of 5P range.
2K > 2D > [4]6S Anywhere 64 ~25% Everyone [1] Very Easy Youtube Low combo route. Delay 2D a bit to add ambiguity between this and 2K > 5D and catch fuzzy blockers, or cancel into 2D as quickly as possible to stuff mash attempts. Leave out the Mr. Dolphin on hit for less damage in exchange for a hard knockdown.
6P (CH) > 2S > 2H > [4]6H > 2K > 6P > WS 6H Corner 200 ~25% Everyone [3] Medium Youtube 6P CH wallbreak combo that relies on the low hitbox of 2S to juggle. The 2K juggle is relatively easy with the wall-bounce from Horizontal Mr. Dolphin.
6P (CH) > 2S > 2H > [4]6H > 6c.S > 5H > [4]6H > WS 6H Corner 215 ~30% Everyone [4] Hard Youtube 6P CH wallbreak combo that relies on the low hitbox of 2S to juggle. May needs to walk forward after the first Horizontal Mr. Dolphin to connect the followup c.S.
2K > 6P > [2]8H > 5H > [4]6H > 5H > WS 6H Corner 164 ~30% Everyone [4] Hard Youtube 2K combo route that leads to a meterless wallbreak in corner. May needs to begin charging [2] as soon as possible after inputting 6P to complete the combo.
214P -> PRC~3K > c.S > 2H > [4]6H > 6c.S > 5H > WS 6H Corner 224 ~ -40% Everyone [5] Very Hard Fast PRC low wallbreak setup in corner. Arisugawa Sparkle needs to connect high enough to link the first c.S. May needs to walk towards the wall to connect the second c.S.
214P -> 66PRC~6K > c.S > 2H > [4]6H > 2K > 6P > WS 6H Corner 199 ~ -40% Everyone [5] Very Hard Fast PRC high wallbreak setup in corner. Arisugawa Sparkle needs to connect high enough to link the first c.S. The forward PRC drift is not necessary, though it allows the combo to start at comparable range to the 3K version.
c.S/f.S Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
c.S > 2H > [2]8H Anywhere 129 ~15% Everyone [1] Very Easy Youtube Anti-air combo.
c.S > 2H > 236236S May in corner 237 ~ -40% Everyone [2] Easy Streamable Whiff punish when May is in the corner. Deals a lot more damage when the opponent has a lot of RISC built up.
c.S > 2H > [4]6H > dl.c.S > walk > c.S > 5H > [4]6H > WS 6[H] Corner 236 ~35% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Meterless wallbreak combo. Most of the time the wall health will be too low to get the full combo, so use your best judgement.
c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > j.K > j.D Anywhere 165 ~20% Everyone [3] Medium Youtube High damage, bad oki midscreen combo. The airdash is a bit difficult to time, but helps in a lot of combos. If you're near the wall by the end, you can Orca super after the j.D for a wallbreak.
c.S (CH) > Dash > c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > j.K > j.D Anywhere 186 ~30% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable CH c.S combo. Can be done both from an anti-air or grounded hit, though its harder to get the last two hits from a grounded hit. People often burst after a CH c.S, so you may want to block and then 2H into the rest of the combo (unless you got the anti-air starter, in which case you can continue the combo minus the dash). You can do the same if they burst after the second c.S.
c.S > 2H > [4]6H > c.S > 6P > 236236S > 6H > Dash > WS 6H Corner 281 ~ -35% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable High damage corner combo with Mr. Yamada. Wait a little after the first H Dolphin, you need them to be low enough for the 6P to connect after the c.S.
c.S > 2H > whiff [4]6S > 66PRC > c.S > dash > c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > j.S Anywhere 202 ~ -40% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Slightly un-optimal meter dump combo off of c.S, but very useful because it side-switches. You can also PRC backwards if you don't want to side-switch but still want to do this combo. Wallsplats if started with May in corner. Can do a single c.S juggle if second one looks like it won't hit.
c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > 66BRC > j.D > c.S > dash > c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > j.S Anywhere 211 ~ -25% Everyone [4] Hard Optimal meter dump combo off of c.S. Combo pattern is the same as your normal c.S combo so you can confirm very late, also naturally transitions into her wall combo if close enough. The BRC slowdown needs to hit for this to work, so it's a very different timing between dash momentum c.S and standing c.S. If you end up at a weird spacing after j.D, you can do one c.S to stay safe.
c.S > 2H > [4]6H > c.S > 6P > 236236S > 2S > WS 236236S Corner 294 -100% Everyone [4] Hard Streamable 100-meter kill combo. May needs to take care at c.S > 6P to ensure the opponent is low enough to actually connect 6P. 2S hits the opponent during the tumble after the first Great Yamada Attack. Due to RISC scaling, this combo can be a touch of death against some characters with a lot of RISC (ex. Ky at 58% RISC). Due to RISC scaling, adding a second c.S before 6P can actually reduce the damage this combo deals.
c.S > 2H > 632146H > 22RRC or 22PRC > Dash > c.S > 2H > [4]6H > c.S > 5H > WS 6H Not corner 325 ~ -95% Everyone [5] Very Hard Streamable 100-meter kill combo. Doesn't quite corner-to-corner, but works from almost anywhere outside the corner. RC down on the rising orca hit and dash to the wall (or as far as possible if not near the wall) to complete the combo. If May dashes too soon and for too long, she may end up switching sides and ruining the combo. Due to RISC scaling, this combo can be a touch of death against characters with a lot of RISC (ex. Ky at 40% RISC).
5H/2H/6H Combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
6H (CH) > [4]6H Anywhere 110 ~15% Everyone [1] Very Easy Streamable Easy 6H counterhit combo that leads to a knockdown. Use the counterhit time slow to charge the dolphin. Can follow up the knockdown with Arisugawa Sparkle (K).
5H (CH) > [4]6H > 2S > [4]6S Anywhere 149 ~25% Everyone [2] Easy Streamable
6H (CH) > [4]6H > 66RRC > c.S > 2H > [2]8H Anywhere 156 ~ -25% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Longer 6H counterhit combo. Ends in wallsplat if started in the corner, recommend finishing with uncharged 6H.
2H > [2]8H > AD > j.K > j.D Anywhere 147 ~17% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Basic 2H combo, works on grounded or air hit. You want to hit them with dolphin when they're high up to be sure you get the full combo, so delay the [2]8H if you hit them grounded or low in the air.
2H (CH) > [4]6S (whiff) > c.S > dash > c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > j.S Blocked c.S 232 ~45% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Blocked c.S puts them at the perfect spacing for this 2H counterhit confirm. Switches sides. Wallsplats if started with May in corner. Can do only one c.S if it seems like they're too far.
2H (Air CH) > [4]6S (whiff) > Dash > c.S > 5H > [4]6H > c.S > 5H > WS 6[H] May in corner 265 ~45% Everyone [3] Medium Anti-air wallbreak combo when May is cornered. Dash after whiffed Mr. Dolphin to get closer to the wall so that c.S connects. After first HS Mr. Dolphin, May usually needs to walk towards the wall to connect the second c.S.
Aerial Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
j.K > j.D > j.D Anywhere 104 ~6% Everyone [1] Very Easy Streamable Basic air-to-air combo. Need to hit j.K very high for this to work. If you end it in the corner, add Orca super for extra damage + wallbreak.
j.K > AD > j.K > j.D Anywhere 104 ~6% Everyone [2] Easy Streamable Pretty much universal air-to-air combo. Spacing dependent, but can do it much lower than the above combo.
j.S > 5K > [4]6S Anywhere 90 ~12% Everyone [1] Very Easy Simple air-to-ground combo. Begin charging [4] once the jS connects.
j.H > 2S > [4]6S Anywhere 94 ~12% Everyone [1] Very Easy Streamable Similar air-to-ground route. 2S links as long as j.H doesn't hit extremely high.
j.2H > 2K > 3K Anywhere 79 ~10% Everyone [1] Very Easy Streamable Air-to-ground route that results in knockdown. Can cross up fairly easily.
IAD > j.S > c.S > f.S > [4]6S Anywhere 103 ~15% Everyone [1] Very Easy Streamable IAD jump-in. This combo relies on forward momentum from a forward airdash to link cS from jS.
j.K > j.D > 66RRC~j.K > j.D > j.D Anywhere 140 ~ -45% Everyone [4] Hard Air-to-air with a difficult fast RRC confirm. Gives you a ton of corner carry and can follow-up after depending on corner positioning.
j.K > j.D > j.D > j.632146H Corner 215 ~ -44% Everyone [2] Easy Air-to-air wallbreak in the corner.
j.P > j.P > j.K > 5K > 6H > [4]6S Corner 106 ~20% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Decent damage from a very fast air-to-air in the corner. If you're very close you can do a heavy dolphin and get a wallsplat for even more damage.
j.H > RRC > c.S > 2H > [4]6H > dl.c.S > 5H > [4]6H > WS [6]H Corner 194 ~ -45% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Converts a corner air-to-air j.H into a wallbreak. You need to delay the second c.S a little bit to allow the opponent to wall-bounce into its range. The general formula of RRC > (corner wallbreak) in this combo can apply to any corner hit.
j.H > RRC > Dash > c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > j.K > j.D Anywhere 143 ~ -42% Everyone [4] Hard Streamable Converts a stray air-to-air j.H into more damage. Not very resource efficient, but can end the round from a common neutral situation.
j.K > AD > j.K > j.D > j.632146H Midscreen-Corner 198 ~ -45% Everyone [4] Hard Streamable Converts an air-to-air j.K hit into a wallbreak from opponent's starting position. Aim to hit them with the tip of j.K.
j.D (CH) > Dash > c.S > 5H > [4]6H > Walk > c.S > 5H > [4]6H > 6[H] Midscreen-Corner 233 ~35% Everyone [5] Very Hard Streamable Converts an air-to-air counterhit j.D into a wallbreak from the opponent's starting position. Ideal followup to BRC/PRC while someone is up-backing, makes the combo much easier. Without BRC/PRC, you'll want to land j.D after the peak of May's jump so you can quickly land and dash. Much easier to execute when near the corner, where the wall breaks after the second Mr. Dolphin and most of the landing movement is not needed.
2D/5D Combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
5[D]8 > j.H > j.D > AD > j.H > j.H Anywhere 204 ~20% Everyone [1] Very Easy Streamable Beginner dust combo.
5[D]8 > j.H > j.D > j.K > j.H > j.D > j.K > j.K Anywhere 241 ~20% Everyone except CH [2] Easy Streamable Optimal combo for everybody but Chipp. For Chipp, change j.K > j.K to j.P > j.P and the combo will work and do 287 damage to Chipp.
5[D]8 > 44 > j.D > j.H > 66 > j.K > j.K Anywhere 150 ~20% Everyone [4] Hard Burst-bait combo. Use this version when the opponent bursts immediately after 5[D]. You need to backdash as soon as possible to avoid the burst, and may need to slightly delay the j.D to connect after the burst. Timing to connect the entire combo is finicky for characters with small airborne hitboxes (i.e. Ky, Millia). Using j.P instead of j.K is more consistent in this case.
5[D]8 > 44 > j.H > 66 > j.K > j.K Anywhere 166 ~15% Everyone [4] Hard Burst-bait combo. Use this version if the opponent doesn't burst immediately after 5[D]. Both dashes need to happen as soon as possible to connect the combo. Very hard to connect against Ky and Chipp.
2D > [2]8H > 5H > [4]6H > 5H > [4]6H > WS 6[H] Corner 198 ~40% Everyone [4] Hard Need to be charging before the 2D hits. Most useful after a fast RRC blocked dolphin as a high-low mixup.
Throw/Overhead Kiss (623K) Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
623K > dash > 6H Anywhere 114 ~18% Everyone [2] Easy Streamable Command grab into max damage OTG. Good if you need to close out a round.
623K > 5H > [4]6H > 5H > [4]6H > WS 6[H] Corner 183 ~35% Everyone [2] Easy Streamable Meterless wallbreak combo. Just do the inputs as early as possible, if you delay you might not get the wallsplat.
6D or 4D > RRC > 2H > [2]8H > 5H > [4]6H > WS 6H Corner 160 ~ -40% Everyone [3] Easy Streamable Easy corner throw wallbreak combo. Throw opponent away from corner (4D when opponent is in corner or 6D when May is in corner) and RC immediately.
6D or 4D > delay 66PRC > c.S > c.S > 2H > [4]6H > 6[H] Midscreen-Corner 173 ~ -35% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Midscreen-corner wallbreak from a throw. Throw opponent towards corner and wait until the opponent is above May's head to PRC so they don't get hit by it. Can use vertical or horizontal dolphin, vertical dolphin is easier from midscreen while horizontal dolphin allows you to charge the 6H wallbreak. In the corner the PRC doesn't need to be dashed, and the combo is far easier.
6D or 4D > RRC > c.S > c.S > 2H > [4]6H > WS 6[H] Corner 162 ~ -40% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Red RC throw wallbreak combo. The above PRC combo is more optimal for damage but in the event that you throw someone in the corner away from the corner the PRC combo becomes very difficult to perform so it may be better to fall back to this. As the above RRC combo, throw away from corner and RC immediately.
j.6D or j.4D> 22RRC > c.S > 2H > [4]6H > WS 6[H] Corner 161 ~ -40% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Wallbreak combo. Throw opponent towards corner.
Horizontal Mr. Dolphin ([4]6S/[4]6H) Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
[4]6S (CH) > 3K Anywhere 68 ~15% Everyone [2] Easy Streamable Counterhit combo. Just mash 3K after confirming the counterhit. Gives hard knockdown, but less damage than the alternatives.
[4]6S (CH) > 2S > [4]6S Anywhere 94 ~18% Everyone [2] Easy Streamable Counterhit combo. More damage, but won't end in knockdown like the other two.
[4]6S (CH) > Dash > 6D Anywhere 108 ~20% Everyone [4] Hard Streamable Counterhit combo. Press and hold the dash button when May's feet touch the ground after hopping off Mr. Dolphin until just inside throw range. This combo allows May to continue pressure with her after throw setups. Practice this combo in training mode by setting the counterattack settings to jump after hit, and stagger recovery to fast.
[4]6H (CH) > Dash > c.S > 2H > [4]6H Anywhere 141 ~20% Everyone [3] Medium Counterhit combo. Press and hold the dash button when May's feet touch the ground after hopping off Mr. Dolphin until in range of c.S. This combo pushes the opponent very far (into the corner from starting position), so it's useful to gain a good position from mid-screen.
[4]6H (CH) > Dash > 623K > c.S > 5H > [4]6H > WS 6[H] Corner 184 ~40% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Wallbreak counterhit combo. Can also work from [4]6S counterhit, but it's possible for the opponent to escape stagger quickly enough to avoid the OHK follow-up using backdash.
[4]6S > RRC > dash > 5[D] > c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > j.S Anywhere 165 ~ -40% Everyone [4] Hard Streamable Optimal RRC combo off an S dolphin. Ends with an OTG j.S for maximum damage, good if you want to close a round.
[4]6S > RRC > 5[D] > 5H > [4]6H > 5H > [4]6H > WS 6[H] Corner 210 ~ -40% Everyone [3] Medium Streamable Optimal corner meter dump combo off a stray confirm.

Combo Theory

Charging Mr. Dolphin

Most of May's combos use Mr. Dolphin in the middle of the combo. In order to use these combos, May needs to begin charging Mr. Dolphin while using the other moves in her combo. In some cases, this is intuitive and very easy:

  • c.S > 2H > [2]8H: As long as you hold [2] for the entire duration of 2H, you will charge in time to use [2]8H.

In other cases, May needs to hold a direction in a situation where it will not affect her movement to charge Mr. Dolphin in time:

  • While May is attacking (attack animations are unaffected by directional inputs)
  • While May is jumping (Holding [4] or [2] will not affect May's jump arc)
  • During the time slow effect of a counterhit. While time appears to slow down, the rate at which Mr. Dolphin charges does not. This allows May to use Mr. Dolphin in ways that aren't normally possible and allows her to more easily charge Mr. Dolphin in general.

Remember that May can hold [1] to charge both horizontal and vertical Mr. Dolphin, but she can only use crouching attacks while doing this! In some situations, you need to hold [4] to use standing attacks that combo into horizontal Mr. Dolphin.

Airdash After H Vertical Dolphin

After May lands a c.S > 2H > [2]8H, she can do an airdash before touching the ground and hit the opponent with an air normal.

Hitting an airdash j.H allows her to continue her juggle if near the wall:

  • c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > j.H > 5K > [4]6S

But when far from the wall, it ends the combo with the opponent pushed a good distance away. Airdash j.K to j.D does about 10 more damage than j.H, but it also gives fairly bad okizeme when farther than midscreen:

  • c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > j.K > j.D

The j.H combo has a setup where May can IAD j.H to get a decent safejump if the opponent doesn't have their back to the corner, but it requires some timing depending on whether May has dash momentum or not.

If May lands a raw 2H into [2]8H, she can get an airdash j.S into a c.S:

  • 2H > [2]8H > AD j.S > c.S

This is very situational, since 2H usually counterhits if it ever does hit, and May has much more damaging combos off of a counterhit 2H.

After long RC juggle combos, if there is a H Vertical Dolphin towards the end of the combo, May can generally get an airdash into an OTG j.S:

  • c.S > 2H > [2]8H > [4]6S > RRC > dash > c.S > 2H > [2]8H > AD > j.S

She can potentially get a [2]8S in the same situation, but this gives slightly worse oki for about the same amount of damage.

Close Slash Juggles

When May has her opponent right above her, she can juggle c.S into itself by microdashing with good timing. After a regular RRC, she can get 2 c.S juggles before continuing the combo with 2H into her finishers. If she can hit RRC with upwards drift, she can juggle with c.S 4 times before ending the combo.

  • 88RRC > dash > c.S > dash > c.S > dash > c.S > dash c.S > 2H > [2]8H

This combo requires extremely precise timing and spacing, otherwise her opponent will either cross-up or fall out. Hitting 3 c.S juggles is much easier, but it's slightly less optimal than the alternatives.

Another known situation where May can juggle c.S is her wall combo. After she hits 2H > [4]6H near the wall, she can juggle her opponent with c.S twice, before wallsplatting with 5H > [4]6H to earn even more damage than normal:

  • c.S > 2H > [4]6H > c.S > dash > c.S > 5H > [4]6H

Blue Roman Cancel Slowdown State

Hitting or making the opponent block BRC puts them into a slowdown state that makes combos possible that would otherwise never be possible, even with counterhits. In BRC slowdown, 6K and 2K can combo into c.S or 2H, and c.S can combo into another dash-canceled c.S.

  • BRC > 6K > 2H
  • BRC > 2K > 2H

Can be used to catch opponents off guard after a blocked 5K.

  • 66.BRC > c.S > dc > c.S

Can be used as a whiff punish or punish combo using BRC drift.


Most of May's high-damage corner wallbreak combos rely on wall-bounce from the following moves:

  • 6P
  • 623K
  • 5H
  • [4]6H

In corner, 6P is a situational anti-air and counter-poke starter. From grounded counterhits, the pushback on May puts her out of range to use c.S, but other juggle catches can complete a combo, with 2S > 2H generally being the most consistent and rewarding conversion. During combos, if 6P hits an airborne opponent, the opponent bounces off the wall high enough to connect Great Yamada Attack (236236S). When used in this way, Yamada will not break the wall, but will instead cause a tumble that May can use to extend the combo into a wall-stick with an attack like 2S or [4]6S. This can allow May to deal more damage before the wall-break than would normally be possible, especially against opponents with a lot of RISC, and even allows May to use a second Great Yamada Attack to break the wall.

The wall-bounce from 623K is very position dependent (specifically only works in combos from about half the distance between round start position and the corner), but allows May to convert 623K > [4]6H into a meterless wallbreak from further away than other combo routes starting with 623K. Other corner 623K combo routes do not rely on the wall-bounce from 623K itself.

5H and [4]6H only wall-bounce against airborne opponents, so usually May's combos will incorporate 2H as a launcher to force the opponent into the air and enable a wall-bounce. While some wallbreaks do not require the use of c.S, they tend to be more consistent and harder to burst when c.S is used to float an opponent after a wall-bounce or air hit. In many cases when the opponent bursts after c.S and whiffs, May can simply use c.S again before the opponent lands and continue the combo where she left off.

(623K > c.S > 2H > [4]6H (wall-bounce) > dl.c.S > 5H > 6H)

Strive's gatling system limits the number of ways that such a wallbounce can start. These are May's most powerful pressure/punish options in the corner

  • 6P (counterhit): Used as a relatively safe anti-air or a counterpoke.
  • 623K: Used as the throw part of a strike/throw mixup or after a counterhit horizontal Mr. Dolphin.
  • c.S: Used in big punishes or as the strike part of a strike/throw mixup.
  • 2H: Used as an anti-air or frametrap from c.S with a slight delay.
  • 6H (counterhit): Used as an anti-air or frametrap from c.S with no delay. Since counterhit 6H floor-bounces and offers a large time slow effect, May can charge and use [4]6H in time to begin a wall-bounce combo.
  • Deep jump-in j.S or j.H: The hitstun on these jump-ins lasts long enough to confirm into c.S on a deep jump-in. Very high risk, very high reward option.
  • Anti-air j.H: Gives May a way to stuff jump-outs. May needs to connect at super-jump height or use counterhit time slow to recover in time to begin wall-bouncing.
  • Anti-air j.D (counterhit): Gives May a way to stuff very high jump-outs. May needs the counterhit time slow to recover in time to begin wall-bouncing.
  • RRC: The float from RRC's shockwave allows May to begin a juggle loop from most attacks. RRC will not allow you to continue a combo against an opponent that is teching after a soft knockdown (such as the tumble from a ground Mr. Dolphin hit). RRC causes substantial damage proration on any subsequent combo in addition to the normal proration of the previous attacks, so try not to use RRC in situations where May can break the wall without it.

Once the opponent is stuck to the wall, May's best normal for breaking the wall is 6H. While some wall sticks allow May to charge the move, many do not. Likewise, while some wall sticks last long enough to use Great Yamada Attack, many do not. The Wonderful and Dynamic Goshogawara is the safer super to use.

May's corner combos do absurdly high damage even without meter, so much of her game plan will revolve around pushing or maneuvering her opponent into the corner and using strike/throw pressure and reads to start a high-damage wallbreak combo.

The Wonderful and Dynamic Goshogawara

Started from a counterhit into RRC midscreen

This attack (specifically j.632146H) can effectively turn any aerial corner push into a wallbreak. Common situations where this can happen include:

  • (optional starter) > [2]8H (ascending air hit) > 66j.K > j.D > j.632146H
  • j.K or j.S (air hit) > 66j.K > j.D > j.632146H: May pushes her opponent while airdashing and applying hitstun from j.K or j.S to connect the rest of the combo.

Goshogawara can also be used after any wall-stick (including wall-sticks too high for 6H to hit) to give May advantage after the wallbreak. In all cases, May wants to hit the opponent with the first part of the attack while the opponent is directly in front of May to maximize the chance that the second hit (splashdown on landing) actually confirms into a wallbreak.

Always keep track of how close May's opponent is to the wall. The Positive Bonus buff is almost always worth spending the meter to turn a corner pressure situation into a clean wallbreak, and in many cases using Goshogawara to break the wall can end the round outright.

RISC Scaling in May's Combos

May's two high-damage overdrives can suffer greatly from RISC combo scaling, especially when used late in the combo. If May's opponent has built up a lot of RISC from blocking her pressure, May can use her overdrives in a breakthrough combo to deal a lot more damage than her RRC extensions would deal under the same circumstances.

For instance, because of RISC scaling, Goshogawara is capable of dealing a lot of damage when used to confirm a frametrap. While the difference is small when Goshogawara is used on its own, the difference in RISC scaling from even a single blocked c.S can result in a large difference in damage if Goshogaware is RRC'd or PRC'd into a combo extension. This makes post-pressure Goshogawara > RRC/PRC extensions May's most efficient way to convert 100 meter into damage midscreen, usually resulting in finishing off the opponent in a match. Using a single c.S as a frametrap can result in an outright touch of death scenario against Chipp, Millia, and Zato when May has 100 meter.

(c.S > 2H > 632146H > 22RRC or 22PRC > Dash > c.S > 2H > [4]6H > c.S > 5H > 6H) Deals 355 damage to Zato-1
(c.S (blocked) > 2H (CH) > 632146H > 22RRC or 22PRC > Dash > c.S > 2H > [4]6H > c.S > 5H > 6H) Deals 425 damage to Zato-1 because of the RISC gained from the blocked c.S