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All Default Values

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Standard Example

Beginner Ground ComboWorks against any grounded opponent.
Very Easy
Starter > c.S(3) > 6K > 421K~D

This is an easy way to get damage as Venom while setting up his high/low okizeme, and acts as a foundational component for his core combos.

Common starters include 2K, j.236SGGAC Venom j236S.pngGuard:
6 after landing
, and 5H Stagger, but you can route into this combo any time you are close enough to connect the 3rd hit of c.S against a grounded opponent. If you are too far for the 3rd hit to connect, then replace 6K with 5H.

By routing into Dubious CurveGGAC Venom 421X.pngGuard:
—(here,421K~D)—you set up a multi-hit projectile that can be used for the standard K-Ball Okizeme. If you desire a different, but similarly easy okizeme setup, then you can cancel into a different version of Dubious Curve. These include 421P for P-Ball Okizeme, and 421H for H-Ball Okizeme.

Complex Example

Optimal Banishing Strike Combo Toki variant
Extremely Hard
2Ax2 > 2B > 5D > C+D > 6 > 2C > slight delay 9E > j.A > j.B > j.D > land then jump straight up > j.A (right side only) > j.214D > 2Ax12 > c.D(1) > A+C > j.C > j.214D > 2Ax5 > c.D(1) > A+C > j.A > j.214D > 2Ax15 > 2B > 5D > 214D+E > 2Ax14 > 2A~E > 2Ax4 > 2B > 5D > 214D+E > 2Ax10 > 2B > c.C > C+D > 6 > 2B > 2Ax5 > 2A~E > 2Ax14 > AxN~ (Traveling)

An optimal, 5-hit-bani combo which has been been fine-tuned to balance ease of use with Boost recovery while guaranteeing a ToD.

Like all optimal bani routes, this combo assumes that you have no starting resources and start the combo with a grounded hit into 5-hit-bani. You can still route into something similar to this by using the standard combo pieces of Ura SaiFrom Hokuto no Ken's Raoh2Ax9~10 > 2B > c.C > C+D+HSC Ex1~2 > (pass through opponent) j.214D > Renda SaiFrom Hokuto no Ken's Raoh2Ax12 > 2B > c.C > C+D+Mash E until out of Boost > j.214D. The advantage of this route over that kind of combo is that the less-optimal routes involve more TK Sais and take much longer to start cranking out resources. TK Sai is the most common point to drop a Raoh combo, so minimizing how many are needed is a huge boon to your combo.

Youtube Example

The Problems with CryptoI like this youtube video
Somewhat Complex but
surprisingly Easy
2Ax2 > 2B > 5D

If someone pitches you on a "great" Web3 project, ask them if it requires buying or selling crypto to do what they say it does.

Sources and Further Reading:

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Most Basic Example

Here's the name of the okizemeHere's a one liner description value

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