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Hi there! Call me Sully. I do really basic stuff for the wiki, mostly based around article clarity and readability. I play +R and Persona Ultimax. Ping me on the main Discord if you have issues with anything I've written! I'll be the first to admit I can make mistakes, and working with me to fix them can make the wiki a better place. Ciao.


  • finish adachi's strat page
    • write rest of the page
    • get video examples for:
      • pressure strings
      • persona displacement with 2C
      • safejump okizeme
      • tennis combo examples

[Faultless Defense]

WIP for +R Sol's combo page

Beginner 5K ComboWorks against any grounded opponent.
Very Easy
5K > c.S > 2D > 236K

This is a very easy combo for helping to get Sol's game started. As 5K is a strong button to throw out even in neutral, this combo will help earn a knockdown while pushing your opponent back to the corner.

This combo is very important when Sol has meter, as he can RC the first hit of Bandit Revolver and press 236H for Sidewinder. Depending on your timing and positioning, this can result in a Sidewinder Loop.

Depending on your spacing while performing this combo it may be possible for your enemies to tech out. If you're far away, omit the c.S and go into 2D > Bandit Revolver to keep the knockdown. Running momentum can help make the 5K connect deeper, as shown in the video example.

Beginner c.S ComboTurn grounded pokes into easy damage.
Very Easy
c.S > f.S > 5H > 41236H

This string is perfect for stray hits off of Sol's longer pokes, since Fafnir can combo from f.S > 5H or even just 5H. The damage off of such a small exchange might make your opponent think twice about contesting Sol.

In situations where you can't confirm into 2D, Fafnir is important for securing a confirm and enforcing yourself. Be warned that while you can input 2D after landing Fafnir, quick mashers can get out of the stun fast enough to respond.

You can also perform FB Tyrant Rave
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out of Fafnir, which can tack on additional damage for 25% meter. The damage is often high regardless of the opponent's Guts and usually worth it in most scenarios. Consider routing into it somewhat often.

Beginner Anti-Air ComboStuff jumpins with 5K or 2H.
(Anti Air) 5K > 2H > j.S > jcj.S > j.H > 623H > 214K

5K can be used a good anti-air thanks to its disjointed hitbox and cancellability into 2H. This basic string ends in H Volcanic Viper, followed up with Knockdown... for, well, hard knockdown.

Both 5K and 2H can both be used to start this combo. On counterhit, both starters have good hitstop and untechable time to allow you to combo further. This string also lets you combo into Sidewinder Loops with proper height management, so consider this a building block for your eventual stronger anti-air combos.

An important thing to note about H Volcanic Viper is that it will not combo properly if combos are too long. Consider using the S variant instead, which is easier to combo and more consistently earns hard knockdown in exchange for dealing less damage. Heavier characters are also naturally more difficult to combo, so always use the S variant for Johnny, x24px HOS, or other heavy characters.

Beginner Wild Throw ComboBegin Sol's strike/throw gameplan.
Very Easy
623K > j.S > j.H > 623H > 214K

Sol's Wild Throw is essential to his gameplan and a powerful move to toss out in pressure situations thanks to the threat of Sidewinder Loops lurking behind it. Unfortunately, Sidewinder Loops can be a bit tricky to learn, so lets instead perform a variant on our anti-air combo.

In general, this combo is going to deal low damage, but it will secure us a hard knockdown. Remember this string if you feel like you messed up a Sidewinder! This can save your combo and secure hard knockdown at the expense of damage.

Beginner Air-To-Air ComboOnly performable near the corner.
(air-to-air, near corner) j.S > j.D > j.236K (two hits) > Land > 5K > 236K

You might be doing a lot of air fighting as Sol, so make sure to use his j.S, j.H and j.D to enforce your presence. If your enemy is near the wall, you can follow up a j.D with j.236K to secure a hard knockdown.

If the spacing is right, you'll be able to land before your opponent and perform a 5K > 236K for a little extra damage. There are two signs you can pull this off- the first is landing the second hit of the j.236K, and the second is looking for the orange "landing shockwave", which can be seen at the 0:04 second mark in the example video. If you did not land the second hit and you saw the opponent land on the ground, do not perform the 5K > 236K extension.

This combo can be finnicky and very spacing dependent, but thankfully the first Bandit Revolver seems pretty stable, and that secures us some hard knockdown.