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Dizzy utilizes summons from Necro and Undine to control space, and for setplay. She also has great throw reward, which when combined with the safety of fish armor, fast dash acceleration and planned gaps in pressure make her into a “grappler” tick throw extraordinaire. She also has access to mixups, crossovers, frame traps and fuzzy setups. Her space control tools synergize with her great mobility, she can double airdash and has a lot of airdash inertia.

Dizzy is character with exaggerated strengths and weaknesses, and a very large set of tools which can easily be misused but also make her versatile. She is less beginner friendly than many characters but extremely deep and rewarding to master. Her gameplay often involves linking specials with other specials or normals with very specific timing to open up opponents’ defenses or achieve high damage combos.

Lore:Dizzy doesn’t wish to harm anyone but as a commander-type Gear battle sometimes seeks her. Necro and Undine are her Spirit Guardian System tasked with protecting her, though all three can disagree on the best way to do that Dizzy has gained more control over them over time.
Voice:Kazue Fujita
Dizzy is a highly mobile character that uses her normals and multitude of summons to control space and run versatile and safe okizemeAttacking an opponent about to wake up, usually with meaty attacks or mixups..
Pros Cons
  • High Mobility: Dizzy has a double airdash, fast dash acceleration, a foot invulnerable run and good superjump.
  • Space Control: Boasts over a dozen extremely active summons that allow her to control space and move.
  • Exceptional Okizeme: Dizzy's projectiles, especially Ice Fish and Fire Fish, give her a vast array of strong and safe okizeme. Her throw is also very rewarding, and as a result her tick throw game is possibly the best in Xrd.
  • High Damage: Great damage using RRCRed Roman Cancel, some meterless starters, and certain okizeme setups.
  • Incredible YRCYellow Roman Cancel Options: All of Dizzy's projectile summons can fully utilize YRC, and projectile YRC is strong. Ice Spike in particular is an effective tool for pressure, zoning and frame traps.
  • Weak Close Range Scrambles: Dizzy's normals have long reach but slow startup and recovery. She lacks a meterless reversal and has a slow metered reversal, and her go to abare button is 6f.
  • Susceptible To Counterhits: Dizzy's summons and normals have long recovery exposing her to more counterhits, while she is also tied for the lowest stun resistance in the game.
  • Meter Reliant: Dizzy isn't exceptionally good at generating meter but she is great at spending it for safely summoning in neutral, pressure extensions, combos/corner carry and on defense. Non judicious usage will leave Dizzy with limited options.

Note: Playing Dizzy requires a large commitment to learning many okizeme setups that depend on knockdown type, variable wakeup timings or character-specific reversal options and can be difficult to execute and punishing if failed.

Unique Mechanics


Dizzy summons five variations of fish which move forward and absorb a single hit for her. All fish but 214D attack on summoning. Fish enable Dizzy's okizeme game and help her control space.


Dizzy can summon two variations of bubble that slowly floats across the screen and can only be popped by Dizzy hitting it with another move. Bubbles excel at controlling space and adding threat and damage extensions to her moves, combos and setups as a popped bubble knocks the opponent into the air on hit.

Bubbles can be tiger knee'd (2369P and 2369K) which allows her to summon bubbles close to the ground and perform air actions afterward