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Automatically creates a query for cargo based on the current character page when given an input.


  chara     (OPTIONAL) = defines the character the move card is for. If left blank, uses the current character page.
  input                = a comma separated list of the inputs used for a move and its versions as they appear in cargo
  versioned (OPTIONAL) = override name column visibility to on. used when a move has multiple versions but only 1 input.
  condition (OPTIONAL) = a back slash separated list of additional specifier texts behind the move's input. Such as "Air OK"
  type      (OPTIONAL) = uses the cargo "type" field to help specify a desired move when multiple moves overlap inputs. 
  description          = a text description of the move

This is a test page for practicing move card generation




2 Inputs


Held Versions


2 inputs 2 versions


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