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XRD Venom

"I never miss a called shot."
Lore:After being dealt a harsh defeat at the hands of Bedman, Venom re-examines the path of the Guild. He says he's sort of glad they were defeated, as it let him realize what it meant to "protect the organization". He battles both Millia and Slayer in order to prove the strength of his resolve, and soon he reveals his ultimate plan: Exposing the Guild's deeds to the public and show their role in the world's affairs. Venom feared for those who dedicated their lives to the Guild and didn't want their accomplishments to be lost to history. He's fully aware of the implications, and when Slayer offers his assistance to bring about this plan, Venom readily accepts.
Voice:Jun'ichi Suwabe


Lore:This hero's adventure began when he received a letter from his father asking him to come to the Island of the Astrals, Estalucia.

Now he travels the skies with his flying lizard-like buddy, Vyrn, and the mysterious blue-haired girl who saved his life by linking it with her own, Lyria.

Honest to a fault, he'll come to the aid of anyone who needs his assistance. Although his swordplay is rough and self-taught, he possesses the power to overcome any obstacle—thanks in no small part to Lyria's assistance.


Lore:A former biochemical drugs trafficker, Chipp was a youth who struggled to live life on the streets of America. Tsuyoshi offered Chipp into his care, which he gratefully accepted. Tsuyoshi trained Chipp in the art of Ninjutsu basics and they lived peacefully together until an assassin syndicate ordered Tsuyoshi's killing. Chipp now has the new ambition of becoming the President of the Country. For it, he tries convincing the Assassin's Guild to vote for him, only to realize that they can't vote.
Voice:Takeshi Miura