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== Psychiatrist ==
Doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness, the psychiatrist is the sole practitioner authorized to prescribe drugs.
Unlike other professionals, the psychiatrist is a doctor. This is the only authority to prescribe medications practitioner. He followed the complete cycle of medical studies at the university, before specializing in psychiatry, which corresponds to a total of ten years of study. Often, psychiatrists complete their medical studies with training in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy . This allows them to accumulate shares.
The [http://psychiatrist.sg psychiatrist] diagnoses and treats mental disorders. However, if heavy treats diseases such as schizophrenia , paranoia , autism or psychosis, manic-depressive, it also treats mental disorders lighter and common: depression , of crises anxiety , phobias , insomnia ... Do not refuse to see a psychiatrist on the pretext that you are not seriously ill.
First, the psychiatrist receives the patient in consultation to determine the nature of his illness. It uses listening and working on the body, and sometimes offers psychotherapy , according to his training. If necessary, it may also prescribe a chemical treatment. For this, he has an arsenal of drugs. We talk about psychotropic drugs: antidepressants when depression , antipsychotics for schizophrenia , antibiotics to calm fears ... If necessary, the psychiatrist may suggest or require a hospital stay.

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