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Made a Guilty Gear data template similar to the BB one, once we get in pages for GG system data someone can go ahead and add in links for that, for now you can use this on the guilty gear pages for moves:
--[[User:Amadeous|Amadeous]] 14:50, 13 December 2011 (PST)
== CJSO? ==
All of the Persona 4 Arena frame data lists the cancels possible from each move, but there's no page to explain what all the notation used means. Should a page be added, or have I just missed the page explaining CJSO etc?
Hover over the column name and a popup appears explaining the notation. I've never liked the notation used, but that's what the data looks like in the Mook. We will look into finding ways to lay that info out more clearly.
Ah, there it is! I have to wonder, though, why many moves seem to have both C ('Cancels into other normals, specials, and supers') and S ('Cancels into specials and supers, but not normals'). The two seem mutually exclusive to me, unless I'm misreading something.
== Moving from Sign to Revelator ==
If i've been hearing and reading correctly there won't be any balance adjustments to the existing characters. So my question is, would it be better if the Revelator character links redirect to the Sign character breakdowns? Or maybe simply start over again? Thoughts?
It will probably be better to copy stuff from Sign to Revelator then go from there since system mechanics might change strategies for some characters. [[User:Shtkn|Shtkn]] ([[User talk:Shtkn|talk]])

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