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Rise Kujikawa

General Tactics

With a few exceptions, Rise is generally at her best when she is in the corner, and in the opponent's face where she can best take advantage of her setplay to mix the opponent up with high/low, and in some setups, left/right mixups. Rise has access to midscreen combos with exceptional corner-carry, though she either needs meter or a crouching confirm to take full advantage of their full corner-carry potential.

When at full-screen, Rise's scan and B or SB arrow rain can help greatly in closing the distance between you and the opponent, but do not become too complacent when using these moves. Setting up scan can be risky against certain characters due to their ability to run up and punish on reaction. To protect yourself against this, at a distance you can set up an A arrow rain to keep them outside of punish range or an SB arrow rain to force them to block.

This strategy will not work against characters with fast, long-range punishes like Naoto or Margaret, so only use these moves when you are confident that the opponent can't punish it in time.

On knockdown at midscreen, your general setplay tool is 236B. This move has a lingering initial hitbox that will tag the opponent on wakeup and spawn notes which can then be used to setup further pressure in a blockstring or a mixup. Generally, most combos will aim to setup oki for the opponent to block, and depending on how well the opponent can block your mixups, games can be won or lost on these setups.

When trying to maintain distance between you and your opponent, 236A works as a large, lingering hitbox that can punish incoming attacks. The large hitbox of this move also makes it effective as an anti-air, but the laggy recovery means that it can easily be punished on whiff. In a pinch, 236AB can work as an effective anti-air in place of 2B.

Notable Moves


5A: Decent range, standard jab. 6 frame startup, -4 on block, jump cancellable.
5AA: Launches airborne opponents to the ground, forces tech when proration is high enough which sets up nicely for safejumps and setplay. -2 on block, generally good button to set up tick throws/stagger pressure on. Jump cancellable.
2A: Pretty generous hitbox, good way to tell the hitbox is by how far the heart particle travels. Hits low. Can hop cancel on block or hit. Can cancel into itself 3 times, and can cancel into and from 5A. 7 frame startup, -3 on block, good tool for stagger pressure or tick throws.




Rise Kujikawa

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