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Welcome to the Dustloop Wiki! This wiki was created to give people a familiar format in which to learn how to play these games at a competitive level without have to sift through lots of forum posts and continuously ask the same questions.

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28 May 2022

     19:26  GGACR/A.B.A/Data diffhist 0 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs →‎6H
     19:21  GGACR/Kliff Undersn‎‎ 3 changes history +2 [Athenya‎ (3×)]
19:21 (cur | prev) +2 Athenya talk contribs →‎Hellish Charge
19:18 (cur | prev) -20 Athenya talk contribs →‎2-Steps Forward
19:18 (cur | prev) +20 Athenya talk contribs →‎2-Steps Forward: Added stun modifier
 m   19:15  GGACR/Order-Sol‎‎ 4 changes history +130 [Athenya‎ (4×)]
19:15 (cur | prev) +30 Athenya talk contribs →‎Dragon Install: Sakkai: Added stun modifier
19:12 (cur | prev) +22 Athenya talk contribs →‎Air Throw: Added stun modifer
19:12 (cur | prev) +57 Athenya talk contribs →‎Tyrant Rave ver. Omega: Added stun modfier
19:07 (cur | prev) +21 Athenya talk contribs : Added stun modifer
 m   19:12  GGST/Zato-1 diffhist +13 Blueburger talk contribs
     19:12  File:GGXXACPR Bridget j2S-4-Hitbox.png diffhist +16 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs This hitbox doesnt exist
     19:11  GGACR/Bridget/Frame Data diffhist -66 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs
     19:10  GGACR/Bridget/Data diffhist -94 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs
     18:20  GGACR/Bridget diffhist -429 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs
     17:36  GGACR/Baiken/Data diffhist +4 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs
     17:33  BBTag/Labrys/Data‎‎ 5 changes history +450 [Shtkn‎ (5×)]
17:33 (cur | prev) +26 Shtkn talk contribs →‎236C
17:32 (cur | prev) +26 Shtkn talk contribs →‎236B
17:31 (cur | prev) +26 Shtkn talk contribs →‎236A
16:29 (cur | prev) +124 Shtkn talk contribs →‎236C
16:28 (cur | prev) +248 Shtkn talk contribs →‎Skills
 m   17:29  BBCF/Naoto Kurogane/Frame Data diffhist +50 MorphRed talk contribs →‎Revolver Action Table
     17:18  GGACR/Axl Low diffhist -639 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs →‎Special Moves
     17:16  GGACR/Axl Low/Data diffhist -46 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs
 m   17:15  BBTag/Elizabeth diffhist 0 The King talk contribs
     16:55  GGACR/Millia Rage/Okizeme‎‎ 15 changes history +1,224 [Bossobee‎ (15×)]
16:55 (cur | prev) +54 Bossobee talk contribs →‎FB Secret Garden: Added a glossary for FB Garden. Fixed capitalization.
16:53 (cur | prev) +94 Bossobee talk contribs →‎{{MMC|chara=Millia Rage|input=214S > 214D|label=Longinus}} > Garden: Removed caption from header, moved it somewhere else. Fixed capitalization. Added colors.
16:49 (cur | prev) +4 Bossobee talk contribs →‎Secret Garden Setups
16:47 (cur | prev) -28 Bossobee talk contribs
16:45 (cur | prev) +61 Bossobee talk contribs Added a section at the start explaining that haircar is 214P
16:30 (cur | prev) +2 Bossobee talk contribs →‎About FD
16:26 (cur | prev) +1 Bossobee talk contribs →‎About Bad Moon ender: capitalization
16:26 (cur | prev) -106 Bossobee talk contribs Removed video examples section, since video examples are all already linked/embedded where relevant.
16:25 (cur | prev) -2 Bossobee talk contribs →‎Combatting OTG Blue Burst: Made it its own section, like it is on the Google doc
16:25 (cur | prev) +113 Bossobee talk contribs →‎Projectile Cooldowns and You: Formatting.
16:18 (cur | prev) +216 Bossobee talk contribs →‎Setups for Sticky Situations: Formatting
16:12 (cur | prev) +405 Bossobee talk contribs →‎FB Secret Garden: Formatting
16:04 (cur | prev) +315 Bossobee talk contribs →‎About FD: Reformatted for legibility
15:55 (cur | prev) +8 Bossobee talk contribs →‎About FD
15:53 (cur | prev) +87 Bossobee talk contribs →‎Combatting OTG Blue Burst: Implemented some more video aids. More formatting.
     15:56  GGACR/Anji Mito diffhist +11 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs
     15:50  GGACR/Anji Mito/Data diffhist -141 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs

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