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Welcome to the Dustloop Wiki! This wiki was created to give people a familiar format in which to learn how to play these games at a competitive level without have to sift through lots of forum posts and continuously ask the same questions.

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19 May 2022

     21:18  User:NomadNoah/VenomCombos diffhist +802 NomadNoah talk contribs
     21:17  DBFZ/Videl‎‎ 4 changes history +21 [Kaiokek‎ (4×)]
21:17 (cur | prev) +5 Kaiokek talk contribs
21:17 (cur | prev) +22 Kaiokek talk contribs
21:15 (cur | prev) -11 Kaiokek talk contribs
18:27 (cur | prev) +5 Kaiokek talk contribs →‎Super Moves
     21:12  P4U2.5/Kanji Tatsumi‎‎ 12 changes history +1,559 [Scatteraxis‎ (2×); Basinator‎ (10×)]
21:12 (cur | prev) +71 Basinator talk contribs →‎Burn To A Crisp!: Added colour to inputs.
21:11 (cur | prev) +62 Basinator talk contribs →‎Ass Whoopin', Tatsumi-Style: Added colour to inputs.
21:05 (cur | prev) +100 Basinator talk contribs →‎Bet Ya Can't Take This!: Added colour to inputs.
21:04 (cur | prev) +60 Basinator talk contribs →‎Primal Force: Added colour to inputs.
21:03 (cur | prev) +210 Basinator talk contribs →‎Gotcha!: Added colour to inputs.
21:01 (cur | prev) +120 Basinator talk contribs →‎This'll Hurt!: Added colour to inputs.
20:59 (cur | prev) +90 Basinator talk contribs →‎Added Cruel Attack: Added colour to inputs.
20:58 (cur | prev) +218 Basinator talk contribs →‎Cruel Attack: Added colour to inputs.
20:56 (cur | prev) +20 Basinator talk contribs →‎Ground Throw: Added colour to inputs. Missed a few earlier
20:56 (cur | prev) +30 Basinator talk contribs →‎Ground Throw: Added colour to inputs.
20:14 (cur | prev) +550 Scatteraxis talk contribs →‎What A Pain!: Updated info on this DP, added some flair
18:37 (cur | prev) +28 Scatteraxis talk contribs →‎Overview
     21:08  GGST/Chipp Zanuff diffhist +41 Basinator talk contribs →‎Genrou Zan: Added a bullet point that mentions it's sometimes to referred to as Leaf Throw
     20:11  BBCF/Hakumen/Combos‎‎ 2 changes history +425 [Beret‎ (2×)]
20:11 (cur | prev) +4 Beret talk contribs →‎Counter hit
20:11 (cur | prev) +421 Beret talk contribs →‎Counter hit: Adding a route.
     20:08  GGST/Ky Kiske/Strategy diffhist +892 Triplicity talk contribs Moved from Overview
     19:59  GGST/Ky Kiske diffhist +1,624 Triplicity talk contribs Words and wiki formatting
     19:55  BBCF/Azrael‎‎ 2 changes history 0 [Ikonono‎; Beret‎]
19:55 (cur | prev) +47 Beret talk contribs Undo revision 277018 by Ikonono (talk) The barrier and IB aspect is very noteworthy in Azrael's case. That comment should be kept. Tag: Undo
19:12 (cur | prev) -47 Ikonono talk contribs →‎Overview: Removed bit about IB and Barrier in "Short Pressure" con. This is something every character has to be aware of, not just Azrael.
     19:33  GGACR/A.B.A‎‎ 3 changes history -1,436 [Oppositeofdecay‎ (3×)]
19:33 (cur | prev) +65 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs →‎Retribution
19:15 (cur | prev) +7 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs
18:54 (cur | prev) -1,508 Oppositeofdecay talk contribs
     18:56  BBCF/Hakumen diffhist -30 Beret talk contribs Changing the text in bolds in the overview to highlight his strengths/gameplan better.
     18:47  BBCF/Kokonoe diffhist -328 Ikonono talk contribs →‎Overview: Cleaned up Pros section. There were too many repeated sections and some things were not entirely true.
     18:46  DBFZ/Android 17‎‎ 3 changes history -133 [Kaiokek‎ (3×)]
18:46 (cur | prev) +87 Kaiokek talk contribs
18:37 (cur | prev) -54 Kaiokek talk contribs →‎Second Gear
18:36 (cur | prev) -166 Kaiokek talk contribs →‎Gear Follow-ups
     18:38  P4U2.5/Kanji Tatsumi/Data diffhist +6 Scatteraxis talk contribs →‎BD
     18:34  DBFZ/Fused Zamasu diffhist +54 Kaiokek talk contribs →‎Super Moves
     18:33  DBFZ/Fused Zamasu/Data diffhist +15 Kaiokek talk contribs →‎Super Moves
     18:31  DBFZ/Yamcha/Data‎‎ 2 changes history +132 [Kaiokek‎ (2×)]
18:31 (cur | prev) +127 Kaiokek talk contribs →‎Special Moves
18:28 (cur | prev) +5 Kaiokek talk contribs →‎Super Moves
     18:29  DBFZ/Yamcha diffhist +93 Kaiokek talk contribs →‎Super Moves
     18:26  DBFZ/Videl/Data diffhist +10 Kaiokek talk contribs →‎Super Moves
     18:25  DBFZ/SSB Vegito diffhist +423 Kaiokek talk contribs →‎Super Moves

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