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An Instant Air Dash (IAD) is quickly jumping and air dashing from a standing position.

Performing an IAD

Traditionally it is performed by entering InputIcon 9.pngInputIcon 5.pngInputIcon 6.png.

An air dash is performed by entering InputIcon 6.pngInputIcon 6.png while airborne. The InputIcon 9.png counts as both a jump input and a forward input. You then enter InputIcon 6.png to finish the air dash input. Try to input the IAD with the same timing you would enter a normal dash.

Minimum Height

If you have problems performing this, remember that you can not immediately air dash after jumping, you must reach a certain height before you can air dash (varies by game). Try delaying InputIcon 6.png slightly.

Mid-Combo IAD

Performing an IAD mid-combo might require different timing due to hitstop keeping you grounded longer. You can get around this by timing your jump input near the end of hitstop, or not do an IAD and instead input InputIcon 6.pngInputIcon 6.png manually after jumping.

Backwards IAD

IADs can be performed for both forward air dashes and backwards air dashes, the concept is exactly the same, just reverse left/right inputs.

Dash Macros

Games with button macros for dashes can do the same thing by pressing any upward direction, then pressing the dash macro.


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