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About Plus R
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Arc System Works Japan.png
Aksys Games USA.png
Release Dates:
Arcade Japan.png: September 20, 2012
Vita Japan.png: March 19, 2013
PS3/X360 Japan.png: August 7, 2013
Vita USA.png: April 23, 2013
PS3/X360 USA.png: March 3, 2014
Steam Steam.png: May 26, 2015
Nintendo Switch International.png: May 16, 2019
Guilty Gear Series
Preceded By:Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Followed By:Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
Game Version Date Notes
Ver 1.1 January, 2013 [1] Adjusted balance.
Ver 1.0 September 20th, 2012 Launch version.


  1. JP Ringedge Press Conference