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Guilty Gear -Strive- is a new series within the Guilty Gear franchise. Strive features characters based on the cast of Xrd and XX, but redesigned for the new series.

Our intent first and foremost in making this game is to create something entirely new, rather than a continuation of previous games. This includes our direction with the music and designs as well. The reason for changing the character designs is that it makes it clear at a single glance that this is a new series within the Guilty Gear franchise. We aren't using previous titles as a base when thinking about changing the characters' moves. We are redefining each character from the ground up for this new game.
~ Daisuke Ishiwatari on Developer Blog 2

Jack-O'NagoriyukiMillia RageChipp ZanuffSol BadguyKy KiskeMayZato-1I-No
Anji MitoLeo WhitefangFaustAxl LowPotemkinRamlethal ValentineGiovannaGoldlewis Dickinson

New Characters
GGST Nagoriyuki Icon.png Nagoriyuki makes his debut in the Guilty Gear franchise. He is a vampiric samurai with heavy references to Guilty Gear's own GGACR Slayer Icon.png Slayer as well as Japanese history and myth. He fights using two swords, a katana and a wakizashi.

GGST Giovanna Icon.png Giovanna makes her debut in the Guilty Gear franchise. She is a rude but well meaning officer in a special forces unit tasked with protecting the President of the United States. She fights using a wolf spirit companion named Rei.

GGST Anji Mito Icon.png Anji Mito returns from X. He is a Japanese dancer who chases after That Man to unravel his secrets and sate his own curiosity. He fights using the Sacred Treasure, Zessen, a pair of fans that can manipulate the wind.
DLC Characters
GGST Goldlewis Dickinson Icon.png Goldlewis Dickinson makes his debut in the Guilty Gear franchise. He is the Secretary of Defense of the United States and an aide to the President. He fights with a coffin that houses a cryptid (according to him).
GGST Jack-O' Icon.png Jack-O' returns from REVELATOR. She is a Valentine-turned-human containing the dormant soul of GGST Sol Badguy Icon.png Sol's lover, Aria. She fights using her familiar, Dorpos, and by summoning servants to aid her in battle.