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Rackam is a pressure based character who thrives in a situation where the opponent is scared into blocking. He is able to enhance the chip damage of his specials using his install special, Duration, and make the opponent scared to block using his uniquely cancelable special Double Tap. Rackam's normals boast a balance of speed and reach which make them decent at playing footsies until he is able to score a counter-hit and set up his offense.

"Don't you dare look down on skyfarers!"
Lore:The smoking go-getter of a helmsman at Port Breeze. His shooting abilities are as impressive as his ability to control an airship. He's very blunt, but incredibly helpful and well-liked.
The hotshot helmsman girds himself in a new suit of armor as he prepares to guide the young skyfarers on the next leg of their journey. No one loves the ship more than he, and no one is more resolute in their determination to protect their friends.
Voice:Hiroaki Hirata
Rackam is a setplay character who backS the opponent into a corner with strong normals and applies scary, chip-damage heavy pressure.
Pros Cons
  • Good Pokes and Neutral Game: 2M, f.M, and Bull's Eye Snipe are neutral tools with few rivals in terms of general meterless screen control.
  • Amazing Chip Damage: Whenever Rackam has Duration active, all of his normals apply chip damage, and the chip damage inflicted by his specials is increased significantly. This means his blockstrings can do as much chip damage as a small combo.
  • Strong Frame Traps: Because Rackam can cancel any hit of Double Tap into Spitfire he can create frame traps with strong reward.
  • Weak Defense: Rackam's counter, Collateral Damage, can be spot dodged on reaction and his SBA - Piercing Firestorm - is incredibly unsafe on block.
  • Low Combo Damage: Because of the severe damage scaling penalty on Double Tap, and inability to special cancel into Bull's Eye Snipe Rackam's combos generally do little damage.
  • Projectile isn't for Zoning: Although Bull's Eye Snipe travels full screen instantly, it has no vertical range, loses to other projectiles, and has noticeable recovery.