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Slayer is a close combat, boxer character with slippery movement and explosive damage. He has below-average mobility and his range is limited to his fists and legs, but he is difficult to challenge once he gets in. Many of his attacks specialize in invulnerability, mixup, and counter hits, spreading doubt and confusion in the opponent's mind. Make the wrong guess and Slayer will have a feast.

Neutral can give Slayer a tough time since he is forced to commit to forward advancing attacks or jumps, and he also does not have any kind of projectile. However, Slayer has some tricky movement to close the distance; Mappa Hunch is a good tool for counterhit-fishing and approaching, and Footloose Journey can also be used to give Slayer unexpected mobility.

Once he's up close, he gets to make use of his strong mixup tools, forcing extremely oppresive pressure with Bloodsucking Universe- a command grab, and Dandy Step- an evasive step backwards with several follow ups. Dandy Step in particular has unique, powerful tools such as a potent anti-air, a whiff punisher, an overhead, and a cross-up- all very hard to defend against. When successful, Slayer takes the opportunity and converts into big damage.

Slayer is also capable of jumping out of his backdash to retain special-move invulneurabilty, a technique known as BDC (Backdash Canceling). This allows Slayer to remain invincible during jump startup or tag enemies with invincible counterhits.

Overall, Slayer runs a straightforward up-close gameplan, and has the tools for any player seeking strong pressure and huge damage.
Slayer is a brawler who baits opponents with elusive ground movement and blows them up with explosive punishes.
Pros Cons
  • Obscene Damage Potential: Slayer's damage increases exponentially when he has the right counterhit starter or amount of Tension. One good hit with Slayer, and the round might just be over.
  • Close-range Offense: Numerous mixup options, plenty of good pressure tools and a unique teleport dash make Slayer a menace once he's gotten close.
  • Defensive Options: Slayer's unique Backdash Cancelling allows him to zip out of dangerous situations other characters have no options against, gaining invulnerability on powerful specials that otherwise have none.
  • Solid Normals: Slayer has a selection of great normals, such as 5K, 2H and 6P. His selection of strong, partially invulnerable moves also make him very effective in close-range scrambles.
  • Evasive: Slayer has several disjointed attacks which can be hard for the opponent to hit. Paired with the very fast back-and-forth motions of Dandy Step, this makes him excellent at forcing whiffs for rewarding punishes.
  • Mobility: Slayer's teleport dash is useful for mixups and defense, but is not suitable for navigating neutral, making zoning and runaway tactics particularily effective against him.
  • Safety: Several attacks are unsafe and can be punished by the opponent for high return, especially when instant blocked.
  • Damage without Resources: While the right combo can be devastating with Slayer, his basic combo routes are very limited, and lead to mediocre damage.

Teleport Dash

Slayer has unique forward and back dashes that teleport him along the ground for a set distance and time. Slayer's forward dashes grant him invulnerability through their duration. His forward dash is able to move through an opponent and cross them up. Unfortunately, unlike conventional forward dashes, he is unable to cancel his forward dash into normal moves or FD until the dash's duration completely ends. This forces him to take a different approach to pressuring opponents.

Like other characters, Slayer can still jump out of his forward dash. Unlike other characters, Slayer can jump out of his backdash. By canceling his dashes into jumps and his jumps into special moves, Slayer can retain up to 7 frames of invulnerability into any special move. This technique is called Backdash Canceling (BDC).

BDC allows Slayer to avoid being hit during jump startup or catch his enemy with an invincible counterhit. When used to cancel into his BiteGGXRD Slayer BloodsuckingUniverse.pngGuard:
Ground Throw: 161000
Total 42
command grab or Dead on Time overdrive, Slayer can quickly turn the tables on his opponent with an unstoppable BDC Bite or BDC Dead on Time.

If he cancels his forward dash in this way, he does not retain any invulnerability. However, it is still a useful movement option when the time comes.

GGXRD-R Slayer Portrait.png
Weight:[100] Medium
Stun Resistance:70
Backdash:28F (1~20F invuln)
Forward dash:18F (Short) 24F (Long). Both 5~12F strike invuln, 7-12F throw invuln
Wakeup :26F (Face Up)/ 20F (Face Down)
Unique Movement Options:Run replaced with Teleport Dash
Fastest Ground Abare:This character's fastest attacks for mashing or scrambles. Excludes universal throws.5P, 2P, c.S (all 5F)
Reversal Attacks:Any reversal-esque moves this character has. Excludes universal options.236236H (5+4F)

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
16 Mid 5 6 6 0

Fast startup, great active frames, and Slayer's normal with the most gatling and cancel variety.

Works great as a situational anti air as the arm has no hurtbox at all, but Slayer's head is hittable at all times. This will make 5P directly lose or trade with most aerial attacks in the game when challenged from above, but will work as a successful anti air when Slayer's head is spaced horizontally away from your opponents attack, or when challenging low and more frontal hitting airdash attacks.

5P can be used during pressure as well or as a situational ground poke with many great whiff cancels. Can be crouched under, but because of it's short total duration this means your opponent has to act preemptively to capitalize on this move whiffing.

Gatling Options: 5P, 2P, 6P, 5K, 2K, 2S, 5H, 6H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
1 6 7
  • From frame 12 (2nd recovery frame), can whiff cancel into 5P, 2P, 5K, 2K, and 6P


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
28 Mid 7 3 8 +3

5K is one of Slayer's best normals. While other normals with this range have long recovery frames, Slayer's 5K recovers fast enough to be +3 on block. Furthermore, it has a good hurtbox, making it effective against mashing.

5K will not connect against moves with upper body invulnerability or low profile. However, 5K's speed requires the opponent to use these moves preemptively to punish it. Moves like Sol's 6P will win but are also riskier to whiff than Slayer's 5K.

You could say that Slayer's plan in every matchup is to stay in 5K range. 5K works well with 2H, 6H, 6P, and Dandy Step since opponents will be tempted to escape Slayer's pressure once he leaves 5K range. Repeated use of 5K creates space between Slayer and his opponent, which can make 2H, 6H, 6P, and Dandy Step difficult to punish.

  • 5K > 6H is a good frame trap with a 4-7F gap. Relatively safe way to move forward. Mix up between 5K and 5K6H to catch people jumping or to bait reversals.

Gatling Options: 6P, 6H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 90% 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
28 Mid 5 4 14 -4

c.S is Slayer's main tool at close range. 4 active frames makes c.S the ideal meaty for teleport oki. It is also a key component of many combos due to its 5 frame startup and good vertical hitbox that hits crouching and airborne opponents.

Keep in mind that nothing gatlings into c.S: you must learn to link into it. Linking f.S, 2K, and 2H to c.S is crucial to playing Slayer.

c.S is vulnerable to backdashes in the corner because of its long recovery. If you expect a backdash, delay your c.S or use 6P/6H.

  • Used with dash crossups.
  • c.S > 6K - Provides a fairly safe mixup and gives a full combo after 6K Counter Hit or crouching hit. Punishes opponents that expect to Instant Block and throw
  • c.S > f.S - Primary blockstring at close range. Good for tick throws and adding RISC. However, there is a 2 frame gap on Instant Block.

Gatling Options: 6P, 6K, f.S, 6H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
32 Mid 13 2 6 +6

Poke with good frame advantage that moves Slayer forward.

Mostly used after c.S as a two-hit confirm. On ground-hit will link into c.S, 2K or 5K for a small combo extension, or a full air-combo on air-hit.
On block you mainly frametrap by delaying into another c.S if you are close enough, but when further away you have to use 2K or 5K, or even P mappa.

  • f.S > 6H is one of Slayer's few delayed gatlings, it has uses in fraptrapping and catching jumpouts, it is also doable as a whiff cancel.

Gatling Options: 6H, 5D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7
  • From frame 16 (2nd recovery frame), can whiff cancel into 6H


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
50 Mid 13 5 18 -4

5H is used to stop people dashing in on Slayer. A decent reward, long range normal with good hitconfirms that almost hits from round start distance. Reaches all the way to floor to beat low profile moves. Is fairly slow and extends forward a lot, so best to use this move preemptively and when you have a good read on your opponents approach.

5H is strong as a pressure tool and has a wide variety of cancels to keep your opponent guessing: 2H to beat low pokes, 5D to see if they're asleep at the wheel, or any of his Dandy Step followups - or simply the power of nothing, provided they're not willing to challenge. Canceling into 5H is limited to 5P, but as long as your opponent is hesitating to press buttons, you can throw out this move in pressure quite often to see what they will do about it.

Gatling Options: 2H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 20 6
  • Staggers opponent on hit. Duration: 19F to 39F. Frame Adv: -3F to +17F


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
28 High 24 3 20 -9

Standard Dust attack.

This attack is especially useful mid combo as a grounded extension for Slayer, but also nets notoriously large reward as a combo starter in the corner with 5D[6] > 5H 5H > K Pilebunker, especially with higher RISC.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 80% 10 20


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
45 Mid 18 6 14 -1 1~6 Upper Body
7~23 Above Knees

Slayer's 6P is a slow but versatile attack with lengthy above-knee invincibility and incredible reward on counter hit.

In neutral, it can anti-air late airdash approaches or go under most high hitting pokes in the game. Because of its slow startup and Slayers feet extending forwards, it will often lose to lows.

6P's active frames often catches backdashes in the corner, and the low profile properties can even go under certain reversals when timed correctly. 6P is also a good frametrap option with many gatlings going into it, but when blocked will have no cancels, leaving Slayer to have to force his turn again in order to continue pressure.

  • Normal hit: Wallbounce
  • Counter hit: Wallbounce, but also gives additional height and untechable time for combos.
  • 6P can fail to wallbounce midscreen if the opponent is too close to Slayer.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 Initial: 90% 20 6
  • Untechable time on normal hit: 38F (Slayer is +19 minimum)


(Hold OK)

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30 High / Air 20 5 4+4 After Landing[Total 32] +1 6f~?f Airborne

Airborne overhead for baiting throws and scoring counterhits. Can be feinted by holding K.

Valuable for hitting High without using Dandy Step or jumping. 6K is +5 on hit on most of the cast when they are crouching, allowing Slayer to link a c.S or a 2P. Otherwise he can only combo after 6K on Counter Hit, during oki, or with Roman Cancel, so 6K's best reward comes from baiting throws or increasing RISC to flashing. Despite this, opponents may be caught off guard by the High and 30 damage adds up.

6K is slow enough that mashing can beat it in neutral. If your opponent is aware enough to use Throw OSA shorthand for "Option Select"A situation where you perform an input and the game will "select an option" automatically depending on what the other character did. or has a fast 5H/6H, it becomes difficult to use 6K outside of oki. Some Lows will even beat 6K, so don't be surprised if you can't consistently land counter hits this way.

On oki, you can time a meaty 6K for more frame advantage while also being safe against most backdashes. However, using 6K this early also makes it more obvious for the opponent to reversal.

6[K] (Feint)

Feint is mainly used to set up a Throw since the opponent will not be put into blockstun. It can also bait opponents trying to Instant Block, Blitz Shield, or Dead Angle. Once the opponent expects a Throw after 6[K] and tries to react with their own Throw, you can start using BDC.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 90% 10 7
  • [ ] Values are when doing 6K Feint
  • 6F onwards airborne


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
50 Mid 17 6 15 -2

6H has built in forward movement and long horizontal reach making it a great midscreen poke in many matchups. What 6H lacks in speed, it makes up for with great return on hit and fast recovery frames.

It's great for catching jump out attempts and backdashes, a strong and rewarding block pressure due to starting frametraps, all while being hit-confirmable into powerful combo moves like Dead on TimeGGXRD Slayer DeadOnTime.pngGuard:
36+21 After Landing
or Mappa PunchGGXRD Slayer MappaHunch.pngGuard:
. Slayer's main frametrap from 6H is canceling into P Under Pressure for a 2f gap.

The early part of 6H reaches diagonally upwards in the air, and can tag airborne and standing opponents if they are close enough.
The later hit of 6H has long horizontal reach and will hit crouching opponents. The later hitbox is +1 on block, so you can collect frame advantage on crouch or by spacing 6H horizontally.

  • Hits crouching opponents but does not hit most low profile moves
  • Untechable on air hit
  • Hit-confirm into Pilebunker if you are already in dandy step.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 20 6
  • Staggers opponent on counterhit. Duration: 22F to 46F. Frame Adv: +14 to +38 (including CH hitstop)


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
10 Mid 5 2 6 +2

2P is a very important defensive normal. 2P is mostly superior to 5P for the ground game since 2P hits crouching characters and has fewer active frames, which grants better frame advantage and faster mashing. 2P is also Slayer's fastest normal with frame advantage, which makes it great for tick throws.

Slayer's 2P does not have a good gatling to confirm into 2D, which makes his defensive mashing a bit weaker than other characters'. Since it is harder to get knockdown, your aim is to create space, usually mashing 2P until you enter a good position for 5K.

Gatling Options: 5P, 2P, 6P, 2S, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Initial: 80% 3 8


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
20 Low 6 2 8 +4

2K is a good low with fast startup, above average range, and good frame advantage. 2K is Slayer's main Low since the other 2 Lows (2H, 2D) are usually unsafe and not special cancelable.

As a poke, 2K has slightly less range and slightly more limited cancels than 5K, but does not have 5K's weakness to low profile moves, and is also one frame faster.

2K also moves Slayer's hurtbox back more than 5K, so at certain spacings it can challenge pokes that 5K can't, even when at a frame disadvantage.

  • Has reduced pushback, so it's your most reliable option for comboing into a 2D knockdown if you're not in range for c.S

Gatling Options: 6P, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 90% 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
34 Mid 10 9 12 -7

2S is a solid anti air, with great active frames and incredible vertical reach, hitting your opponent at the peak of their jump.

You need to be early when anti-airing with this normal, as Slayer stands back up for 5 frames before crouching down again. This means it will often lose to low reaching aerial attacks that are already active above Slayer.

On hit Slayer often gets good reward, such as a full air combo.

Gatling Options: 6P, 2H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
48 Low 13 2 25 -10 5~14 Foot

Long range attack that launches the opponent.

2H gives Slayer great control of ground space. Though 2H has very slow recovery, its massive range makes it difficult or even impossible to punish on reaction. This also means Slayer cannot combo after 2H in most cases without spending 50% for RRC (which even then can be spacing dependant). Nevertheless, 2H can make your opponent think twice about dashing in or mashing Lows on defense.

While most Lows will not hit Slayer during invulnerable frames, be wary of exceptions like Axl's 2H or Chipp's 2D.

  • Counter Hit: launches opponent higher, untechable
  • 2H > Dead On Time: Dead On Time is the only move with enough speed and range to hit after 2H normal hit midscreen.
  • In the corner, Slayer can reliably meterlessly combo from 2H if hit point blank.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 Initial: 80% 10 6
  • Hitstop: 0
  • Untechable time on normal hit: 34F (Slayer is +8)


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30 Low 9 21 9 -11

Sliding sweep attack. Used as a combo ender.

Done far enough or meaty enough is un-punishable, and can even be plus on block. Combos off c.S, 5K and 2K on crouchers.

  • Slayer is very hard to throw when sliding in on an opponent's wakeup.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 20 6


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
13 High / Air 5 3 9

j.P is the ideal normal for air to airs since it recovers much faster than Slayer's other air normals.

Often used to fish for random hits and to force the opponent to block. Note that j.P cannot cancel into double jump. Gatling into j.K/j.S when needed.

  • Used a lot with air movement to make Slayer significantly smaller and harder to hit.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.K, j.2K, j.S, j.H, j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
1 6 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
24 High / Air 6 9 16

A fast kick with good horizontal and upward reach.

Versatile air combo starter that connects after almost any ground starter at any height. Important to use at greater heights when j.S or j.H cannot reach.

Note that j.K does not have good downward reach. It is possible for IADAn air dash performed from a standing position as quickly and as low to the ground as possible from a jump. Done by inputting 956 754, and depending on the game, using a dash macro right after a jump. j.K to whiff on Crouching characters.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.2K, j.S, j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
22 All 13 3 18

Interrupts Slayer's air momentum and causes him to pop upwards even on whiff.

Mostly used in combos to extend them. Also useful to alter jumping arcs and landing time. If YRCed during startup, directs Slayer down, making 9 > j.2K YRC a short hop.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 15
  • Untechable time: 27F on normal hit, 54F on counterhit (Slayer is +7/+34)


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
20×N High / Air 4[8] {2(2)2(4)}×4 34

A fast and very active air normal used for combos, IAD punishes, and crossups.

For air combos, j.S is the ideal starter to use since it combos directly into j.H.

In offensive situations, j.S is used together with IAD to punish ground normals and to begin pressure if your opponent is stand blocking. Is unsafe to abuse this way however, as it can often whiff and is Slayer's easiest air normal to anti-air.

Gatling Options: j.K, j.2K, j.H

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7
  • [ ] indicates forward attack portion
  • Hitstop: 6F


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
36 High / Air 13 5 18

j.H is incredible for hitting grounded opponents and even beats some anti-airs. However, it cannot cancel into double jump and only gatlings into j.2K and j.D, both of which can be unsafe on block.

If you start an air combo with 5H and you are too far for j.S to hit, you will need to use j.H instead.

Gatling Options: j.2K, j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40 High / Air 7 5 32 + 5 Landing Recovery

In neutral, j.D is mostly used together with IAD to go over ground pokes and can even stuff out some anti airs. From IAD, j.D is mostly comboed into a delayed Footloose JourneyGGXRD Slayer FootlooseJourney.pngGuard:
14 After Landing

j.D is also the primary way to end air juggles in a knockdown or as a way to extend your combos with j.2K.

  • Fast and good downward reach.

Gatling Options: j.2K

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7
  • Staggers opponent on ground counterhit. Duration: 14F to 29F. Frame Adv: +13 to +28 at best

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
0,68 Ground Throw: 85750 1 +12 to +22

Slayer's ground throw is a part of his mixup game from Under Pressure into high/low/throw. Generally, the knockdown is only long enough to get a meaty and not much else. On offense, it's more rewarding for slayer to land a BiteGGXRD Slayer BloodsuckingUniverse.pngGuard:
Ground Throw: 161000
Total 42
whenever possible, though.

  • Can be RCed to start a combo
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0,2 Forced: 65% NA 6,0
  • Stun value: 34

Air Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
0,60 Air Throw: 192500 1

Air throw is in many situations Slayer's best and only anti air option for when the opponent is right above him where 2S and 5P will lose.

Almost always buffer j.H into j.D when going for air throw attempts incase it gets blocked, so you can double jump to escape a punish or cancel into Footloose if you think you can continue pressure that way.

  • Can be RRC'ed for follow up combos.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Forced: 65% NA 6,0
  • Stun value: 30

Dead Angle Attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
25 All 18 6 17 -9 1~23 Full
24~36 Throw

Slow and unsafe on block, but is still a very viable option to get out of pressure.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 50% 10 7

Blitz Attack

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Blitz Attack 50 Mid (15-48)+13 3 Hit: 11
Whiff: 20
-2 1~Button release: Blitz
Blitz Attack Max Charge 50 Mid 50+13 3 20 +5 1~Button release: Blitz

Fully charged blitz is a nice starter for stun combos

Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
Blitz 4 Initial: 55%
[Blitz] 4


  • Hitstop 30F
  • Slighty refills own Burst and slightly drains opponent's Burst on hit
  • Blows opponent away and wall sticks opponent on hit (untechable for 40F/ 80F on CH)
  • Crumples opponent on ground CH (79F)


  • Hitstop 30F
  • Slighty refills own Burst and slightly drains opponent's Burst on hit
  • Slightly blows opponent away on air hit (untechable for 50F/ 100F on CH)
  • Crumples opponent on ground hit

Special Moves

Mappa Hunch


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236P 40 Mid 11 3 17 -1
236K 40 Mid 14 6 15 -2

Counterhit fishing move, approach tool, and combo ender.

K Mappa travels a good distance forward, making it a great tool for closing in on zoners and characters that like to play outside Slayer's effective range. Mappa is Also great for catching back dash attempts and if it hits them out of it, Slayer can follow up with a 5P/c.S jump canceled air combo.

  • On Ground Counter Hit grants enough Hit Stun for Slayer to follow up with a normal like 2K or 5K.
  • When YRCd it moves Slayer closer to the opponent and is at advantage
Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
236P 4 20 6
236K 4 20 6

236P: 236K:

Dandy Step


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214P Total 30 1~3 Strike
214K Total 38 1~6 Strike

Dandy Step is a critical part of Slayer's gameplay and evasive notoriety. It's special cancellable from all of his grounded normals and goes into his most powerful options, leading to huge whiff punishes and counterhit rewards.

Slayer gains very brief strike invulnerability and moves backwards before sliding forwards to his initial position. Performing a follow up is not required - Slayer can simply use this for movement if desired.

P Dandy moves Slayer slightly back, with followup moves possible after frame 15. Outside of combos, it's mostly used for frametraps in conjunction with followups and to bait counterattacks.
K Dandy goes farther back and slides MUCH farther forward (about 75% of the screen). It has double the invuln of P dandy, but followups are only possible after a much lengthier frame 27. K Dandy is much more evasive and outside of combos is used to bait counterattacks and fish for counterhits in neutral.

  • Very powerful movement option if YRCd.
Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-


  • Can cancel into followups after frame 15 (so fastest followups start on frame 16)


  • Can cancel into followups after frame 27 (so fastest followups start on frame 28)


Dandy Step > P

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
P Dandy > P 70 Mid 4 3 36 -20
K Dandy > P 80 Mid 4 3 36 -20

High damage move used for whiff punishing or fishing for counterhits. Sends opponent across the screen on hit.

Very unsafe on block or whiff, so it's generally best to only go for it with enough meter to ensure safety. Outside of its neutral applications, Pilebunker is a critically important combo tool in the majority of Slayer's grounded routes.

Pilebunker will behave differently based on which dandy step you use:

  • From P Dandy Step will wallbounce on counter hit
  • From K Dandy Step will wallstick on normal hit, tumble on CH.
Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
P Dandy > P 4 Initial: 90% 20 6
K Dandy > P 4 Forced: 85% 20 10

P Dandy > P:

  • Can cancel into followups after frame 27 (so fastest followups start on frame 28)

K Dandy > P:

  • Stun value: 60
  • CH Hitstop: 33F
  • On counterhit, makes opponent tumble for 90F after touching the ground

Crosswise Heel

Dandy Step > K

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
27,32 Mid 6 4(9)7 16+5 After Landing -14 1~18 Throw
3~18 Above Feet

Used as a two-hit anti-air follow up from dandy step. The first hit has Slayer low profiling very close to the ground. Automatically goes into the next hit, where Slayer is airborne and launches the opponent.

A very potent anti air against opponents trying to counterpoke or jump over other expected Dandy Step followups. Crosswise is usually so active and the hurtbox is so low to the ground that it can be practically considered full invuln like a DP in most matchups. Slayer gets high reward even on normal hit, usually an air combo, but he can get more damage with grounded routes depending on spacing or CH.

  • Counterhit state recovery, which makes this move very unsafe on whiff or block.
  • K version has additional 2f untechable time.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7
  • Untechable time: 42F from P Dandy Step, 44F from K Dandy Step

Under Pressure

Dandy Step > S

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
36 Mid 5 2 12 ±0

Incredible pressure and mixup tool. On Okizeme, Intentionally whiffing Under Pressure allows slayer to set up his 4-way mixup. Occasionally used in neutral to build meter and to fish for whiff-punishes.

Cancelling into Under Pressure during blockstrings allows Slayer to begin or reset pressure. Following up into the overhead "It's Late" can frametrap with a 3f gap. Slayer can also leverage the threat of the overhead followup to go low with 2K from a blocked Under Pressure, since it's 0 on block.

When Slayer scores a close range knockdown (usually from 2D) is where Under Pressure begins to shine. Whiffing Under Pressure acts as a Frame KillA technique where specific attacks or inputs are used to "kill time" to make timing a specific setup easier. that sets up a 4 way mixup; Slayer can go low with 2K, do a throw-invulnerable meaty overhead with It's Late, crossup with forward dash c.S, or an invincible command grab in BDC BiteGGXRD Slayer BloodsuckingUniverse.pngGuard:
Ground Throw: 161000
Total 42
. Each of these options require different counterplay from the opponent, and each of them loop back into a 2D knockdown to start the mix over again.

  • Instant blocking gives many characters an opportunity to hit Slayer out of the startup of It's Late or the recovery of Under Pressure and turn the tables on him.
  • You can work around your opponent by being unpredictable with your timing and follow ups, and having good spacing.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7
  • Staggers opponent on counterhit. Duration: 18F to 38F. Frame Adv: 9F to 29F
  • Untechable time on air hit: 24F (counterhit 48F)
  • From frame 8 (2nd recovery frame), can cancel to It's Late

It's Late

Under Pressure > S/H

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
52 High 14 6 10 +3 1~19F Throw

Overhead follow up from Under pressure. Often used as a meaty by first whiffing Under pressure on your opponents wakeup and timing It's Late as the first hit.

It's Late allows Slayer to confirm a hit into more whiffed Under Pressure mixups, or go for highly damaging combos on counter hit. Even if its blocked, it's plus enough to allow Slayer to continue his frametrap pressure, or leverage the threat of frametraps to go for Bite. Be aware that's no longer plus when the opponent instant blocks it, which will allow them to take their turn back.

Notably, It's Late is completely throw invulnerable, which is the main way Slayer will score counter hits against opponents expecting to throw a low from an empty Under Pressure.

  • On CH causes a ground bounce leading to monstrous high damage and stun combos.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 Initial: 90% 20 6

Helter Skelter

Dandy Step > H

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
32 All 25 6 13 +12 1~2F Low Body
22~25F Throw

Dandy step follow up that crosses up the opponent, mostly used for mixups on okizeme.

Can be blitzed or blocked on reaction if the opponent expects it, but is very advantaged on block anyway, so it's not much of a risk if you use it in a way where the startup won't be interrupted. Helter Skelter YRC as a meaty option will let Slayer block reversals and also apply safe mixups.

  • The smoke created from Helter Skelter YRC makes the next mixup hard to see.
  • Universally confirms into j.H on normal hit, following into more character specific routes.
  • Forces crouching on normal hit.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 Initial: 80% 14 6
  • 3F onwards airborne
  • Recovers in the air
  • Untechable time on counterhit: 40F



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
60 Unblockable 39 1 22

A very slow unblockable, though it can be canceled into. Largely a gimmick, but can be used to cash in on scared, downbacking, RISC-loaded opponents.

A practical setup is to end K Pilebunker slump into Undertow - it's tight enough to catch mashing, but wont usually catch FD jump outs. RC it for another corner Pilebunker combo and probable stun. Once the opponent is used to the animation, you can use the generous YRC window and punch them in the face with 5H/6H instead, or go for a throw.

It's generally hard to follow up outside of corner without counterhit. Even then, it probably will require RC. Even should you manage to land it, 70% Initial prorate makes RCing this a very poor use of meter on a meter hungry character.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 Initial: 70% NA 6

Bloodsucking Universe


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
0,72 Ground Throw: 161000 7 2 Total 42

a.k.a. "Bite". Slayer's command throw. Puts the opponent in a stagger state, which is mashable, but leaves Slayer in an advantageous position where he can try several different followups: 6H, 2H, IAD, another bite, etc. He also gains a temporary buff to his special moves, making the situation more dangerous for the opponent.

Dash bite (6632147H) greatly increases the threat range for this move and is an important part of Slayer's offense. The input is well worth practicing.

BDC Bite (6321447H) is more difficult to do but is a powerful defensive tool. If done perfectly (hit 7H within 1 frame of the dash) it is strike invulnerable all the way until it grabs, i.e. a true reversal - but a slightly imperfect BDC Bite will get the job done in most situations also. Used most often on Slayer's wakeup or after a blocked K Mappa Punch where both characters recover at roughly the same time and the opponent is likely to try to jab.

  • Slayer is healed for 50% of the damage dealt. The healing ignores guts scaling, so if Slayer is low this can be a significant amount of effective health.
  • Causes Stagger that the opponent can mash out of.
  • Can be RCed for a guaranteed followup.

Temporary Buff

On success, Bite grants a special buff to Slayer that lasts for 180 frames (3 seconds) and is indicated by lightning change on him. The buff causes any special and Overdrive to be a guaranteed counterhit that consumes the buff.

  • Buff persists even through whiffing specials
  • Buff timer stacks with itself instead of resetting on a successful re-bite. Maximum is 600 frames (10 seconds).
  • Buff does not end when Slayer blocks or is hit.
  • Buff ends when slayer's next attack is blocked or hits.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Forced: 80% NA 26,0
  • Maximum stagger length 49F, frame advantage +12 to +32
  • Stun value: 0
  • Slayer is healed for 50% of the damage dealt
  • On hit, Slayer's next special or overdrive is an automatic counterhit. Effect lasts for 180F
  • Hitting with Bloodsucking Universe while the effect is active increases the length of the effect by 180F
  • Effect can be stacked multiple times up to a maximum of 600F
  • Dandy Step does not benefit from the effect, only its followups

Footloose Journey


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40×6 All 5 [2(2)]×6 14 After Landing

Multi-hitting air-special that alters Slayer's air momentum, usually pushing him up and a bit forward, but behaves differently based on jump type.

When used immediately from a forward airdash, it propels slayer nearly fullscreen very quickly. This can be a good movement option when RCed to get in against zoners or mix up Slayer's otherwise very linear grounded approach. When used from a super jump or block/hit K, it greatly increases the distance slayer travels, which can make it a decent evasion move, reaching very high in screen space.

Footloose can also be used as a combo ender to add extra damage for kill confirms instead of going for a knockdown.

  • Can be used as a meterless combo starter near the corner, or as a midscreen knockdown by doing footloose low enough to only land the first hit.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 14 6


Dead on Time

632146S or 632146D

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
140 [175] All 7+0 8 36+21 After Landing -47 7~9 Strike
[1~9 All]
[7-9 Strike]

While it doesn't have innately invincibility, Slayer can infamously BDC Dead on Time to turn it into a true reversal

It has 7+0f startup, which means your opponent will get hit at close range if they weren't already block before the flash. If they're further away, they can block on reaction due to the travel time.

  • Burst version of this super is a true reversal regardless of BDC, and does significant amounts of damage.
  • Counterhit-state recovery and is very unsafe on block.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 Forced: 85% 20 6
  • Stun value: 70
  • Values in [ ] are for Burst version

Eternal Wings


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
88 Mid 5+4 18 36+7 After Landing -42 1~26 Full

Arguably one of the easiest wakeup reversals to perform as Slayer. However, it's much less appealing than BDC Dead on Time thanks to the much lower damage and 4f post-flash startup making it easy for the opponent to react and block.

  • Counterhit-state recovery and is very unsafe on block.
  • Great counterhit-starter and combo extender leading to a lot of meter and stun.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 Forced: 85% 20 6

Straight-Down Dandy


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
100 [120] Mid 8+3 Until Landing 20 After Landing 1~10 Strike

Briefly halts Slayers air movement before shooting straight down towards the ground. Can be used as a last resort divekick to get in or punish a careless anti air attempt. Only strike invul during startup, so will lose to airthrow and often trade with late anti airs.

Straight-Down Dandy Consists of two hitboxes - The body-hit and tail-hit.

Body hit:

  • Used at the end of air combos to add extra damage before leading to a knockdown.
  • Can also be used to extend or start grounded combos.


  • Huge hitbox, but the hit is behind Slayer.
  • On an airborne opponent results in enough untech to continue your air juggle.
  • Damage in brackets [] is for the tail-hit of SDD

It is possible to sometimes connect with both hits, quickly resulting in big amounts of damage and knockdown.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 Forced: 80% [None] 20 3
  • [ ] Values are for the second hit (the orb above Slayer's head)

Instant Kill

All Dead

During IK Mode: 236236H

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
6 30 -19 1~8 Above Knees
9~23 Full
[1~4 Above Knees]
[5~15 Full]

We know that life is
A vile, bloodcurdling nightmare
The silent treatment

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 14 6
  • [ ] Indicates when match point for you, opponent in Hell Fire state, and you have 50% Tension
  • IK Mode Activation: 80F [5F+5F]


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