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Chipp Zanuff
Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
land = Indicate that the player must land at a point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j = Jump
hj/sj = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
WS = Wall Stick/Wall Splat
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input
(move) = Move is optional.
[sequence]xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Attack must deal N amount of hits.
[X] or [Y] = Perform X or Y.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
MC = Mortal Counter
JI = Jump Install
RC = Roman Cancel
RRC = Red Roman Cancel
YRC = Yellow Roman Cancel
PRC = Purple Roman Cancel
IK = Instant Kill
AN = Answer
AX = Axl Low
BA = Baiken
BE = Bedman
CH = Chipp Zanuff
DI = Dizzy
EL = Elphelt
FA = Faust
IN = I-No
JA = Jam
JC = Jack-O
JO = Johnny
KU = Kum Haehyun
KY = Ky Kiske
LE = Leo
MA = May
MI = Millia
PO = Potemkin
RA = Ramlethal
RV = Raven
SI = Sin Kiske
SL = Slayer
SO = Sol Badguy
VE = Venom
ZT = Zato-1

Combo List

  • All damage values are damage dealt to Sol unless the combo cannot work on him, in which case the character with the closest defense modifier is used.
  • Damage values listed for combos with interchangeable combo parts assume the highest damage variation unless otherwise stated.
___ starter
# Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes

Midscreen Basics

dashing 2K > S(c) > 6P > S(c) > 2D: a useful combo / blockstring to know, since it leads into knockdown. The string can be broken intentionally at various places, for example after c.S, since c.S gives +2 on block and you can continue your pressure at this point. The 2D at the end can be cancelled into 236P, 22P, 22K or 22H in case the whole string has been blocked, which will enable you to continue your pressure.
2d Resshou > 5p 5p jump jp jp jk2 jk2 jd:Some corner carry and knockdown. Not very versatile because it requires close range for most chars.
AA 6p > cs > jump jp jp jk2 jd: For when you want a KD from your anti air.
c.s. > f.s. > 5h > alpha blade > alpha plus:Typically the crouching (opponent) hit confirm option, but at close enough range will work on standing. You could also do a perfect TK alpha blade instead, which potentially allows for an extension.
f.s. > 5h > IAD JD:The standing hit confirm option.
dashing 2K > c.S > 2D > 236S > link 5P (jump install) > 2H > 22S > link j.K,S, dj.S, tj.S HS > beta blade: an example combo after a close 2D > 236S that uses jump install - push UP during the 5P, then immediately DOWN for the 2H before chipp jumps, this way you will be able to jump after the 22S teleport. On lightweights or smaller characters, may require that you omit one or both hits of JHS, unless you space your jump cancels perfectly. JI combos vs Potemkin generally require that you add in a j.P before the j.K.
Close to corner dashing 2K > c.S > 6P > 2D > 236S > 623H > link j.D,j.236P > (ender of choice, either wallcling > dashdown, no wallcling, or wallcling > uncling > (j.H) air alpha blade): a good corner combo you should know. This leads into wall cling okizeme, or, if you take uncling alpha ender, gives a similarly potent but more technical left right high low mixup using H teleport. 623H > j.D and j.D > alpha will only combo if the hit counter doesn't go higher than 7 or 8, so try to keep the number of hits before these break points as low as possible.
dashing S(f) > HS > 236S > 236S > Roman Cancel > dash up > S(c) > 6P > S(c) > 6P > 2D: an easy way to corner carry and extend an S(f) hit, which you will get a lot during ground zoning, into knockdown for 50 % tension.
Gamma Blade, dash up, S > HS > j.P,P,K(2),D: example for an easy knockdown combo. Unlike IAD combo, doesn't require different spacing for different chars. The trick is to get your opponent in relation to yourself to a height where both hits of j.K will hit him. If this combo whiffs for whatever reason, adjust the number of j.P hits.
Gamma Blade > s(far or 2s) > HS > IAD > (jp or jk(2) or jk(2) jp, choice dependent on character hitbox and spacing) > jd: If you can use air string jk(2) jp jd, gives significant frame advantage on KD and allows enough time to do Invis Buff (214K) > meaty dash in 2k OR Invis > meaty Gamma Blade.
TK Alpha Blade (from near max range) > link c.s. > JI > 2H > 22S/HS > jk(1) JS jump JS jump JS JH > Beta Blade: If the enemy is allowed to fall low enough, you can even do Alpha Blade > (delay) c.s. 5h -> IAD JD instead to get a kd.
Dust > hold 9, j.D,D,D,S, release 9, dj.S, tj.S,HS(2), beta blade: example dust combo. Mostly useless unless you can finish the round with that damage. Requires modification at longer range.
Dust > 6 > 2h 2h 2h 6h > tiger knee alpha blade: Good corner carry and knockdown.
2H > 22S > j.K(2) > j.D > beta blade(623S):Useful for when you get a raw 2h hit but don't expect it to CH.

Corner Basics

2D > Resshou > Shinkirou > link JD > alpha blade > ender of choice (either wallcling > dashdown, no wallcling > jump > cling, or wallcling > uncling > (j.H, if you have enough hits remaining) > air alpha blade): Your most basic corner combo that gives good corner okizeme. Vs. all middle and heavyweights except Zato and Leo, you can add in a j.k(1) right before the j.d granted you have enough time left in your combo to finish it. Doing so will grant more frame advantage than not doing it if you take alpha > cling > dashdown > 22H cling ender to set up oki and a slight damage increase. For the most damage potential and still retaining strong corner okizeme that utilizes teleports rather than wallcling, you can use the uncling JHS alpha ender.
(A distance from the corner) 2D Resshou Shinkirou > jk1 JUMP JD > alpha > cling > dash down > quickly, as you are dashing down, add TK alpha: An advanced combo, useful for salvaging a corner knockdown when you are a certain distance from the corner. Alternatively, you can just end with wall alpha, which is a very stable combo, but you lose the corner.
Gamma Blade (YRC or close range) -> 6h > 5h > IAD (or just jump if you're close enough) JD > alpha > ender of choice: If the combo is initiated from longer range, you will have to dash in and use cs. 5h instead.
(From the outside of the corner) JHS(2) > c.s. > 2d > Resshou > Shinkirou > j.d > alpha: With this combo, there is no flexibility in enders as this combo is already 8 hits long. As such, you have to take no cling-> jump cling corner oki vs all but most lightweights and the characters with very slow wakeup timings, if you want a meaty oki.
(From the inside of the corner) JHS(2) > c.s. > JI > 2h > 22H > jk JS jump JH > alpha > cling > wall alpha > ender of choice:(Bankai Messai, dash in cs 5h > IAd jp jd, 214K > Oki with significant frame advantage, dash in c.s. JI 2h 22H > jp jk1 jk1 JUMP jp jp jk2 jp jk1 jk1 JUMP jp jk js Ryu Yanagi > OTG Gamma > dash in 2p 5p 5p 5p 5p 5p). Your most damaging airstring prior to the air alpha is jk JS JS JS. It is possible on all characters except super heavyweights but requires very specific spacing of jumps on lightweights. For heavyweights, use jp jk js jh. On the long multihit ender (for guts busting low hp opponents), the exact string you use is somewhat variable and requires a good understanding of your opponent's hitbox and height. jk is jump cancellable; the second hit of the attack drags the opponent a bit lower in the air; jp is not jump cancellable but allows you to combo while maintaining jump momentum.
(From outside of corner) Genrouzan > cling > dash down > c.s. JI 2H 22S OR 22H > air string (jk > JS JS JD giving the most damage, but being the least stable on some characters) alpha > wall alpha: Followup with ender of your choice.
Genrouzan > cling > dash down > delay cs 5h > IAD or JUMP > JD > alpha > ender of choice (same choice enders as 2D starter): Genrouzan combo that retains corner okizeme. If done correctly will give a knockdown with the air alpha blade, no specific ender required.
Dust > 6 > 2h 2h 2h cs > INVIS > (link 2d OR microdash cs 5h TK Alpha Blade): Both setup corner okizeme. With the tk alpha ender, you can land on either side of the opponent depending on spacing and timing, and potentially leave a corner pocket, which may be desireable. With the 2D ender, you can immediately cancel into Genrouzan > wallcling for unique but somewhat gimmicky okizeme setups against everyone but the largest few characters (whose bodies prevent you from reaching the wall).
CH JD OR CH Alpha Plus OR Gamma Blade OR CH 2H OR air CH 6P> 6H > jump cancel > cancel jump startup into blitz attack > (repeat 6H > Blitz attack for as may repetitions as desired) > 6h > TK alpha: The input is interpreted as 6h > 8~5[SHS] > release fastest blitz attack.
2D Resshou > 5p OR cs > 2h > 22S > JD > alpha > wall alpha > 5h > IAD jp jd: Very occasionally useful for weird adlib confirms, but not a combo you would desire.

Combo Theory

  • Chipp has many fantastic normals that can jump cancel, self cancel and easily cancel into others for easy and safe hit confirms.
  • Every Chipp combo besides basic grounded dash ins and basic corner combos requires one or more of the following: JI, wallcling, TK Alpha Blade, IAD to end with JD or JHS > air alpha blade, or basic jump cancels (such as 2d Resshou > 5p 5p jp jp jk2 jk2 jd or AA 6p cs jp jp jk2 jd). Master these techniques.
  • Chipp combos should generally be kept as short and bare bones as possible while still rewarding ideal frame advantage on knockdown, since many of his attacks deal low damage and he will simply feed the enemy tension and burst meter. When extending combos, try to limit the use of punches and kicks to as little as is required to complete the combo route (with the exception of guts busting combos, which require that you MAXIMIZE total number of hits). Prefer slash and heavy slash buttons, 6P, JD, and specials for extra damage.
  • Common links: Gamma/Air Alpha Blade into c.s., 5h into IAD jp or jk or jd OR TK Alpha Blade, Shinkirou into JD, air 6h hit into 5p/5h, 2h > 22S/ 22H into jk/ jp, 2D > Resshou air hit into 5p or c.s..
  • Potential Counterhit Links: CH 6P>6H, CH j.d.>6H, CH 2H (grounded opponent) > 6H, CH Alpha Plus > 6H, CH 5H > 5D, Air CH 6H > 6H, CH 2nd hit of Beta Blade (with dashing momentum) > c.s., CH Resshou > 5k, CH c.s. > c.s.
  • Gamma Blade, Air Alpha Blade, CH JD, CH 2H, air CH 6H, and CH alpha plus all have strong launching properties that enable high reward pickups, and it is possible to convert to a knockdown from any of these by using 5h > IAD combos. Under the right conditions, each of these can be combo'd directly into 6H or c.s. which are your best starters in most cases.
  • JI airstring combos can be initiated from any jump cancellable normal where 2H will be in range to follow up.
  • Sometimes 2D/ Resshou will be out of range for a combo, in these instances you can try to punish their tech with dash in 6H or even dash in airthrow.
  • Corner combos (technically, any combo using alpha blade) have a duration limit that usually pans out to 7 or 8 hits max before you lose the opportunity to combo into air alpha blade,due to it's slow startup.
  • To make the wallcling easier, you can cancel wallcling cancellable special moves into wallcling by holding down the attack button.
  • OTG Gamma Blade always does the attack's full damage, and gives you just the right time to try for a gimmicky 22H > air throw the tech.
  • It might be a good idea to get in the habit of recovery cancelling 6H and raw 2H hit or block with 22P. Doing this with 2H will remove your ability to combo on a non counter hit, but on counter hit you still have plenty of time to combo (in fact, 3f more), and it is very useful when your 2H is blocked. There is no real downside to recovery cancelling 6H, except in combos that require a 6H jump cancel like the corner 6H > blitz attack loop.
  • Bankai Messai can be comboed into from high wall alpha, 2D, 5H or close range normals.
  • Zansei Rouga can be comboed into from any 6H air hit, as 6H air hit causes ground bounce.
  • Although it isn't necessary for combos, you can airdash install your air teleports with the input 228S/ 228H. This is used for some wallcling okizeme setups.(See oki section > post Air Alpha Corner)
  • Wallcling cancellable special moves can automatically be cancelled into wallcling by holding down the attack button

Video Examples

Chipp Basics
6H alpha ender (corner) vs lightweights
Guts buster dust combo
Burst safe airstrings
TK Alpha Bridge combo vs super heavies


Chipp Zanuff