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* Excellent poke, especially from a dash.
* A very fast poke with decent range, made even better by the fact that cancelling into it out of a dash retains quite a lot of the dash momentum, extending its range to a little less than 1/4th screen.
* Main juggle tool, usually links into itself.
* Main juggle tool, usually links into itself.
* Good frame advantage and low pushback makes this a go-to tick throw button.
* Good frame advantage and low pushback makes this a go-to tick throw button.

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Lore:She’s an officer in the special operations unit that protects the President of the United States.

She’s careful with her words, but still manages to come off as rude and irreverent due to her attitude. Deep down, though, she means well. She’s especially friendly with children and animals.

During battle, she allows her wolf spirit companion “Rei” to possess her and amazes her opponent with inhuman speed.
GGST Giovanna Icon.png Giovanna , classified as a Rush type, uses rush-down that can break down any defense. A super-powered special forces officer for the President.
Pros Cons
  • Insane Dash: Giovanna's step dash travels very far very quickly and can be cancelled into any normal, special, or backdash. This allows her to wait right outside most characters' effective range and slip in quickly.
  • Queen of Mids: all of Giovanna's buttons are quite safe and very well suited to pressure. Her buttons are only accentuated by her incredible dash, as it gives them significantly more range.
  • Meter Boost: Giovanna gains a unique buff once she reaches 50% tension, and it strengthens once she reaches 100% tension. Her meter gain is also higher than normal due to her being a step dash character.
  • Strong Offense: c.S, Sol Poente, and Trovão are all plus on block and her strong normals also make for great frametraps. Conditioning opponents to block is trivial and her plus frame options go hand in hand with her great dash and strong throw.
  • Trouble at Range: Giovanna's only dedicated anti-fireball tool is Trovão, which has slow startup (even if it is plus on block.) An incorrect read on a fireball can mean eating a punish thanks to its extended hurtbox.
Meter Boost
File:GGST Giovanna HalfPower
Giovanna with half Tension
File:GGST Giovanna FullPower
Giovanna with full Tension

Giovanna gains a damage buff when she reaches half Tension (~5%), and a larger buff when she reaches full Tension (~10%). This is represented graphically with Rei glowing at half power and Giovanna turning green at full power. Using a super will keep her current damage buff until the super is over, meaning a Giovanna at full meter performing Ventania will deal ~5% more damage than a Giovanna with half meter.

Giovanna also gets defense boost when under these conditions. When she is under half meter, her defense rating is an average 1.03. However, once she gets 50% meter, her defense multiplier becomes 0.97. With full meter, her defense rating approaches Potemkin's at 0.93.

Normal Moves



















Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

Air Throw

Special Moves





Sol Nascente


Sol Poente

214S (Air OK)






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