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Sol Badguy
  • When Sol uses Heavy Mob Cemetary, your only recourse is to jump, but there is also a possibility that Sol will PRC and try to air-grab or air-to-air you. You can be ready for this situation by hitting Sol while he is in his INFINITE armour Dragon Install state with j.H as you are over him. If they don't PRC, the j.H leaves you at a decent enough distance for Sol to not have a great follow-up. If they do, the moment you see the PRC, cancel that technically on-hit j.H into Axl Bomber and blow them away. Works like a charm. [Example of this in action at the very end of the round: Video]
  • After blocking Bandit Revolver (236K), Sol can be reliably punished with either 5K > 2D (for hard knockdown) or 5K > 2D > 214H (sent fullscreen + slightly more damage). If Sol ends a blockstring with Bandit Revolver, he is often close enough to be thrown.
  • After blocking Night Raid Vortex (214S), Sol is -17 & punishable by any of Axl's grounded normals except 5D/6H. A reliable example punish is 5K > 2D > 214H, but Sol is also left close enough for c.S > TKB > ... which leads to a variety of routes for better damage & corner carry.
  • If a grounded Bandit Bringer (214K) is blocked & very close (such as during corner pressure), Sol typically lands close enough to be thrown. However, this is not true of a charged Aerial Bandit Bringer (j.214K) or if the grounded version hits meaty.
  • Both versions of Volcanic Viper when blocked can be punished with a full counterhit c.S > TKB > ... for potentially huge damage & corner carry.
  • Night Raid Vortex can be counterhit by 2H which grants a followup sickle flash ([4]6S). Though this is risky to attempt on reaction unless Sol starts vortex from fullscreen, as Sol is granted a large (200+ damage) combo from anywhere if vortex counterhits.
  • The startup of Bandit Bringer can be counterhit by either 6K/2S for a reliable followup of 5P > [4]6S > (Soaring Chain Strike / Winter Cherry). Though this may be difficult to perform strictly on reaction.