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As a Potemkin player, you're probably not overly concerned with tierlists, matchup numbers or general odds. These matchups will be based more around how difficult it is for you to get in and begin your game instead of how favorable the matchup is or isn't for you. At the end of the day, no matter what the character is, your goal is to grab them.



Danzai is throw invul waah
  • Normal A.B.A is food on the table for you. Her lack of defensive options, slow movement and generally outranged pokes will allow you to get in and run a train on her very quickly. The only thing you have to look out for is 236D.
  • The same can't be said for Moroha, as A.B.A's newfound speed and pressure can become a hassle, not helped by her crazy damage.
  • If she ever uses a bloodpack or Goku Moroha in neutral, Slide Head her to take off a third of her gauge for free, and make things really bad for her in the rest of your pressure.
  • Danzai's throw invuln is not as powerful as you think. You don't even need to IB the first hit, just block it and buster. The same applies to FB Danzai.
  • An overly aggressive, button-happy ABA is easily punished with IB Buster.
  • Learn your IK confirms. This includes meterless set ups such as what is found in And a metered set up utilizing Heat RC (found here

This matchup can go both ways. Some rounds will definitely go with you getting in on ABA, reading her FB Slide attempts and killing her before she can even really land a hit on you. Other rounds she's going to get Moroha and run a train on you.


Anji Mito
Anji's defensive options lose to Buster, but he can vortex you pretty hard.
  • You have to flick Shitsu twice.
  • Fuujin is not throw invuln.
  • Learn to IB buster Rin, and interrupt FB rin with a low.
  • avoid neutral slidehead, as Anji can Fuujin on reaction and punish.
  • learn slashbacking 6K's K follow up, as it nets you a juicy CH 2H
  • For the love of god do not get hit, otherwise a competent anji will fuujin loop and get enough meter to start looping his unblockable set up

Simple enough matchup without much variance for Pot. Just play him like usual, but note it can be a pain dealing with his offense. Anji trying to gorilla you won't pan out in his favor all too well.


Axl Low
Effectively a Zoner VS Grappler matchup.
  • Obnoxious multi-hitting normals and disjointed special moves that will blow through your everything.
  • Even though Axl has a really strong anti-air game, this doesn't mean jumping should never be done. Axl's ground pokes are extremely powerful, so jumping over them is a valid and sometimes necessary tactic. If you do try to jump, try to only do it in j.S range and have FD primed just in case, or superjump over Rensen.
  • Megafist will leap over his crouching pokes and Rensen for a solid knockdown on hit.
  • Both of these said, abusing jumping and megafist can still be harshly punished. Don't rely on them, the air still belongs to Axl.
  • Because of this, your best approach option is just to walk at him and crouch IB. Be very patient, he's going to run his bully pressure on you and be annoying for a while.
  • He's fortunately not great defending VS Potemkin and will die swiftly if caught.

Infamous matchup due to its difficulty. Axl's anti-air pokes will hit you because you're so huge, you're slow and struggle to get in, gimmicks like Heavenly Potemkin Buster to approach are practically guaranteed to get punished for a lot of damage. Axl isn't going to risk getting close to you, he's going to be playing keepaway, and his terrible defensive options are why. Get in on him and he's toast. Just good luck with that, is all.


Baiken wants to block, you have Potemkin Buster.
Do not listen to Baiken propagandists, this match up is slightly advantageous.
  • Both of you deal high damage to each other and have powerful, obnoxious defensive tools, but she has less overall health and a terrible stun modifier.
  • Be wary that Baiken's mixup is still very good, and Baku is even more threatening for you than most other characters due to your lacking mobility. Don't get hit by it.
  • Baiken's 6K is going to be used a lot to try and stop you from bustering her, as it has throw invulnerability.

Baiken is still a very powerful character, but Potemkin is equipped with plenty of tools to fend her off. If she tries to gluesniff through your offense, Buster will immediately make her reconsider. A proper Baiken will still be hard to deal with, you still can't autopilot her much like she can't autopilot you.


He's going to run away and timescam you.
Axl-tier normals, except with a better DP and asinine mobility.
  • PLEASE get the knockdown.
  • You can flick Roger Hug, Jagged Roger, Roger Get and Recall Yo-Yo. You cannot flick Roger Rush.
  • Starship is not throw invuln through the entire startup. If you see him spinning, just buster him.
  • Your one saving grace is Bridget's very low HP and stun resistance. Never give up.

This is your hardest matchup by far. Bridget is insanely mobile and won't give a rats ass about getting Negative Penalty when avoiding you. Your large size makes you even more susceptible to Bridget's long combos, which aren't going to be very damaging, but will add up immensely over time.


Chipp Zanuff
(Hard for both of you)
Either death by a thousand, or a one-hit KO
For all the characters prior that had "low HP and stun resistance" mentioned, Chipp is this especially.
  • He's going to run a train on you, but he doesn't have a choice. You will build meter very fast walking towards him if he chooses to play passive.
  • You cannot crouch his 4F, plus on block 5P. He's going to abuse it a lot.
  • Strong reactions are very important thanks to his speed and numerous FRC points. Being able to punish his DP, teleports in neutral, leaf grab and Alpha Blade helps tremendously.
  • Counterhit him once and you probably win.

Chipp hates this matchup just as much as you do. If Chipp ever makes a mistake, he will explode and die spectacularly. That said, you're going to be forced into lots and lots of mixups and mistakes. Hold your bearings and look for any opening in the ninja barrage, this is where a good defense is at its most valuable.


Dizzy is comparable to Chipp in that she's going to be running a train on you, but will likely die in a hit. WIP.
  • Dizzy's dash beats slidehead starting frame 1. Her mobility makes her very hard to catch, expect to lose neutral and block the mix.
  • Look to flick the fish's ray/ice spears if the Dizzy is not supporting them. Regular bubble is also flickable if it auto pops. Imperial Ray is also flickable.
  • If the Dizzy gets too comfy with doing J.2S - J.HS, you can IB airthrow after the J.2S.
  • Do remember that you can buster her coffin reversal before the active hitbox starts, as it begins 4 frames after flash.
  • You can unblockable Dizzy on her wakeup if you have meter to spend. Coffin super won't save her. You're going to want to do stuff like this a lot, and maximize damage as well as you can. Grind combos.
  • Expect to lose neutral. But eventually, you're getting in. Make the most of it.


Testament was bad, this is worse.
  • This is one of those match ups where Eddie can properly utilize his shadow in neutral, making things very hard for you to get in.
  • Drill CAN be flicked, but only if done preemptively. Look for when the Eddie player likes to drill and start flicking from there
  • Normally, you have to hold shadow pressure unless the Eddie leaves holes/goes for greedy resets.
  • Look into slashbacking Mawaru, as it helps you open up holes in Eddie pressure.
  • IB shadow, FD Eddie. This is the golden rule to holding pressure vs Eddie.
  • You do not want this man living after one knockdown, he has weak defense and below average hp, grind combos. Good luck.


how it feels to play vs justice
Really obnoxious matchup, but given that she plays to similar rules as you, it's not insurmountable.
  • She has just as much range as you do on your buttons, if not more, except a lot of her normals and specials are multi-hitters that will stop you from using Hammerfall.
  • Flick every single nuke she fires at you that isn't K Nuke. You can guessflick the K Nuke explosion if you're cocky.
  • Look to trade with K nuke with F.s. If you can't, air IB is also a decent option.
  • Your 6P is just good enough to stop a lot of Justice's large, disjointed jump-ins.
  • Unfortunately, her 6P is a 10f overhead on you.
  • Her defensive options are pretty bad VS Potemkin, such as her DP not actually being throw invuln.
  • Justice is just as immobile as you are, complete with being forced to use a command dash to close distance quickly. You can get away with Slide Head if she isn't in range for a jump in/doesn't have meter to Michael Blade.
  • Every hit you take will likely result in you being sent flying across to the other side of the screen.

She even has your same throw range and most Justice players tend to use that as a reversal more than their DP, so remember to buster her if you see her going for it.


Ky Kiske
Ky Kiske could be described as basic, white bread, vanilla (despite his choice in marriage), and plain. That about summarizes this matchup too.
  • Flick his projectiles, Charged Stun Edge can be flicked as well.
  • While his pokes are really good, yours still outrange him.
  • Greed Sever will hit you faster, but you have one of the best and most damaging ways to punish it.
  • Vapor Thrust only hits once and won't beat Hammerfall as a result. It's no good against your safejumps either. Yippee!

Just do your typical Potemkin stuff here. Knock him down, force mixups and grab him. France has nothing over Zeppian might.


Boxer character with few throw invuln moves. Slayer is going to come to you and get himself bustered.
  • Potemkin Buster can interrupt a ton of his strings, and even catch Dandy Step. It's a massive hurdle for him.
  • Instant Block -> Buster makes Slayer's life even harder as his safer mixups are now very punishable.
  • Slayer lacks multi-hitting moves and gatlings, making it very hard for him to contest Hammerfall. ALWAYS FRC IT, if it's blocked Slayer will punish into BIG damage.
  • Your pressure game just kinda stops him from doing a lot, but he conversely is still as slippery as ever.

Slayer risks a lot trying to get in on you, but Slayer can still mop the floor with you should you be playing crappy. Don't be fooled into unga.


Sol Badguy
Both of you are trying to grab each other, but you have better range and a better grab.
  • Potemkin Buster is throw invuln. Wild Throw attempts can be beaten just by bustering him.
  • IB is amazingly useful against any of Sol's gimmick pressure options, like the Bandit attacks. IBing a Bandit Bringer is a guaranteed buster punish.
  • Don't be mislead into playing crazy because of this, Sol deals a ton of damage to you as well.
  • The truly hard part is Sol's defensive game. Grand Viper and Volcanic Viper will blow through Hammerfall, and can make Sol very slippery.

It's Sol Badguy. This is a relatively simple matchup, bait and buster his DP and IB his pressure. Flicking Gunflame can be tricky, but you're always going to want to do it when possible. Don't get cocky with busters, as he can punish you harshly on the wrong move. Overall though, there's not many tricks to this matchup on either end.


(Very Easy)
Laughably easy matchup, basically free. Imagine losing this.
Seriously, this is the dumbest mirror match in the world. There's no real advice that could be given here.
  • Buster beats everything Potemkin can do, including Buster.
  • Hammerfall Pressure is a joke, just buster him. Even in his plus frames he's not fast enough to get you.
  • Buster can prove to be a problem, but it's not that big of a deal if you just buster him.

Potemkin's toolkit counters Potemkin stupidly well especially when combined with the things every Potemkin player should already be doing like Instant Block. Expect lots of poking before going into a ridiculous scramble situation where the two of you are throwing out buster like madmen. Avoid Hammerfall outside of combos or oki, the first person to Hammerfall puts themselves in a very dangerous position due to how fast Buster comes out.


Obviously, Mr. Top 1 is agonizing (unless he's using macros)
GGACR Testament 236D PotMatchup.png
  • 236D is a massive pain, and will curse you even if you flick it. Flicking it is still advised. Look to flick the crow's attacks if Testament lets you do it for free. See image.
  • Has extremely long combos against you building tons of meter, including a practical and easy infinite.
  • MOP is near checkmate level hard if you let him get one combo off.
  • Look to jump or hard read and flick neutral Beasts. And be able to backdash Beast oki, the Testament then has to delay Beasts to catch it, which you can then jump/flick.
  • Testament's reversal is +9 on block. If you are expecting him to do it, you can buster as the active only comes 5 frames after start up. If you are not in range, flick.
  • It is possible to Buster/BD certain gaps in Testament pressure if you IB, especially if you are expecting a 6P. However, beware that his pressure becomes gapless with Beast FRC.
  • Just read Testament's page, you'll get the gist pretty fast

Flick, J.P, and air IB can disarm his nests, fortunately, but there's not much real counterplay. That means you don't need to lab anything crazy yourself, but it also means you don't have any secret special techniques to stop him with.


This matchup is annoying for both of you.
  • Judge gauntlet not recommended because Venom has a myriad of ways to avoid interacting with it while still damaging you or maintaining advantage. (Also not using Judge gauntlet at all is a good play in general)

Venom wants to jump and wants to get balls out, because his life depends on it. Many will be afraid of going in for their usual vortex because the reward for a 90 damage combo isn't worth the risk of getting IB bustered. If you can put him on the defensive he has a lot less to do, so if you watch out for the dead angle it's free from there.


Naked/In General
  • Zappa has an incredible backdash that he'll likely use a lot to try and avoid you.
  • Low profile dash can circumvent your longer ranged normals. Between this and backdash, he will be hard to catch.
  • Naked Zappa has a free reversal in 236P. It is, however, slower than the average DP and leaves Zappa in a predictable, grounded situation. If he doesn't have meter, this is a free punish.

It's not quite Bridget at match start, but it can get worse if the Zappa knows what he's doing. Run your train on him as fast as you can and never let him get out. Otherwise this is just the same as your average Potemkin matchup except very very hard; slowly walk forward, be patient, get a knockdown and run your vortex.

  • You can flick them. They're not all that good against you, but can rack up.

Very annoying as a whole, but not entirely unmanageable.

  • You're going to get sandwiched between Dog and eat a lot of pressure.
  • Most of Dog's grounded pressure options are air unblockable, but the followups are not.
  • Will tank a hit for Zappa. Pressuring him with normals is inadvisable.
  • An absolute war crime. Your only reprieve is insulting the Zappa player.

Dog is Zappa's most powerful summon. Should Dog appear, you have a timeframe to knockdown Zappa, grab him, or pray that you are somehow able to stop him from sandwiching Dog between you and him. If this happens, you will be put in a mixup city that whittles down your high health pool way faster than you'd want. As Zappa will be staying close to you, there's the off-chance you can Slashback or Buster him, but these are extreme risks that will be punished heavily.

  • You're damn near helpless against Sword due to your 5f jump startup and slow movement. Hope he doesn't get it.
  • IB and jump a lot here too, FD his specials. Taking a hit and airteching forward is seriously one of your best options here for closing distance.
  • Slide Head's upper body invuln can save you, and getting the knockdown means Zappa loses his ghost.

If he gets Sword, cry. While Dog may be better than Sword, Potemkin has a much harder time dealing with a threat from fullscreen that Sword provides than other characters do. If you beat a Sword Zappa, he is legally obligated to uninstall the game.

  • Laugh.
  • He will likely attempt to unsummon Raoh as fast as he can. DO NOT GET GREEDY, as if he sees you rapidly approaching he may just use Raoh DP and ruin your weekend.
  • Raoh has long normals and good tools, so he can still put up a decent fight.

Your big break! Ironically, this is Zappa's worst summon. It's certainly not incredibly easy as Raoh's huge range combined with Zappa's amazing mobility can still give you great difficulty, but it's no where near as bad as Dog or Sword beyond the DP.

Matchups in Detail

Grab them.