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Millia Rage

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General Tactics

Your goal is to fish for a hit and convert that into a knockdown and plant H Tandem Top/Pretty Maze to run your okizeme. The movement options you have with 2 air dashes lets you maneuver around the air freely along with 2 jumps and an air dash. Your dash also gives a low-profile letting you avoid some character's moves such as Johnny's Mid Mist Finer. Silent force is your best friend when approaching in the air. With Silent Force in hand, the opponent has to keep in mind that you have it, and they cannot anti-air you for free. Once you are able to score a hit into knockdown, throw out H Tandem Top/Pretty Maze and do a high/low of choice. If they guess wrong, you can set up another situation.

Air movement options you have:

-1 Jump Two Airdashes

-2 Jumps One Airdash.


You have Silent Force to approach in the air as mentioned above. This is your key to approaching and getting in. You also want to use your movement options and j.236k to bait your opponent out. When approaching from ground, you have your low-profile dash. 2k, f.S, 2d are your main ground normals to use. Space with the tip of 2d to get your knockdown. Secret Garden can also assist you in covering your rushdown but keep in mind where you are to because you will get punished if you are too close to the opponent. Characters such as Slayer can get a free punish with Dead on Time and Big Bang Upper which can kill you so be careful.


2k 5k- Standard string, with 5k special jump cancelable, you can IAD over your opponent, tk badmoon, or gatling into 6k. You can also cancel into lust shaker for a frame trap.

2k 5k 2k- Basic blockstring, can do tick throw, roll, or continue pressure

2k 5k 2s 5p- Reverse gatling string. Dash up pressure or throw if the opponent respects this. If not, do 2d to catch them sweeping. 6h in the corner to catch jumpouts.


Millia has no reliable reversal out, so you need to rely on Instant Blocking and your Dead Angle. Your throw can help from time to time for it's range. You can also throw out Pretty Maze too if the opponent is charging recklessly. These are not the best options to depend on, so use them sparingly.


Midscreen/Corner H-Tandem Top/Pretty Maze



TK Bad moon

Iron Savior FRC j.K: After doing the Iron Savior FRC, immediately do j.k giving you an instant overhead!




Iron Savior (214P)

TK Turbofall land 2k: Fake overhead into a low also can crossup the opponent.

Corner only H-Tandem/Pretty Maze


IAD j.S airdash j.K j.S: High IAD Fuzzy guard mixup. You can substitute the j.K with j.S.

IAD falling airdash j.S: After the first IAD do an airdash close to the ground and press j.S


IAD j.S airdash land 2k/throw: Low variant of the airdash mixup. Throw can also be used.

IAD land 2k

Tips and Tricks

Fighting Millia


Millia Rage