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Potemkin can't duck the K nuke and is the primary nuke in this MU as he cannot flick the projectile and has to guess flick the nuke explosion. He can slide head punish nuke sets, however all of Justices ground specials and walks have frames that are off the ground enough to avoid slide head. Justice footsies buttons are generally just good against Pot. Multihit f.S beats hammerfall. Bully with f.S and 6H. Potemkin has better tools than most to punish backdash on wakeup so don't always go for that option. 6P is a 10f overhead on Pot. If Pot tries to do Heavenly Potbuster into j.D to get in, you can Valkyrie Arc on reaction. All nonP nukes can snipe Heavenly Potbuster on manual det.

Specific move counters and stuff

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Justice Matchups

ABA Anji Axl Baiken Bridget Chipp Dizzy Eddie Faust I-no Jam Johnny Justice Kliff Ky May Millia Order-Sol Potemkin Robo-Ky Slayer Sol Testament Venom Zappa