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Jam Kuradoberi

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General Tactics


Parrying (or Hochifu) is integral to playing Jam, as it’s one of her strongest defenses. Listed in the move list as 546, parrying is done by being at neutral before pressing back, then moving to forward, within 8 frames of an attack hitting you. Parrying can only be done versus attacks that can be blocked high, and on a successful parry, you will recover much faster than if you had normally blocked the attack. In addition, on a failed parry attempt, you cannot attempt again for 15F. This does not apply to a successful parry attempt, allowing you to parry multi-hit moves.

Parrying is best done when your opponent does an obvious jump-in, or while waking up. Note many opponents are aware of Jam’s parry and will play much more carefully versus her than against other characters due to it.

During a successful parry, you can input attacks during the hitstop. The last attack input will come out at the end of the hitstop. Doing this, you can get easy punishes on opponent’s attacks. 2S is very strong, as its CH stagger state is amazing. 5P can be done if you need speed to beat out the opponent’s next attack. 5S is a strong anti-air after a parry, and can lead to an easy air combo. A grab can also be done if your opponent is very close, though it is not optimal.



Mix Up and Pressure



Anti air

Burst Cancelling

An advanced techinque using the parry. Immediately after a successful parry, burst and cancel with Faultless Defense. Your invincibility from the burst carries through even after the burst itself is cancelled, making it very safe. A burst is obviously needed to do this, and you should be 100% certain you can do it, otherwise you will lose a burst and likely be punished.



3h RC mixups

Tips and Tricks

Fighting Jam


Jam Kuradoberi