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Things to note when discussing matchups:
-General ratio
-Optimal/inoptimal spacings
-Strong/Weak buttons
-Things to watch out for
-Character specific confirms
-etc etc
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A.B.A 5/5 Drills are extremely powerful against A.B.A. A long range knockdown is bad for all characters, but for A.B.A, it's certain death. Nobiru and Drills are really powerful against her neutral, and long drill can punish a normally safe blood bag usage. Drills drills drills. Do not let her get near close to you, as your low health and poor defensive options, can make A.B.A comeback even from the most unlikely situations. This can be a winning MU, but only if you make sure to stop any of her approaches and be ready to capitalize on each opportunity, but factoring in human error, this MU is a 5/5.
Anji Mito 5/5 Autoguard is a great nuisance to your neutral and pressure, and Eddie doesn't have a reliable way to get out of Anji's oki. Having said that, drill is a very good move here. A very active, low move makes Fuujin and his mid guardpoint moves exploitable. You have a strong OS against Fuujin>K or H with 6236S. A Damned Fang will come out if he does H, and a Drunkard Shade will come out if he does K then throw. This isn't a Match-up where neither Anji nor Eddie can bulldoze, as they each have a lot of ways to stop the opponent's approach.
Axl Low 4.5/5.5 Axl can kill shadow very easily and cover flight angles really well, but has struggle moving around, so far drill is very useful here. Do 214[K] when you see the start-up of [4]6H. If he throws it, you won't be hit, and if he faints it, you are in a much better than other characters, since they need to jump, a thing Axl loves his opponent doing. He can't do much once you are in since his abare is poor and his overdrive is very slow. You have to be very patient in this MU, just like Axl has to be against you, as any slip up can let the other run their game and gain momentum from there.
Baiken 3.5/6.5 This matchup is hard, due to Baiken's many counters and Guard cancels and her oppressive neutral that makes summoning almost impossible, so you have to change how you play against her compared to the rest of the cast. Try to unleash a lot of lows in your offense with command grabs thrown in as well. Her tatami is very good against Eddie's approach, and FB Tatami makes maneuvering little Eddie very difficult. You need to play very safe both on offense and defense against her. In layman's words, you kinda need to play lame. If you are lucky, maybe the Baiken player gets frustrated and wants to get in by IAD or with her armored run. A 22S Plus Nobiru should cover both approaches. This MU will be tough, and you need to rely in how well you are in deducing your opponent's patterns if you want to win.
Bridget 5.5/4.5 Starship is a very annoying reversal to deal with, and his 6S is very powerful against Flight. The trick in this MU is smart shadow neutral usage. Nobiru and Drill are both really useful ways to stop Bridget from getting away with placing Yo-Yo and/or using 214K. Moving around in neutral becomes tricky for both of you, but you generally get better reward for neutral wins. This could very well be a 5/5 as well, but at this moment, I believe Eddie's shadow tools give him a little bit of an advantage against Bridget's runaway game.
Chipp Zanuff 4/6 Fast mobility, teleports, and a triple jump makes pinning down Chipp on neutral a monumental task. The best you can do is make preemptive guesses to try and take your turn. Chipp can't move around without actually getting close to you, so a drill will prevent his ground movement, and a Nobiru can even tag him out of a teleport aimed above you. There is a range where your pokes will reach but his won't, so that's where you want to be. Needless to say, he is very frail, so every opportunity to pressure is very rewarding once you do pin him down. Both characters pay a high price if they screw up, so I personally recommend playing a safe game with neutral with Shadow and drill as a way to stop him.
Dizzy 4/6 This Match-up is one that will put your flight skills to the test. There is very little counterplay to a lot of get away tactics from Dizzy, like bubble airdash back j.S, and H Laser makes summoning Eddie very difficult. You lose heavily to her zoning, but you have midscreen pokes and pressure to end the game in a solid sequence. Multi hit moves like f.S, 6P, and 22D are helpful to combat fish and FD Needle. Get a knockdown as early as you can and don't let her breathe.
Eddie 5/5 This is a test of who has the better shadow control in this matchup. If one Eddie manages to kill the other shadow while keeping his alive he has a high chance to win the round from there. It is therefore important to keep very aware of drill ranges and to stay out of them as they are a very strong threat against himself, if both players are smart the match will be played outside of these ranges with clever use of -P- to prevent shenanigans from other side. If your shadow is killed the wisest option would be to run away and wait out their eddie timer. flying as high as possible keeps you just out of nobiru range, although be careful as you cannot block while flying. Eddie loses very hard to his own pressure, with the lack of fast abare option, a mediocre backdash, and slow reversal. This is a MU that will be set in few interactions. At least you know the weaknesses in the pressure though eh?
Faust 4.5/5.5 Faust item throw and his many long, safe pokes makes using shadow against him on neutral a tall order. He also good ways to cover the air, and and up back bomb bag throw is very hard to counterplay. A lot of Faust players think that doing Pogo on neutral takes Eddie's ability to tag him from long range, but that's only true if Eddie has less than 50%. If you react to pogo, do tk.236236S and Faust won't be able to do anything to stop it. With this said, Faust has a weak defense game up close. While it feels like Faust will be winning 80% of the match, remember that just one opening on him can be more than enough.
I-No 4/6 Your win condition in this matchup is to win neutral before she is able to get meter, as her reversal supers require extremely hard baits to not leave you in a bad position with a dead shadow. It has all the properties one would need to have a good reversal against Eddie (multi hit, extends low enough that it kills shadow, cannot be reflected, and is + on block). For this reason you need to be quite aggressive as she is happy to sit far away and throw out hitboxes until she kills shadow/makes you block to unsummon and then get in all while building meter. Eddie cannot dash under HCL and so dealing with those and notes requires careful usage of 214S, 22S/H, 214K, flight, and good shadow control during all this. Although she can make it significantly more difficult to do with FRC options, as she can dash during HCL or after the FRC depending on which kind of HCL she performs which forces a commitment from you to counteract without time to react. You can reflect HCL but it will not be able to hit her unless the remaining length of the HCL would have extended far enough back. be aware that while you can reflect notes back at her, she can still steer them and can put them low enough that she can easily hover over or HCL over safely. However you will gain a little time in which she cannot shoot another note. Drills also will negate a hit of note but you need to be careful because it will activate any further hits and that creates a wall that you cannot move shadow past. She's also able to steer notes above the drill hitbox so be wary of that option too. On top of that she also has one of the better backdashes in the game making it somewhat harder to punish escape attempts than usual.
Jam Kuradoberi 4.5/5.5 Being in drill range against Jam is key so you can snipe her out of a card summon, but try to have little eddie summoned out to cover you if you can because one stray IAD from Jam can be enough to pack some serious hurt unto Eddie. If she has Powered Ryuujin then be careful with your drills as you can get dragon kicked from almost fullscreen into big damage. If you have little Eddie out then you can cover yourself with Nobiru while moving forward with a 6p which can invul through the Ryuujin. You need to be more aggresive in pressure and do call-outs to her parry if the Jam player is good at them.
Justice 5/5 Try to maintain far drill distance so you can snipe Justice the moment she tries to launch a missile at you for a Knockdown into a mixup. 2h and Nobiru are gonna be your friends here to anti air Justice from trying to jump at you with her strong air to ground normals. This is weirdly enough more of a Footsies MU, since both characters really dont like being either fullscreen or right next to each other, so knowing your and her poke ranges is key.
Johnny 5/5 You lose on the midrange, and he loses on the long range, while you both lose to each other's pressure. Smart use of drills and Nobiru to keep him out of his ideal range are a key component on how to win this MU. Don't be afraid to play patient and play a more turtly game against him on neutral, him not being able to dash FD can open him up to more drills on neutral than other characters. If either character loses their patience, it can spell doom for them, so keep your cool and don't panic when things don't always go as planned, you really dont want to block a Lvl 3 Johnny, and he really doesn't want to deal with shadow pressure and shadow on neutral.
Kliff Undersn 5/5 Drills and Nobiru, and your other anti airs make Kliff's approach harder for him. Beware to not get shadow too close to him since he has very easy ways to kill it easily, such as 2D or 236P/S. He is a real menace when he is close, as his damage and stun output are both really high, and his midrange pokes are able to contest yours very well, especially 2D. Kliff can take the match in one chance, so it is your job to make it as hard as you possibly can.
Ky Kiske 5/5 Drunkard Shade is the name of the MU. His midrange pokes and conversions are better than yours, so you need to play outside of that range. Use his own Stun Edges to start your own approach and always keep Eddie up for covering the air with Nobiru. Using 214P to counter H Stun on neutral when your shadow is in front can be massive since you can't easily counter it without Drunkard to keep Eddie safe otherwise. Vapor Thrust goes over little and Eddie's crouching buttons so doing ]P[ and a crouching attack is preferred since it will always punish it while still giving you ways to continue pressure.
May 4.5/5.5 May has a lot of ways to kill an overextended shadow, from 2S, 5H, to dolphin circles, as well as getting heavy reward from her IAD if he reads a drill. She also has a very good tool to stop Eddie pressure with 63214S, and an oki heavy May can be very hard to deal with. What this MU comes down to is how good are you at neutral usage of shadow, and how good the May player is in countering this. Spacing for drills and defensive use of Nobiru are essential if you don't May to melt your life bar away.
Millia Rage 5/5 Pin is really useful against Eddie, since just blocking it will make shadow go away, and let Millia get in. Millia also has decent ways to kill Eddie like her long 2D. Comparably, you win in the ground, since your drills and pokes make it very hard for her to move around, meaning she will most likely take to air. Reading when she is going to do this and go for pin is your chance to take the advantage. Millia is squishy and doesn't have a lot of defensive tools, but so do you. You are both very weak to each other's pressure, so gaining the momentum is very important.
Order-Sol 5.5/4.5 Use your superior buttons in mid range along with little Eddie to take control of the neutral as Order Sol's midscreen options are lacking here. 2H is strong here as it can out poke a lot of what Order sol can while also being a big anti air as well. Using Little Eddie along with 2S and 2H will help you close in on HOS while keeping your blindspots covered with hitboxes.
Potemkin 6/4 Far slash is gonna be a fantastic tool to hit Potemkin out of hammerfall due to it's multihit properties. Also, using a combination of drills, F.s and little Eddie will get you far into not letting Pot get his gameplay started. Try to be careful if you're full screen because slidehead can easily catch you in the middle of drill or summon setup which can give Pot the opening he needs to get in. Nobiru is a great way to anti air Pot as it can beat J.d aka dive butt for a juicy counter hit
Robo-Ky 5.5/4.5 Robo Ky has a lot of damage, and his attacks cover the ground very well. You'll need to use drills effectively, and know how to little Eddie to cover angles he will tend to approach towards you. His rockets, both grounded and aerial, can be deflected by Drunkard Shade, which is a big help in this MU, as it let's you use one of his most common neutral tools to your advantage. Be careful with his delayed wake-up, as it can make him slip away from shadow pressure.
Slayer 5/5 Use drills to stop slayer from dandying all over the place while also being ready to nobiru him the moment Slayer decides to iad and punish your drill. If you knock him down, you must be ready for EX dandy, so it's recommended to try to 5k him while also being covered by Mawaru. This will stop Ex dandy while also keeping him locked down.
Sol Badguy 5/5 This is all you need to know

Jokes aside, Volcanic Viper and Grand Viper are both good ways for Sol to escape shadow pressure and neutral respectively. On the other hand, Sol has no fullscreen game, and the only chance to go all in is a risky GV, so doing drills is key. If he becomes repetitive with his use of GF on pressure, a Drunkard Shade will allow you to turn the tide in your favour. This can be a long match since you both have good ways to stop the opposite pressure, so small, but decisive wins are very important.

Testament 4/6 A volatile matchup that can end badly for both players if either makes a mistake. Trying to snipe Testament while hes in far drill range can be key to stop him from setting up webs and traps, but be aware of Testament's Exe Beast hitting you from behind which can spell disaster. Warrant is a big nuisance to your pressure, so try to go for more command grabs against a Testament who is too happy to throw many of them.
Venom 5.5/4.5 Using Drunkard Shade to reflect Venom's balls to keep Little Eddie from getting smacked while also potentially hitting Venom with his own projectiles. Slowly moving forward with little Eddie while getting ready to reflect/nobiru at a moments notice can help Eddie slowly move Venom to the corner and hopefully open an opportunity to lock him down
Zappa 4.5/5.5 Much like Eddie himself, Zappa is very weak without his summon up. Eddie does fairly well against Sword and Dog, since flight helps you maneuver around them, and drills help you tag Zappa without moving yourself. This leaves Triplets, which are very hard to deal with. They don't get reflected by Drunkard, and flight is a hindrance more than a helping hand when wanting to get away from them. You aren't that capable of using Shadow on neutral with other MUs, as any of his summons make it hard to do so, making knowing how to use solo Eddie on neutral a crucial skill. On pressure, be cautious of his backdash, contender for best in the game.