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Things to note when discussing matchups:
-General ratio
-Optimal/inoptimal spacings
-Strong/Weak buttons
-Things to watch out for
-Character specific confirms
-etc etc

A.B.A -/-
Anji Mito -/-
Axl Low -/-
Baiken -/-
Bridget -/-
Chipp Zanuff -/-
Dizzy 5/5 It's mostly down to who gets knockdowns first.
Eddie -/-
Faust 4.5/5.5 A difficult matchup for dizzy, Faust is hard to oki and can punish full screen summons. Because of this, Faust has the luxury to be aggressive.
  • Faust fS and jH make it difficult to escape corner, your best option is to SJ airdash out.
  • despite being able to punish full screen summons, he can still struggle to play from full screen because of the randomness of item toss.
I-No -/-
Jam Kuradoberi -/-
Justice -/-
Johnny -/-
Kliff Undersn -/-
Ky Kiske -/-
May -/-
Millia Rage -/-
Order-Sol -/-
Potemkin 6/4 He's big, slow, and not much to worry about. But don't take this matchup lightly. Make sure you can get some distance between you and him. If Pot gets in your space he can kill you in two combos. You can ground dash over slidehead on reaction and net a punish. F.s is multihit, so it's good at interrupting hammerfall.
Robo-Ky -/-
Slayer -/-
Sol Badguy 5.5/4.5 You have great range over Sol, if used well you can make his life hard. If he gets in he makes your life hard.
Testament 5/5 Thanks to Testament's general lack of good defensive options, they can be steamrolled pretty easily once you get a KD. Unfortunately, the same goes for us. Zoning with summons is tough because of the threat of S Exe Beast. Ice spike is useful because of it's fast startup, but be careful of it's long recovery if you can't/don't have meter to frc it. If you read an S Exe Beast, you can double air dash and hit them out of it, likely scoring a KD. Beware of 3H in neutral, as it's multihit and will hit both fish and you if they gets it out. If you manage to score a KD, you don't really need to worry about them getting out. Fish will eat Nightmare Circular which will allow you to get another KD and do it all over again. The same thing happens with Warrant, and you can even throw them back into the corner if they try it. Dizzy also has an easier time dealing with traps than a lot of characters. Her air mobility allows her to clear out trees and j.p and j.s are great for destroying nets from a safe distance. If they puts you in the blender, don't dead angle S Exe Beast hit, since it'll hit the wrong way. Don't let them use more Exe Beasts without FRC. Watch out for skulls that limit the space you can maneuver around in.
Venom -/-
Zappa 5/5