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A short paragraph explaining in the broadest terms what the character's oki is like.

This section should be accessible to players who are fresh out of the tutorial and to people who do not play this character. It's OK to have this section be a little redundent when compared with the more detailed sections of the oki page. The goal here is to provide an overview that somebody can read with little to no experience with the character and walk away with a basic understanding of the character's goals during an oki situation.

Example Routes

This is the equivalent of the combo list from the combo page but for oki.

Categorize this section based off of the type of knockdown, and break down your options from that knockdown. Be sure to explain the strengths and weaknesses of each oki route. For Example: Oki #1 gives a left/right mixup and leaves you + on block, but loses to a well timed wakeup throw, and to IB throw.

Close range 2D Knockdown

Meaty Button

  • Mixup options:
  • Strengths:
  • Weaknessess:
  • Required Setup:

Video Examples

Either embed individual videos, or link off to playlists of videos which cover oki.


Chipp Zanuff