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Things to note when discussing matchups:

  • General ratio
  • Optimal/inoptimal spacings
  • Strong/Weak buttons
  • Things to watch out for
  • Character specific confirms
  • etc etc
A.B.A -/-
  • You really don't want to play this.
  • Throws can lead to a guaranteed IK if your Moroha gauge is low enough, so be cautious of them. On the flipside, feel free to throw > IK the opposing A.B.A if they give you the chance.
  • A.B.A is the only character in +R who can get comboed by an OTG keygrab after the strike version of keygrab. Against every other character the OTG keygrab will always whiff when done after the strike keygrab; the only way you get double keygrab combos against them is to start with the throw version of keygrab. This is good to keep in mind when going for Moroha refreshes.
  • This clip is a great showcase of how wild and scramble heavy this matchup can be.
Anji Mito -/-
  • Danzai through Fuujin can be a viable option for dealing with followups when timed properly. Blocking and reacting to the various followups is generally much safer however. Everything but 236H~S is fairly easy to react to and can be punished in different ways.
  • 236H~P is a pressure reset but very interruptible. Anji is vulnerable the entire way up before he throws the fans and can both be air thrown and counter hit during the startup. Alternatively you can run underneath him and force Anji to land afterward. Rising j.H and j.D can very easily counter hit Anji and lead to very strong damage and corner carry
  • 236H~K is a hop that will cross through after blocked Fuujin. It has lower body invincibility and is airborne, meaning it will go over both lows and throws. Reacting to the cross up and punishing Anji before he can act is the easiest way to deal with this
  • 236H~S is the fastest followup from Fuujin and is a low that knocks down. Nagiha will often counter hit you attempting to pre-emptively beat other followups, so blocking low is the best solution for this followup. On block its heavily punishable at -19, make sure to punish appropriately
  • 236H~H the slow overhead followup from Fuujin, Rin is a medium risk, medium reward followup that becomes high reward if the attack counterhits. This attack has autoguard to highs and mids as well as throw invincibility for almost its entire duration, meaning it will blow up many common mash attempts. But its highly reactable and completely vulnerable to lows, meaning if you react and hit 2K or 2D you'll always get a counter hit combo
  • 236H~D largely the same story as 236H~H but even deadlier if not punished correctly. At a massive +5 on block and ground bounce on hit, make sure you interrupt this attack. The same strategy applies as with meterless Rin, but this is easier to see coming due to the FB flash
  • Anjis 236P oki can be very oppressive, but ABA has ways to deal with it in both forms. IBing butterly on wakeup makes it harder for Anji to jail into normals, though it can still be possible. IB backdash or IB 623H/623D can help to escape butterfly oki, and in normal mode IB into 236D is very good to escape with
  • Any cancels into 236H can be interrupted unless done from either 3S or 2H. 236H only has 3 active frames so backdashing cancels into it can be very strong, do remember that you may still have to deal with followups from it due to being able to perform them even if the attack whiffs
  • Be careful about jumping at Anji. His 6P is slow but 5P can often snipe you from further out than you may expect, and 5D has a huge amount of autoguard frames and Kou will snipe you out of many jump ranges due to its huge hitboxes
  • Pressuring Anji can be somewhat difficult due to autoguard and 236H, but a Fuujin happy Anji on defense can be eaten alive particularly by gatlings into 2H due to its long active period. Additionally, Anji has the highest guard bar mod in the game tied with Robo-Ky and Millia, meaning that even a slightly extended blockstring can have his guard bar flashing very quickly
  • The traditional unblockable setup of meaty 236D > 41236K can be beaten by Anji using his reversal 6K to autoguard the fireball and escape using either the P, K, or D followups. Meaty spaced 2D can counter hit Anji out of the startup of his 6K and allow a followup combo afterward to either repeat the sequence or combo directly into Goku Moroha
Axl Low -/-
  • Fighting against Axl requires a lot of risky hard reads to approach, and his reversals/counters can become a problem.
    Watch out for his 2K, as it's very low profile. IAD over telegraphed low chains, but beware of misreading – any guess that puts you in the air against Axl is risky. Try to save some meter for FDing while in air and try to FD after air tech to avoid resets (you can OS by holding 4+P+K while attempting to tech).
  • Moroha/Goku Moroha 5H will stuff his 5P at range if you time it right, and the second hit might whiff. If it does, the CH 5H(1) stagger gives you plenty of time to run in and start a combo. It's risky, but can be worth it if you get a hard read on 5P.You can bait his reversals (except super) with max range Moroha/Goku Moroha 2D or Danzai. It’s also fairly easy to hit double orbs on Axl, so go for those when you can during corner combos.
Baiken -/-
  • Hard baiting Baiken's guard cancels with dash throw mixup is a large part of the matchup. The Guard cancels make it difficult to get RISC up or perform block strings. Some of the guard cancel options can be avoided by jump canceling. Some can also be beat outright with call out Danzai.
  • The best poke to use is probably f.S; Moroha 2D midscreen doesn't get as much mileage without meter because Baiken is so floaty.
  • Jump ins against Baikens can be a gamble because of her anti air options. Zakuro (upward Pinwheel guard cancel) makes it so j.H being a giant hitbox less effective, as Baiken can just block and Zakuro. Baiken's 6p can sometimes just win outright against j.H.
  • Be aware of doing rekkas up close. If you're right next to Baiken, the third rekka can whiff and go through her, side switching, and you will get punished.
  • Baiken's j.H can be tricky to anti air if done directly above you, be ready for unexpected clashes.
  • Baiken's tatamis are extremely active and control space for a long time. Jumping Forward and blocking, play cautiously to close the distance.
  • Her 2H beats non-FB Danzai, but its mediocre hitbox will sometimes result in trades. Be ready to shake out of slip stagger.
  • Baiken's 2D has a large hitbox, is fast, and can be made safe jump cancelling or going into Tatami.
Bridget -/-
Chipp Zanuff -/-
Dizzy -/-
  • Dizzy’s f.S completely beats non-FB Danzai in neutral, her 2S is a very strong anti-air, and her throw range is noticeably larger than ABA's, so use caution when tick throwing. Thanks to Ice Spike, she can confirm basically any ground hit into a knockdown, and often into a fish oki setup.
  • Fish armor is a huge problem, especially during pressure/oki. Your 5P is best anti-fish button when they're close. At range, f.S's two hits can tag a fish and still connect with Dizzy. When she has a fish on top of you, the only wake-up reversal option you really have is Danzai > Goku cancel since fish can eat a hit for her. But even that is very risky as she may recover in time to punish depending on what she was doing.
  • It's easier said than done, but try your best to not get KD'd into fish oki. It can be the round since it's Danzai, Burst, DAA, and Goku safe (they'll all hit the fish and Dizzy will punish you before you can do anything else).
  • On the other hand, you often only need 1-3 good hits since her health is so low and her meterless options for escaping pressure are pretty awful.
  • If a fish is on top of you, Danzai/FB Danzai > Goku can possibly work. It's crazy expensive resource wise, and Dizzy has ways to deal with it, but at least it's something.
  • In GM, Danzai/FB Danzai, then FRC while holding back can give you an armored and throw invul way to destroy a fish without recovery.
  • If the Dizzy is sloppy with their pressure when a fish is on top of you, remember: IB can create gaps or make them larger and 5P is only 3F start-up, self-gatlings/is mashable, and has upper body invul.
  • Her j.2S is airthrow invul.
  • If you're on offense when she has 50%, watch for DAA (fast, KDs) and coffin super (invul on start-up, plus she can AA with it).
  • If she clips you with a random ground normal, she will almost guaranteed be able to string into Ice Spike for KD + fish oki. Might be worth bursting before you get fully put in that situation since burst won't save you once you're in it.
  • If you're far away enough and burst through Ice Spike with proper timing, you can make it whiff without the burst hitting Dizzy. If you're quick and she didn't FRC, it may be possible to punish with something like microdash f.S.
  • f.S(2) can kill a fish and tag Dizzy if they're both in range of it.
  • Her 2S is very good AA, but you might be able to beat or trade with it by using j.H. You could also try spacing your air approach weirdly to bait Dizzy into whiffing it.
  • Her throw range is massive. Keep this in mind especially when going to dash in > throw as she'll be in range to throw you before you can throw her.
  • Beware of using non-FB Danzai vs ground, as her f.S is fast, has multiple hits, and will beat it clean.
  • Orbs(2) stuff is fairly easy on her. If you get her in the corner, you can melt her health bar
  • This MU is one of those "whoever gets KD'd without resources is gonna eat shit" MUs.
  • Dizzy is one of the chars who has a chance to be insta-stunned by NM CH 6H.
  • Dizzy does not have an escape for the unblockable setup without resources (50 meter or burst). You can GM Flipkick FRC to bait DAA or Burst, or hard call them out with Danzai. But I'm pretty sure reversal coffin super can beat your Danzai or downback (it's technically a throw and has invul, so idk. Probably needs testing to confirm)
Eddie -/-
  • One of the big issues in the Eddie matchup is just killing the shadow. 2P often can't hit it and options that can (2K, 2D, etc) may be too slow. NM 2K is 7F and probably your best bet. Try to find gaps during the pressure where you can IB > 2K. Killing the shadow cuts his pressure and offense in general down by a lot and can give you time or bigger gaps to escape. The little forward moving bite the shadow does also has some invul and so does Nobiru (the shadow's AA), so remember that when looking to kill it.
  • In NM, FB Slide is indeed a good option to escape shadow pressure, even better if you can FB Slide > Throw > dash > Keygrab to punish Eddie (tip: the summon animation can often be punished this way). While risky, forcing a trade with the shadow to kill it can sometimes be worth it since 1) you don't have to worry about losing gauge if you get KD'd and 2) killing the shadow triggers its gauge cooldown. If you can trade to kill it without Eddie punishing you, it can be favorable for you, so keep that in mind.
  • In MM, Danzai's armor can help you kill the shadow a little easier, but is more susceptible to being punish due to its long total animation, and the punish is often harsher since it often results in KD. Goku activation's invul is also good at killing shadow, but has similar cons. MM 2K is 6F, a frame faster than NM 2K, which helps ever so slightly (but hey, faster is faster, right?). At mid range, f.S(2) can kill the shadow and tag Eddie back to back, but watch out for invul shadow moves or Eddie doing something that beats it. MM 2D is probably too slow at 12F and is only a single hit.
  • In GM, Danzai can be used the same way but is a little better at it since it's faster start-up and the total animation is shorter. GM 2K is only 5F start-up (tied with 2P for fastest crouching normal). GM f.S is also faster at 7F start-up. You could even use 6H(2) in similar way, it has a better hitbox for shadow killing but is noticeably slower at 11F. GM 2D is 9F and you can gatling into normals like f.S for multihit, so it's slightly more useful than in MM.
  • If you have the meter to spare and feel totally overwhelmed, don't be afraid to DAA to kill shadow. Works in any mode and the invul definitely helps, but obv kinda expensive meter wise and risky, and you might be able to get out or kill shadow without spending the meter, so use your best judgement.
  • Unfortunately, Eddie knows you want to kill shadow and can often punish attempts to do so with drill, KDing you for free :( So there's that to consider too.
  • Be on the lookout for his command grab during pressure, especially when shadow gauge is low. Landing it does decent damage, refills shadow gauge, KDs you, and generally leaves you waking up into a bad situation. Jump, backdash, or Danzai can evade or punish it, but be mindful of the shadow so you don't get clipped trying to do one of those.
  • When FDing during his pressure, make sure to FD Eddie so he gets pushed out, but don't waste meter trying to FD the shadow. Remember: FD Eddie, don't FD shadow.
  • At range in all modes, Rekka 1 can be ok for forcing a trade to kill the shadow since your hurtbox retracts upon you getting hit. Particularly useful if Eddie is far away as well since he might not have time to get back in and punish, but try to avoid trading with something that KDs while in MM/GM.
Faust -/-
  • Orb oki is not recommended. Unless done very low, he can crab walk it and evade
  • Meaty 2H blows up his 5D. Will CH him after 5D's invul runs out
  • His j.D can be tough to AA. It KDs on hit. Non-FB Danzai'ing it is not recommended as j.D can be canceled into GMW, which also KDs.
  • Reminder: you're invul during Keygrab animation if it lands. It's long enough that it can avoid meteors if timed right, but be careful not to telegraph it.
  • Air to air, watch out for his j.H or less commonly j.S. Both have great hitboxes and are hard to contest.
  • You can beat AA 5K attempts if you get j.H out early enough. Slightly too late it will trade, any later and you get AA'd.
  • Beware of his scalpel stab. It's hella active and will KD if it clips your backdash. Use caution when backdashing in neutral or at range, and just block or IB the stab.
  • He can use Bombtoss to bait AA attempts. This will beat non-FB Danzai outright as it hits multiple times. FB Danzai can armor the hits, but Faust remains in air long enough that your Danzai will likely whiff and he can punish on his way down. If the Bombtoss is done carelessly, you might be able to run under it and potentially punish, but beware of falling j.D (see above).
  • At round start: Slide beats his 5K, but his 5K will beat most of your other options. Raw Keygrab will beat a few of his options clean, but is risky.
I-No -/-
  • I-No is going to dance around you a lot when you're in normal mode due to just how much better her mobility is than yours at that point. Pre-emptive keygrab to catch forward movement from her or raw bloodpack from further out than her hoverdash goes (just a hair further than roundstart distance) can help you start to be able to play the matchup
  • Once you're in Moroha, the primary goal becomes largely the same as any other low health, poor defense character, knock her down and don't let her get out of the corner
  • I-Nos 41236K and 41236S are both airborne frame 1 but will only hit crouching opponents from up close. This can help her escape tick throws and certainly meaty setups that would otherwise be difficult for her to escape
  • I-No has two different versions of her note projectile. 214P starts off slow and gains speed the longer its on screen, while 214H starts fast and slows down the longer its on screen. Both versions can be steered up or down by I-No, can be performed in the air, and have FRC points. Sticking out an extended hurtbox into note before it travels far enough to gain hits can make it much easier to deal with
  • I-Nos 214D is something of a different beast. This attack will spawn 2 notes, both of which travel very quickly across the screen, and at fullscreen both will do 7 hits. Blocking this is very much not recommended, as even blocking 1 note will increase your guard bar significantly and allow I-No to run a mixup on you. Learning to navigate around this attack can make dealing with I-No a bit easier, but be aware that when she has 25 meter this attack can make your life hell
  • Be very careful of I-No when she has meter to perform Ultimate Fortissimo (j.2363214S). This super is very fast, invincible, 0 post freeze meaning if you aren't blocking before the freeze you'll get hit, +27 on block at minimum allowing her to run a mixup on you, and on hit will let her combo out of it on hit. Pre-emptive 6P can often counter hit her out of this attack due to the fact its invincibility runs out during the active frames, but be aware that it can also trade.
  • I-Nos other super Longing Desperation 632146H is strong and useful as a reversal, but it can be thrown before and after its freeze if you're close enough. A well timed keygrab can grab her out of this attack if you read their wakeup super
Jam Kuradoberi -/-
  • Big slugger matchup. Both of you are going to hit each other very hard but ABA is gonna hit Jam just a little harder than vice versa. Often times Jam players will back up when ABA is in normal mode to stock up on a card, using this as an opportunity to bloodpack is quite strong
  • 236S is a very fast low profile command with a variety of followups, the scariest of which is is S followup known informally as Puffball. ABAs 6P won't go underneath it but 236P can go underneath it in normal mode and 623H or 623D in moroha can armor through it and punish the attack. Be aware that it can be cancelled into card special moves which will beat meterless Danzai
  • 623D is hugely invincible and will lead to a combo on hit. Additionally it can be difficult to do spaced 2D vs it, though normally when slightly off with spacing you'll only be hit by a few hits of the dp and you may be able to punish Jam
  • 236D will often snipe you out of reckless movement, but is fully duckable and heavily unsafe on both block and whiff
  • 6H is an incredibly common meaty for Jam to use due to its disjointed hitbox, heavy advantage on block and throw invincibility during startup. IBing the attack can make it less advantageous on block, sometimes allowing you to take your turn back
  • Avoid doing goku moroha activation in neutral when Jam has card stocked. Jam can snipe it with 236D from most positions on screen for a counterhit combo that is going to almost assuredly shave off a third or more of your moroha meter
  • Jams anti airs can be a bit suspect, with Jam players often relying more on her DP or air throw rather than her 6P. Properly spaced j.H can clash with her 623D and can be difficult to air throw so using it at the tip of the attacks range can be somewhat difficult for Jam to deal with
Justice -/-
  • Jumping at round start is not recommended. Slide can be okay (low profiles 2D, f.S, Michael Sword, maybe some other stuff) but just holding downback is probably your best bet.
  • How to get around missiles: look for patterns in their missile usage. They can only have one missile of a specific type on screen at once (so they can't have, say, two P missiles at once). Missiles detonate on contact or when JU releases its button. Carefully jumping/double jumping/superjumping forward and immediately blocking can be a way to gain ground. iad can also be used to go between missiles of there's a big enough gap, but this can be risky since you can't immediately airblock like you can with jumps.
  • 2D is solid in this matchup. If she does P bomb and doesn't detonate it quickly enough, your 2D will go under it and the bomb will disappear upon her being hit. You can get meterless Rekka loops from pretty far away from the corner due to JU's huge hurtbox. 6H can be used in a similar fashion, confirm 6H(1) into Rekkas FRC > [Rekka loop]x2, or 6H(2) into Rekkas FRC > dash > ground normal pickup or [Rekka loop]x1
  • Go for Orb(2) combos when you get a hit in the corner. They're easy to set up and there are multiple ways into it; you just need to get her high enough, early enough in the combo. Butt > iad Orbs(2) is best, but if she's above you, you can Butt > iad j.H > Orbs(2) to pull her down into the orbs.
  • SBT (Lightning strike) hits very high, possibly fullscreen vertically. This, her catch counter, and her great AAs can make aerial approach difficult. It also has foot invul from frame 1, use 2D carefully.
  • If she superjumps in with j.H while you're in NM, AA with 2S. It'll probably trade but you get an OTG Keygrab.
  • When she has missiles out at fullscreen, staying in NM (or even blood packing from MM back into NM) can be a good option since it gives you access to FB Slide. Be patient and block missiles as they get close, and walk or dash forward through large enough gaps to gain meter when you can. Once you have 25%, FB Slide can be used to punish missile launches, many normals, or basically anything that has long recovery with throw > dash > Keygrab. FB Slide is extremely important and useful in this MU for this reason
  • If you want to contest her A2As, hitting your button a hair faster can be useful. Her A2A buttons are huge and faster than yours (ex: j.K), but by timing your air normal slightly early, you might be able to CH her hurtbox during startup (risky, but good to know if you do want to challenge with something like j.S/j.H). j.P can be a good A2A if you're close enough for it purely due to its speed
  • You can OS her backdash with fuzzy j.S (similar to Potemkin's backdash). The way her backdash works, the timing can be a bit harder to line up, but it can be a great option.
  • Swatting nukes is vital to playing this matchup. Swatting nukes is when you use a move that has an extended hurtbox to purposefully get hit by the first hit of a nuke, and once you're hit your hurtbox will retract. Only certain moves are able to do this and keep in mind that Justice can detonate nukes manually to beat nuke swatting.
    • Swatting P Nuke: Rekka 1 (All Modes), f.S (MM/GM), 5H (MM/GM)
    • Swatting K Nuke: 2H (MM/GM)
  • JU can catch counter between 2nd and 3rd Rekkas, but canceling 2nd Rekka into Goku (or omitting 3rd Rekka) will blow it up
  • FDing nukes is not recommended. They do decent chip and can crank your guard gauge from afar but saving your meter for FB Slide or GM is vital. Two exceptions where I do recommend FD: 1) if you're about to die from chip damage (ex: missiles, Imperial Ray), and 2) when approaching from the air and close to JU. Her ground normals must be airblocked with FD; she can hit them while you're stuck in missile blockstun to open you up for a combo of you aren't FDing.
  • Michael Blade can be safejumped and punished (but beware, it can punish NM Slide, Bloodpack, or GM activation from fullscreen.). Imperial Ray is plus on block but gives exterme amounts of meter if you don't FD.
  • j.D has the longest horizontal reach of your air normals. If you use it while iad'ing in, it might be able to hit her out of missile start-up if she's launching one. In the corner, this nets you a combo off CH j.D wall bounce
  • If you're fighting a Justice player who likes to walk in behind nukes don't be afraid to f.S them as MM f.S has an incredibly disjointed hurtbox. Unless you time your f.S poorly or were too close to Justice in the first place, you'll end up swatting the nuke if f.S doesn't hit Justice.
  • Use 2D if you're dashing at Justice while she's setting nukes. 2D's hitbox extends forward before the attack comes out, so be sure to space it well.
    • Here's a general guide: Use f.S if Justice is walking at you and use 2D if you're running at Justice. Placing f.S in-between the gaps of Justice nuke sets is the key to making this matchup bearable, alongside waiting for those gaps to show themselves.
  • While in MM, use the deep j.S safejump whenever possible when justice has meter to avoid reversal supers, and to do high/low mix when she doesn't.
Johnny -/-
Kliff Undersn -/-
Ky Kiske -/-
  • The biggest threat in this MU is his IK. It's very fast and has huge range, practically guaranteeing it from many different KDs. Some examples of easy ways into IK: ground string > 2D; throw; DP followup, Star/FB Star projectiles.
  • Aside from IK, he's not too difficult to deal with. His pokes have good range, but so does ABA in MM/GM, and in NM you can slide under some of his better ones (ex: f.S).
  • His 3H has very little recovery and can be used to OS reversals when done meaty. SBing the second hit can help negate its frame advantage.
  • You can easily OS his DP with ranged 2D. Like Sol, he can vary the followup timing to mess up your punish attempt, so keep this in mind
  • His 6P is solid AA. Use caution when approaching from the air.
  • His 2D is a solid poke on its own and KDs, so watch for it.
  • It's possible for Greed Sever to go over crouching ABA and cross her up (usually if he has some momentum).
  • NM Slide goes under Stun Edge/Charged Stun Edge. Up close, you can punish with Slide > Throw > dash > Keygrab.
  • His 5K is a standing low. Usually you'll see this done as a meaty or to continue pressure when dashing in after CSE
  • Star (and especially FB Star) stays out a lot longer than you may expect. If he sets them out for oki, depending on their positioning, they can corral you, preventing escape attempts or counterpokes. They can also grant combos where he normally wouldn't get them (ex: Throw > Star > etc).
  • His hurtbox can be a little weird in the corner. Orbs(2) routes are not recommended, probably best to stick with Butt/Rekka loops.
  • Stun Dipper is -15 on block. If they don't have meter, be sure to punish. Depending on spacing, you might also run into situations where the first hit lands, but the second doesn't combo, so be ready to punish that as well.
May -/-
  • Dealing with May in normal mode is a pain. Her buttons are better than yours, she dances circles around you in neutral and her damage is significantly higher than yours is
  • Dealing with may in Moroha is completely the opposite from normal. Your buttons are better and lead to higher damage generally, and while you aren't as fast as her generally you can play around most of her movement tools for big reward
  • Danzai is really strong in this matchup. Many of her common moves she uses in neutral such as HD and VD are single hit and with a lot of recovery forcing her to use meter on FB Dolphin to use them safely.
  • 3K is a high risk/high reward move for May to use in neutral vs ABA due to the fact that it will always net a knockdown and is very low profile for much of its duration even into its recovery. On block its both incredibly unsafe at -29 and in counter hit state so be sure to punish May accordingly for using this move recklessly
  • May players will often use tick throws into 63214K when ABA is at a third or lower Moroha since it sets her up for a free IK. This is reactable and can be both backdashed or jumped for a free punish
Millia Rage -/-
Order-Sol -/-
  • Generally a favorable matchup for ABA, both ABA and Order-Sol want to get in the opponents face and mess their opponent up and require a specific condition to be their best at doing so. ABA is a bit better at doing this than Order-Sol is however, but the match can very quickly swing into either players favor on a dime
  • Similar to Sol, 236P can go under much of Order-Sols moveset at round start, but can be punished by his lower hitting normals. In normal mode you'll want to focus on finding openings for you to either whiff punish into rekkas, anti air him for a combo into keygrab, or get a raw bloodpack off in neutral
  • Once Moroha mode is up, especially after a combo into keygrab, the match can very quickly swing into your favor. Your buttons are significantly better than Order-Sols and lead to much higher consistent damage than his do, along with mobility that can rival him
  • Meaty 2H is going to be your best friend in the matchup. Order-Sols 623H only knocks down with higher levels of charge, and the damage difference between eating a level 1 Storm Viper vs landing a combo from meaty 2H is very heavily in ABAs favor
  • Don't let Order-Sol get away with attempting to make his 623H safer with Action Charge FRC, you can always counter hit him before he's able to FRC, but not on reaction to the Action Charge itself. 2S makes for a good punish on a blocked 623H due to the ability to convert on both natural and counter hit on reaction
  • Similarly, at level 3 623H becomes -3 rather than heavily punishable due to the last hit playing out, but there is enough of a gap that you can always counter hit Order-Sol during the window between the third and fourth hits of level 3 623H, and aside from an RRC Order-Sol can't do anything about this
  • Meaty 2D can be very strong just as it is in other matchups due to allowing you to get safe knockdown confirms from far away, but be wary when Order-Sol has 25 tension as 41236D will always punish you attempting to do so
  • Order-Sols dead angle can be very problematic due to its incredibly fast speed. Be ready to jump cancel or 623H during your pressure when he has the tension for it
  • When Order-Sol has level 2 stocked RI2 is a very common option to catch opponents recklessly moving forward or whiffing buttons and can be particularly strong vs ABA due to the fact its heavily plus on block and knocks down. FD Braking can prevent getting knocked down by it and will also deny Order-Sol the ability to recharge his level off it but will leave him at advantage
  • Denying Order-Sol the ability to quickly get charge is vital for this matchup, as without it his ability to confirm into knockdowns is mostly limited to just his 2D and his damage is very low.
  • Don't wakeup throw vs Order-Sol. He has two very strong ways of punishing them in the form of his 6K and 2H, both of which give Sol a lengthy stagger and a huge launch respectively
  • Gunblaze is a powerful special that Order-Sol will often use as an anti air due to its instant low profile and very tall hitboxes on the flame pillars. Be very careful about recklessly jumping at him
  • Orb oki is basically non-existent vs Order-Sol due to gunblaze. He can always go underneath it on reaction to you attempting to do it
  • Order-Sols jump arc is very low to the ground and anti airing him on reaction can be very difficult or impossible, especially when combined with a dash jump with his j.H. Conversely some normals that wouldn't normally hit airborne opponents can occasionally snipe Order-Sol out of his jump, notably normal mode 2H. Order-Sol is also occasionally forced to use superjump to escape the corner as opposed to normal jump which can give you more time to react to his attempts to jump out
Potemkin -/-
  • Normal mode ABA is easy pickings for him. Blocking any hit puts normal ABA in the nightmare realm. At the very least, FB Slide gives her a fully invincible way out of Potemkin mixups that can potentially be converted into a keygrab.
  • In Moroha mode, Danzai is throw invincible from frame 1, so Pot's strike-throw game becomes a lot weaker. Keep in mind that he can armor through the first hit of Danzai with Hammer Fall and hit you before the second hit comes down (or just Hammer Fall after blocking the first hit) and normal Danzai will typically lose as a wakeup reversal outside of Goku, as Pot meaty 5K > 2S will connect before the first hit.
  • Do not activate Goku Moroha if Potemkin is on the ground and is not in range of it's hitbox. He can Slide Head on reaction and immediately knock you down and drain a third of your gauge. The same thing applies for bloodpacking into Moroha, but bloodpack doesn't have a super flash to make it easily reactable.
  • Once you land a knockdown on Pot in Moroha, safejump j.S setups will usually get backdashed through, and you will get thrown if you try to continue grounded pressure. Keep an eye out for Pot backdashing on wakeup, and do deep j.S > rejump > j.S. Goku Moroha can do rejump j.S > j.H into a typical combo, regular Moroha is more consistent with rejump j.S > j.H > j.D > rekkas. Alternatively, go for a slightly delayed 2H, which will either catch Pot in the 1 vulnerable frame of his backdash or force him to block and be -2.
Robo-Ky -/-
  • Similar to Order-Sol, this matchup is going to be largely about denying Robo-Ky the ability to build meter and lower his heat gauge. While high heat Robo can be threatening, not allowing him space or time to deplete his heat gauge can force him to play with the semi-constant threat of overheat explosion
  • Backing off and blood packing at round start can be good, but be aware that this will allow Robo to do the same and lay down a 2D to build meter
  • Similar to Anji Robo-Ky builds risc very quickly, and additionally he also builds heat when blocking attacks. On top of that, he has a longer than average number of prejump frames, making it harder for him to escape pressure that other characters may be able to get out of. One of the more common ways for Robo-Ky to defend himself is using IB due to the increased meter gain on it, so be sure to adjust your blockstrings according to their defensive habits
  • Robo-Kys 5P is a very oppressive normal at +7 on block and has quick enough recovery to bait many of ABAs common reversal options in both forms
  • His 5K is mostly identical to his non robotic selfs 5K, but notably can be self-gatlinged and OSed with his throw
  • 5H is a 5 frame normal that Robo players will often use when being pressured. On counter hit this attack will stagger for a very long time, however on block and normal hit can be punishable without FRC or RRC
  • Robo-Kys 2K is very low profile and gatlings into his 2S. Robo players will often use this in neutral as a way to advance and confirm a knockdown. They may also opt for a tick throw after blocked 2K due to the fairly quick recovery. At max range this attack can be made plus on block, so take caution when attacking after a blocked 2K from afar
  • Robo-Kys 6P is a strong anti-air with good upper body invincibility, a hugely disjointed hitbox and can be repeated up to 2 more times on hit, block or whiff. Roundstart 6P will lose to slide even with repeated inputs, take note of their round start habits
  • Robo Ky's dash attack is a common neutral option from afar due to its safety on block, window of invincibility and knockdown on hit that allows Robo Ky to gain a large chunk of meter. Danzai can be used on reaction when timed properly but can occasionally be invuled through
  • 623H is a largely underwhelming DP without meter, and one of the best DPs in the game when he has meter for level 2 or 3 DP. Meaty 2H any level before level 3, meaty 2D when he has level 3
  • j.623H is one of Robo-Kys primary mixup tools at level 2 and 3 due to it being an 8 frame overhead when TKed and is a true mixup with Robo-Kys various lows. Know which normals Robo has that jump cancel and guess correctly
  • 214S at levels 2 and 3 is a common way for Robo-Ky to end blockstrings due to its advantage on block, or a neutral tool due to its airborne frames allowing him to go over many attacks. IBing the attack can make it substantially easier to challenge afterward
  • 236S is Robo-Kys equivalent to Kys Charged Stun Edge, predominantly an oki tool used to push a mixup due to the heavy advantage on block. If Robo knocks you down and puts this on you, 623D is really your only way out of having to guess for your life
  • j.236S is one of Robo-Kys main ways of controlling screen space when at higher levels. Level 2 and 3 missles will track and at level 2 will deal very large amounts of stun when used in combos. Look for patterns in how they like to use missles, and if they have a habit of using them recklessly simply FD or IB the missles and let them drain their tension
  • Robo-Kys 63214K will drain your meter and give Robo-Ky meter back, and when at less than a third of Moroha will give Robo-Ky a guaranteed IK. Be aware of this when you're low on Moroha gauge
  • Robo-Kys install super is very strong, as it gives Robo passive meter build, continually lowers his heat gauge, and when the timer ends will cause an explosion that leaves Robo-Ky extremely plus on block. Don't give Robo-Ky space to get this super off when he has the meter for it, and if he does activate it, make sure you're away from him when the explosion goes off
  • Robo-Ky can be very awkward to combo due to his combination of smaller than average hurtbox (identical to Ky's) and super heavyweight status, be sure to adjust routes and lab accordingly.
Slayer -/-
  • Watch out for his 6P when using anything that hits higher than his lower body. Slayer’s 6P hitbox, together with its upper body invincibility make it hard to contest.
  • During Normal mode Slide low profiles many of his moves, but beware of his 2K, 2H, and 2D. Razor kick (236K) can beat them if you have enough time to get it out, but it's ultimately a disadvantaged situation for ABA.
  • You can Keygrab his dashes/specials if he's sloppy with them during his pressure, and your 5P can stuff some of his higher hitting normals.2S, 6P, and even 5P can stuff his j.H if timing/spacing is right.DoT can punish your forward dash, making it a risky approach when he has meter.
  • Once you're in Moroha mode, Danzai shuts down a ton of Slayer's options, as they're mostly single hitting moves. Beware of Slayer when he has 50% meter for his Dead on Time (DoT) super, since he can easily punish you with it if Danzai is blocked, and Counterhit DoT hurts. Goku Moroha’s faster Danzai makes it hard for Slayer to play neutral, but once again, watch out for DoT. Moroha/Goku Moroha 2D can beat BBU at range, since it has no lower body invincibility.
Sol Badguy -/-
  • Normal Mode Slide goes under many of his pokes, like f.S and 5HS. Punish careless pokes/pressure with Slide into Throw > Keystab, or directly into Keygrab.
  • Slide loses to 2K and especially 2D, but you can hard call out these with 236K (though it will sometimes whiff over 2D, use caution). Keystab if you get the CH stagger, or you might be able to tick throw with it into Keystab depending on spacing.
  • FB Slide through Gunflame nets you a free Throw > Keystab.
  • 6P beats Riot Stomp clean, confirm into a simple jump combo for Keygrab. It's tricky to anti-air his j.H, but you can sometimes force a clash with 5P.
  • During Moroha mode the matchup becomes much easier, but has some significant challenges. For one: if you're ever at less than 1/3 on Moroha gauge, the next Wild Throw or Volcanic Viper (VV) you eat is death as he can freely IK afterwards.
  • You can bait VV with max range 2D, and also safe jump VV with deep j.S, if the j.S is blocked, you can block confirm into fuzzy dj.S. After blocking VV, watch out for his followup, as it can mess up your punish timing, or worse, CH you. VV gets him out of unblockable setup, but you can call out with FB Danzai or max range 2D.
  • Take care when using non-FB Danzai for anti-air as his j.H hits twice. His 2D can low profile your f.S at range, using 2D or 6H might be a better option. Doing combos on him, for example 2HS>IAD routes, or landing the third Rekka in loops can be tricky due to his weird air hurtbox.
  • IAD Orb oki isn't recommended since he can VV out, unless he has sliver of life left and you want to force a trade with rear orb to kill him.
Testament -/-
Venom -/-
  • Fairly easy to disrespect. Many of the options Venom wants to use the most either get low profiled by Slide or blown through by Danzai.
  • You can Slide under most balls, but Venom can easily follow his grounded balls and punish your slides with a 2K or 2D.
  • Venom does not have great answers for Moroha ABA approaching from the air; even if you get hit by a counterhit ball you will usually be able to tech and preserve your gauge. His 6K and 6H will beat your ass if they catch you on the way up, so take care to jump from outside of those ranges.
  • Venom also has no invincible reversals, so meaty 2H is completely safe until Venom has the meter for a Dead Angle (which he will definitely use). His Dead Angle is dangerous for your Moroha gauge on it's own, but will also wallsplat you if you are in the general vicinity of the corner. Try to maneuver around it with jump cancellable normals or hard callouts with Danzai/Goku activation.
Zappa -/-