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Servant Types and Type Superiority
Type Description
Melee (●) All-rounder % 200% 40% 80% 150%
Mobile (▲) Fast, but weak 50% % 250% 250% 200%
Armored (■) Powerful, but slow 250% 50% % 300% 75%
Ranged (↑) High DPS Ranged ATK, but low HP 175% 100% 50% % 500%
Magic (★) Support abilities, Anti-Tank Ranged ATK, but low HP 150% 50% 500% 50% %

There are five total tribes in GG2, with Izuna, Sol, and Dr. Paradigm having ones unique to themselves. Each tribe is meant to complement the strengths or exemplify the weaknesses of their associated Master. Elites within each tribe often determine their best threats.

Basic Melee, Mobile, and Armored Servants are summoned in squads of three. Basic Ranged, Basic Magic, and Elite Servants are summoned as individual units. There can only be one of each Type of Elite unit on the map at a time.

Every Tribe starts with their Basic (●) Melee Servant unlocked. Basic Servants cost 150 to unlock. Elite Servants cost 400 to unlock. Summon costs differ per unit and as well as round end maintenance costs.

Armored (■), Mobile (▲), and Melee (●) is like Rock, Paper, and Scissors


Sol's Tribe A Tribe with very weak yet average cost Basic Servants. Junkyard's Elite Servants however tend to have a high impact on the battlefield.

Basic Servants

The Drill"We can handle it" = Drill death notification
Melee ●

210 Cost / 520 HP / 100 SPD / 10 RMC
Despite how little Drills do in a fight, Sol still needs to be using these to maintain map control.

Drills also gather Sol's unique resource (Gears) when attacking which Sol needs to activate Dragon Install.

When combined with Blockhead, it becomes buffed, gaining access to much stronger attacks but not by enough to make the Drills a good unit.

BladeHigh cost, average strength
Armor ■

420 Cost / 800 HP / 75 SPD / 10 RMC
Blade's high cost and mediocre performance makes them a lower priority for Unlocking then Fire Wheel and Queen.

Blades generate gears at a faster rate and preform better in combat when compared to Drills so they are still useful to Unlock before or after Fire Wheel, Queen, and Sol's Abilities. The general case is to unlock them after your first Elite Servant if you are tied/winning but before if you are losing. That said Match ups determine heavily how much you use this Servant.

Next to Fire Wheel, Blade's are the best unit to pick up and drop off at the opponent's Masterghost should you have an opportunity for them to hit the Masterghost's shield uninterrupted. Can be enhanced by Blockhead to create a barrier around itself that is an active attack but this ability also will knockback some enemies making Blade's normal attacks whiff at times they normally wouldn't.

Pencil Guy
Ranged ↑

130 Cost / 370 HP / 90 SPD / 10 RMC
Pencil Guy is very fragile to the point where if an enemy Master is around they will one shot him. Because of this summoning other units takes priority.

Pencil Guy does have good DPS and the buff Blockhead provides strengthens the basic attacks with knockdown making them harder to approach though Blockhead also isn't worth summoning over Sol's better units, Sol's Abilities, and various items from the shop. If you are at a point where you have extra mana then there are still cases where you can add some much needed damage with this unit to your army so long as the enemy master isn't nearby. They can help you in pressing an advantage when paired with Blockhead because the enemy Master can't ignore the newly acquired knockdown effect on their attacks but they also can't ignore a Master vs Master fight if you force it.

Elite Servants

Fire WheelOl' Reliable
Melee ●°

340 Cost / 1500 HP / 115 SPD / 60 RMC
This is one of Sol's best units.

High attack power, long attack range, a stun effect, high movement speed, and knock back resistance make this Servant a problem for your enemies. While Sol can generally rely on Fire Wheel to cover areas he is not, you will find yourself wanting to keep an eye on this Servant so that he stays alive to gain EXP and levels. Fire Wheel alone can be a threat to the opponents Master Ghost as Sol can pick up and carry Fire Wheel to the Master Ghost, let Fire Wheel destroy the Master Ghost's Barrier, Then just use Overdrive or spam F8X, MC, repeat....

EngulferThe Reusable "Skill Seal"
Mobile ▲°

300 Cost / 1200 HP / 140 SPD / 60 RMC
Engulfer has a special ability to seal the enemy master's usable items and skills making him a solid Servant to pick up and carry with Sol as Backup for Master Vs Master encounters.

Engulfer isn't very against other servants even if the enemy type is weak to mobile units so you generally go for releasing Engulfer after Queen and Fire Wheel.

Armor ■°

480 Cost / 3000 HP / 40 normal (115 in mobile mode) SPD / 90 RMC
Gigant is a very situational Tank that has the unique gimmick of being able to change into different Servant types via 1 use items in Sol's shop.

The default Melee mode has a omnidirectional attack for defensive skirmishes (Melee mode keeps Armor type). The Armor mode has a large front facing charging AoE attack making it good for Offense. The Shooting Mode has a giant Lazer that is good at killing the enemy Master or Masterghost very quickly but the range is narrow and Gigant switches back to Melee mode after firing it once. Lastly Mobile mode increases Gigant's top move speed from 40 to 115 though it doesn't have any new special attacks with it. Each Transformation lasts 60 seconds.

Gigant can be a win condition if you get it to the enemy Masterghost however it is so slow and expensive that this is hard to do successfully. Gigant also is good at holding a front line for 1 of your lanes on the map making it good for maps with few chokepoints like Bel Canto Valley and Triora. If you want Gigant to move faster but cannot afford or don't want to use a Mobile Transformation Kit then it is possible for Sol to get behind Gigant and "push" it forward using Burst Dashes from Free Lock Mode.

Gigant is one of two units Sol cannot pick up.

Magic ★°

320 Cost / 700 HP / 90 SPD / 60 RMC
Despite Blockhead's solid DPS, long range, and ability to buff every basic Servant type; he is often killed before he can make an impact.

The buff Blockhead gives to Drills and Blades isn't helpful enough to justify the cost, meanwhile the buff Blockhead gives Pencil Guy is very useful for Pencil Guy but both are low health Servants that won't let them live long enough to be effective for their cost. To top things off Blockhead is one of the units suffering from an EXP gain bug that prevents it from gaining experience points when attacking.

QueenHigh Impact, Short Lifetime, and Low Cost
Magic ★°

120 Cost / 780 HP / 350 SPD / 50 RMC
This is one of Sol's best units, especially for it's very cheap cost.

Queen has the fastest move speed of any Servant in the game and very high DPS. To offset her strength she has low health that is constantly draining but she is so cheap and impactful on the game state that she more than makes up for her downsides.

Queen excels at capturing ghosts and moving between them so quickly that she can change control of the map in a way no other Servant can. This allows for Sol to make explosive comebacks if the opponent leaves a lane of Ghosts unprotected.

Queen is very good at blowing through enemy groups so long as there are allies there to help keep her from taking damage.

It is a good idea to sell Queen before the end of a round to avoid paying the 50 mana maintenance cost. It is also a good idea to queue another Queen for creation as the round is ending so you have her ready sooner next round. Her basic attack does 42 damage 3 times and will destroy incoming projectiles while active. Her only other ability is a debuff that reduces nearby enemy attack by 25%.

There is an EXP bug with this Servant where it cannot gain EXP from attacking but this doesn't matter for Queen cause she's not going to live long enough to get levels anyways.

Queen is one of two units Sol cannot pick up.


Hunchback Summmons
Mobile ▲

120 Cost / 370 HP / 34 sec life
Sol has an ability he can purchase in his Organ to summon this minion. This is often recommended against purchasing as it falls of in value quickly and doesn't impact the game as much as other Skills Sol can buy.

This Minion does the job of adding an extra body to a fight which can potentially help in situations where you intercept the enemy Master between Ghosts with no Servants nearby. However a single Dispel will kill Hunchback and Sol doesn't have other units with threatening minion summons to bait a Dispel out so this skill is potentially useless against a good player. Even without the Dispel you are probably better off carrying a Servant with then dropping it and giving it the attack commandUp on D-pad by default if you want help in a fight.


Sin & Ky's Tribe A Tribe with the strongest and most expensive Servants.

Basic Servants

Swordsman"Best of the Basic"
Melee ●

225 Cost / 520 HP / 100 SPD / 10 RMC
A basic Melee Servant with good DPS and high HP but also a high Mana cost. They will outperform any other basic Melee Servant in a fight of equal numbers.

Their Skill "Results of Training" is a slow strike that does 70 damage, downs, and blows the opponent back. You can recognize "Results of Training" by the blue light on the charge and follow through of the attack. This and the frequency of the basic attacks makes Swordsman quick at capturing Ghosts even when split from their squad.

Swordsman is a good Servant for Sin or Ky to fight around as the opponent cannot afford to ignore the attacks of either.

Gauntlet BodyThere's a reason Leo trusts them with his throne.
Armor ■

420 Cost / 900 HP / 75 SPD / 20 RMC
The highest attack, HP, and cost of any basic Servant in the game. A solid Servant at almost any point in the game so long as you can afford them.

Mobile ▲

360 Cost / 620 HP / 125 SPD / 20 RMC
One of the strongest Mobile Type Servants but also the most expensive. In this case the combination of Mobile Types low HP and this Servants high cost make summoning this Servant situational.

Springbok is good at doing what a Mobile Servant does in countering Armor, Range, and Magic Types so make sure to pay attention to what the opponent is going for to determine if you need to summon these.

Springbock has a ability which debuffs the defense of enemy Armored Servants. Their basic attacks keep them moving so they can also be annoying for the enemy Master to hit.

Twin TriggerBullet hell gimmick
Ranged ↑

140 Cost / 300 HP / 100 SPD / 10 RMC
Twin Triggers can be annoying in large number but are risky to summon due to their low HP making them very vulnerable to the enemy Master.

Overall they tend to be somewhat gimmicky. You are better off investing in a swarm of Swordsman and Gauntlet Bodies rather than getting the number of Twin Triggers needed to wall an opponent out with projectiles.

Twin Triggers will fire a volley of 3 shots with the last one being the strongest. If there are multiple Twin Triggers in the same group they can overlap the cooldown on their attacks in a way that makes them annoying to approach. It is easy for someone to find a single combo that kills them without going into knockdown so if you plan on using these consider keeping a strong frontline of defense for them.

Wisemansmall buffs
Magic ★

160 Cost / 360 HP / 80 SPD / 10 RMC
Wiseman buffs allies attack and defense. It's health is low though and it's attacks are rather slow and weak so often it's not worth the cost of to bring it out.

Elite Servants

Convict HammerLearned Hammerfall from Potempkin
Armor ■°

460 Cost / 2000 HP / 75 SPD / 70 RMC
Convict Hammer is a very good unit that does has good damage on armored attacks, gives an attack buff to nearby allies, gives a buff to defense against ranged attacks, and has a Cleanse which removes debuffs and heavily damages summoned minions. Despite all these stregnths though it is very expensive and since it's and Elite Armored unit you cannot pick it up limiting it's mobility around the battle field. It tends to be a late game win condition due to this.

Convict Hammer does best when paired with a few squads of basics units. He does a very good job of making them more effective. It becomes hard to target other enemies because you have to play neutral around Convict Hammer's armored stikes which knockdown.

Quatro BailiffYour best friend
Ranged ↑°

360 Cost / 1150 HP / 125 SPD / 40 RMC
Quatro Bailiff is a unique Servant that has attack 2 modes and increased damage against enemy Masters and access to critical hits. The dense projectile coverage this unit provides makes unlocking this unit a priority. Generally Ky or Sin want to pick this unit up and fight along side it.

In Melee mode it does a rushing attack. In Shooting mode it fires shots at a somewhat fast attack rate at the opponent and Quatro Bailiff has added knockback resistance in this stance but cannot move. Quatro Bailiff is in Melee mode by default but will enter Shooting mode if an enemy enters his range. Once he exits Shooting mode it goes on a 30 second cooldown. Since mode changing is a skill it can technically be sealed by the enemy.

Heaven's LibraBig Buffs
Magic ★°

380 Cost / 800 HP / 90 SPD / 70 RMC
The defining trait of Heaven's Libra is a staff it places down which creates an active effect which lower's the defense of all enemies within it's range. This unit is usually a 2nd priority next to Quatro Bailiff due to how the defense debuff allows your army to be more effective against all enemy types including the enemy Master. The ability to place the staff has a 30 second cooldown so keep that in mind when choosing where and when to fight.

Heaven's Libra has a second ability with a 15 second cooldown which buffs the attack speed of one ally for 30 second. Since you usually keep Heaven's Libra with a large number of other Servants it's not likely for this buff to land on a target you would want it to.

Heaven's Libra has a basic attack where it throws a ball that hits twice with good damage.

Heaven's Libra tends to do better on defense then offense due to the defense buff a controlled Ghost provides helping to make up for Libra's low life.


Humming SwordSin only
Mobile ▲°

120 Cost / 300 HP / ? SPD / NA RMC
Sin has an ability he can purchase in his Organ to summon this minion which stays alive for 30 seconds.

The intended use is to summon Humming Sword to fight alongside in Master vs Master combat as Sin generally is weak in Master vs Master combat if he doesn't have nearby units to support him. Humming Sword can also capture Ghosts fairly quickly though it dies to 3 capture units.

Humming Swords attacks have a high stun rate and do decent damage.


Raven & Valentine's Tribe A Tribe of cheap Servants with low HP and high damage limited by a lack of different unit types.

Basic Servants

Melee ●

195 Cost / 470 HP / 120 SPD / 10 RMC
Candy is cheap yet low health for a basic Melee Servant that has a high rate of attack. A useful unit through every stage of the game.

Candy's basic attacks have a poison effect. When near a controlled ghost the defense buff the ghost provides lets candy live long enough to win fights against any other basic melee Servant thanks to the damage over time. Candy's high attack rate and the poison effect allow them to act as a very effective wall for Valentine to zone behind when fighting the enemy Master.

Do keep in mind that these units are very Fragile so the enemy Master will be able to clear groups of them quickly if left alone. They also will often lose to equal numbers of basic Melee Servants if they are near an Enemy Controlled Ghost. Even in neutral scenarios Ky and Sin's Basic Melee Servant Swordsman will often win in equal number.

Gateu SkinWake up DP every time
Ranged ↑

90 Cost / 350 HP / 100 SPD / 10 RMC
Unique to this army, Gateu Skin is already unlocked. This servant is the cheapest and weakest of all the Ranged units yet somehow manages to be the most useful basic Ranged Servant.

This Servant will do an invulnerable attack after it gets knocked down making it a good unit for Valentine to position around. Since Ranged type Servants are strong against Melee type Servants, Gateu Skins are strong in the early game.

P Blancmage
Magic ★

200 Cost / 320 HP / 90 SPD / 10 RMC
A expensive low HP unit with high situational utility.

Has a melee basic attack, a single target 20 second movement and attack speed debuff ability on a 15 second cooldown, and a ability which hurts an enemy minion for half it's health and heals a nearby ally (note the category minions includes units summoned by abilities, scarecrows, various Rods, and Capture Units empowered by the item Capture Soldier).

Due to the movement speed debuff being unblockable once cast putting one of these Servants in key defensive locations can potentially slow the enemy master down long enough for you to intercept them.

Elite Servants

Armor ■°

350 Cost / 1600 HP / 100 SPD / 60 RMC
Due to Charlotte's knockback resistance and the large area of effect of it's various attacks, She is very good at breaking through large groups of Basic Melee Servants. Charlotte has a passive ability where she heals for 25% of the damage she deals. A solid Servant to unlock 2nd or 3rd.

Charlotte is cheaper, faster, and weaker than any other Elite Armor Servant. Given that you cannot pick up Elite Armored Units there are situations where other units could be rescued from that Charlotte cannot.

Mobile ▲°

440 Cost / 1500 HP / 100 SPD / 100 RMC
Raven/Valentine's strongest Servant.

Summons Cherry minions every 40 second and only live for 30 seconds. If any other Servants die then in that round their 'corpses' can be used to summon Cherry-Hatchet minions every 30 seconds which live for 60 seconds. Be aware that the summoned minions health is low enough that they die to a single dispel. That said they are summoned often enough and build up over time to be annoying for the opponent.

Ranged ↑°

280 Cost / 1000 HP / 85 SPD / 60 RMC
The weakest of all Raven/Valentine's elite Servants.

Miss Tiramisu
Magic ★°

380 Cost / 900 HP / 100 SPD / 60 RMC
Attacks often with high damage attacks that have good AoE. Has an unblockable ability which prevents the enemy Master from being able to attack for a short time.

Best used when paired with Charlotte or Mille-Feuille. With either pairing you have good damage coverage for every type of Servant. Using with Mille-Feuille in particular means both units can be picked up by the Master for a portable army.

This Servant's offensive strengths are balanced by low HP and a tendency to use it's dashing attack to wind up in the middle of a fight it can't handle.


Mobile ▲

200 HP / 30 sec life / 40 sec between summons
Summoned by Mille Feuille. Dies to Dispel but good at body blocking the enemies.

Cherry Hatchet
Mobile ▲

700 HP / 60 sec life / 30 sec between summons
Summoned by Mille Feuille from the "corpses" of nearby minions. Dies to Dispel but good at body blocking the enemies.

When these are summoned along with Cherry they can make a well sized squad on their own.

BrownieValentine only
Armor ■

100 Cost / 350 HP / 60 sec life
Summoned by Valentine's ability Brownie Summons which can be purchased in her Organ.

The inteded use for these is to aid in Master Vs Master combat as they follow Valentine standing in front of her ready to retaliate to any damage with a counter attack. The conditions behind the counter attack are a bit awkward though

Useful for Valentine when Mille-Feuille's summons bait your opponent's dispel.

CrowRaven only
Mobile ▲

100 Cost / NA HP / 30 sec life
Summoned by Raven's ability which can be purchased in his Organ.

These are bad don't use them. They die in one hit of any kind as well as to the standard Dispel.

These fly around and dive at the nearby enemies prioritizing the enemy Master if nearby. If blocked or on hit they steal Tension giving it to Raven. Since Servants don't have Tension the Crow will steal EXP from them and give it to Raven as Tension. In theory this enables Raven to use more of his projectile specials and skills as well, but Raven's Tension gain from his combos is quite high already.


Paradigm's Tribe A Tribe with cheap Basic Servants who are just strong enough to be threatening in large numbers. The Gears have the strongest Elite Servants in the game.

Basic Servants

GeroppaStrength in numbers
Melee ●

150 Cost / 420 HP /100 SPD / 10 RMC
Geroppa is weaker than most other basic Melee Servants, but can still easily win fights with larger numbers. Having larger numbers of Geroppa is a common situation due to Geroppa's very low cost.

Armor ■

390 Cost / 840 HP / 70 SPD / 10 RMC
Cheaper than most Armor Servants but with lower health and low dps. Not cheap enough to be as generally useful as Keropa or Bower and Bonebiter tends to take priority far as unlocking an Armor type Servant goes. That said there are cases and matchups where unlocking Rollers early is a solid choice.

Rollers primary job is to act as a meatshield so that you have time to send reinforcements. This winds up being needed for 2v2s and large maps while on smaller maps you might never see a need to unlock Rollers at all.

Mobile ▲

180 Cost / 540 HP / 150 SPD / 10 RMC
Bower starts the match already unlocked and is a useful unit with many different uses.

Bower make a good counter to any typing that would counter Geroppa while Bower's high movement speed gets them to the frontline quickly without Paradigm needing to carry them.

Paradigm's Skill Stratagem can be purchased from the organ. Use it to make Bower the 2nd fastest unit in the game.

Bower often pay for themselves due to how much extra Mana you will get from the Ghosts they capture if you spread them around the map. Just be careful not to make too many too predictably because large groups of only Bower can be easily countered.

Bonebiter pairs well with Bower in the middle/late game. When hurt past 50% life, Bonebiter can recover health by eating nearby Bower. Bonebiter protects Bower and vice versa due to their Servant types.

Elite Servants

Melee ●°

400 Cost / 1500 HP / 100 SPD / 50 RMC
A solid Servant with very high DPS and the ability to speed up the recovery from debuffs by 4 times for allies within a certain range.

Good at fighting other elite servants and Masters but less effective against large groups due to lack of AoE or projectiles

Has an ability which lowers the attack power and movement speed of enemy mobile type Servants within a certain range by 50%.

At level 3 his 3 hit attack "King Hunt" will do 50% of an enemy Master's life in damage. This attack has no cooldown as it is one of his two basic attacks.

Armor ■°

480 Cost / 2200 HP / 100 SPD / 80 RMC
Arguably the best Servant in the game. Bonbiter has High HP, high DPS, large AoE abilities, a self-sustain healing ability, and aura that debuffs enemy attack by 17%.

Once Bonebiter reaches 50% HP it will eat nearby Geroppa, Bower, and Bower Jr. to regenerate health. You don't want Bonebiter to be alone as him dying is worse mana wise then him eating friendly units. Consider regularly reinforcing Bonebiter with Bower as they will reach the frontline quickly as their movement speed is the 2nd fastest in the game. Bonebiter's advantage against Melee troops allows his already high DPS and AoE to effectively keep nearby Bower troops from ever being at a type disadvantage. The Bower themselves attack often enough to keep the enemy Master from focusing Bonebiter and Bower dodge just enough to be waste alot of the enemy Masters time if he tries to clear them out.

Spirit Seeker
Ranged ↑°

380 Cost / 1100 HP / 85 SPD / 80 RMC
Dr. Paradigm's least useful elite unit. That said if this Servant still performs a unique function in that it can attack a enemy Ghost from an adjacent Ghost allowing you to remove the defensive buff that a defending army would normally have before you attack.

Dual Horn
Magic ★°

340 Cost / 920 HP / 85 SPD / 50 RMC
Dual Horn has high DPS, a freeze ability, basic attacks the apply a debuff to enemy defense, and a heal for allied units. One of Dr Paradigm's best units, second only to Bonebiter.

There is a bug where Dual Horn doesn't gain Experience from his attacks. Of the units that have this bug it hurts Dual Horn his attack is high meaning it would scale well with levels and he is sturdy enough to survive and make an impact.


Gate Gunner
Ranged ↑°

120 Mana unlock / 250 HP / 30 sec life / 10 Summon Cooldown
Gate Gunner is summoned by Dr. Paradigm's ability of the same name and a staple part of his kit in helping him play 'Tower Defense' in the early game. The low cost of 120 Mana combine with Gate Gunner's Shooting type advantage to Melee Servants helps Gerropa Paradigm places all over the map able to capture and defend Ghosts far more effectively than they otherwise would.

The low health and lack of any kind of movement means that if the enemy Master shows up then Gate Gunner can be killed with ease. If there are Mobile units nearby then they will also tend to target and kill Gate Gunner in one hit. Still if the situation is very chaotic and your frontline of troops is strong then it is never bad having more Gate Gunners spread around for extra firepower.

Basic attack does 60 damage.

Has an ability which strengthens 1 ally's attack power by 1.25 times for 30 seconds (15 second cooldown).

Magic ★°

100 Tension / 1500 HP / 60 sec life
Kokopelli is a Minion summoned by Dr. Paradigm's Overdrive and there can only be 1 at a time. This is a very powerful unit that acts as a tank for your troops by pulling the enemies aggro like a Scarecrow would while also shooting a rain of projectiles around it.

Is also surprsingly good at destroying the Masterghost Barrier which make Paradigm a constant threat to the Masterghost from the very start of the game.


Izuna's Tribe A Tribe of weak yet average cost basic Servants. The Backyard's Elite Servants are good at both Crowd Control (Freeze & Banish) and destroying an undefended Masterghost.

Basic Servants

Melee ●

210 Cost / 480 HP / 110 SPD / 10 RMC
A rather lackluster Basic Melee Servant with low health, average attack, and high cost. Not a very good unit but Izuna has to use them to maintain map control and vision.

Has a counter which when triggered does an armored attack. This counter is a weakness in disguise though as the opponent can use the armor to hit with high damage attacks that would normally knockdown in order to kill Kappa faster than otherwise possible.

Armor ■

360 Cost / 720 HP / 70 SPD / 10 RMC
The cheapest basic Armor Servant in the game. One of the slower units in the game so often needs to be carried to it's location. Izuna sometimes wants to unlock 2nd due to strength against Melee type and the relatively cheap cost to summon.

Somewhat low DPS. Also has a odd weakness in that none of it's attacks can knockdown. Due to it's low damage consider mixxing with other squads with other Servant types.

Mobile ▲

300 Cost / 500 HP / 125 SPD / 10 RMC
A somewhat mediocre Servant. Does a good job of killing Ranged and Magic type Servants but has a hard time dealing damage to Armor type Servants.

IttanmomenMade of Paper
Ranged ↑

110 Cost / 350 HP / 110 SPD / 10 RMC
Ittanmomen has a unique quirk where it shoots two projectiles instead of one if it reaches max level. Unfortunately this is very rare as this unit can be killed by the enemy Master in one combo with no knockdown.

There isn't much of a reason to summon these sadly.

Elite Servants

Melee ●°

360 Cost / 1500 HP / 110 SPD / 40 RMC
Tengu attacks often with good DPS and is Izuna's strongest Servant. A good choice to carry with Izuna as it does good damage to Ghosts, Servants, enemy Masters, and even the enemy Masterghost barrier.

When paired with Tengu; one can drop them buff both with Izuna's purchased Ability C.Crysanthimum, pick them both up so the buff timer freezes, then drop off at the enemy Masterghost to break the barrier very quickly. The threat of this can force your opponent to split their units for map vision or they lose the game.

Tengu's spinning kick almost guard breaks the opponent if they block it. In a large battle scenario they are forced to back off as one more hit of any kind would guard break them.

Tengu can banish one enemy in a tornado for a period of time. This ability is a double edged sword because while the enemy is banished by a tornado they cannot attack or be attacked. If you commanded your squad to keep moving after capturing a Ghost then they might leave the banished unit behind, then when the enemy unit comes back from being banished it simply captures the Ghost with no opposition. Most of the time high priority targets are going to be lost near squads of weaker basic units so it's hard to get the Tornado to banish a unit you really do want gone from the fight.

Armor ■°

650 Cost / 3000 HP / 75 SPD / 100 RMC
Only hits Ghosts and the Masterghost but does absurdly high damage. Getting Daidarabotchi to the enemy Masterghost is a win condition.

Daidarabotchi's basic attack instantly destroys Masterghost barrier and 3 Basic Attacks will lower Masterghost to 1 HP. Daidarabotchi's walk does 30 damage to enemies launches with low untech.

When 1000 damage is taken, Daidarabotchi will be stunned and drop 4 Mini-Daidarabotchi Minions. This can only happen twice even if you heal Daidarabotchi.

Daidarabotchi isn't without flaws though, it is expensive and walks slow keeping it from being a viable option except in long games. You can position yourself behind Daidarabotchi and do a free lock dash into his back to push Daidarabotchi which can be a viable way of getting him to his destination quicker

Ranged ↑°

290 Cost / 1000 HP / 110 SPD / 40 RMC
A decent Servant but not one seen often as it doesn't do anything unique or necessary for Izuna's army. Can make a solid squad with Tengu and Oyuki as their attacks and abilities tend to cover one another but is usually summoned last.

Lays some highly active spinning blade projectiles attacks, basic projectiles, and dashes at enemies.

Izuna's army as a whole is somewhat weak to Armor Servants and Kirin is weak to Armor Servants.

Kirin also has low life so it's hard to keep alive.

Magic ★°

390 Cost / 750 HP / 80 SPD / 40 RMC
A good support unit which increases allies defense and freezes enemies. The freeze is a very strong part of Oyuki's kit and allows Izuna to combo into his 2XX super hard knockdown (lasts about 10 seconds). Some players opt for unlocking Oyuki before Tengu.

When paired with Tengu; one can drop them buff both with Izuna's purchased Ability C.Crysanthimum, pick them both up so the buff timer freezes, then drop off at the enemy Masterghost to break the barrier very quickly. The threat of this can force your opponent to split their units for map vision or they lose the game. Place Oyuki right next to the enemy Masterghots because it's melee attack has high DPS while it's ranged attack has low DPS and it chooses which to use based on the context of it's nearest target.

Despite the high DPS on it's melee attack, Oyuki does not do a reliable job of countering Armor due to low DPS on it's ranged attack. Still it's the best you have for helping Izuna clear a squad of enemy Armor units so you will still want to use it in that context.

Has low health and can be easily targeted by the enemy Master so Izuna needs to carry Oyuki with him.


Magic ★

300 HP / 30 sec life
Summoned by Izuna with the ability Dharma Summons he can purchase. Doesn't attack but rather supports with a projectile that freezes the enemy and a unavoidable slow debuff. Good for engaging the enemy Master with.

Armor ■

440 HP / 40 sec life / unique summon condition
A group of 4 is summoned by Daidarabotchi when it's health lowers to 2000 and 1000.

Mini-Daidarabotchi attack with a 3 punches followed by a kick that knocks the enemy back.

They attack often so if they manage to stay alive they can be useful. Your opponent will probably be able to afford purchasing a Dispel which kills them so this limits how useful they can be.

Unit Matchup Spread/Tier List

Some testing was done in training mode to see how units preformed against each other. While this ignores factors like unit cost and more complex combat scenarios it can help one understand how a unit fairs against similar types from different armies. See the documentation in the link at the bottom of this section for methodology and raw data.

Top Tier Unit Type in Raw Performance

Top tier Melee unit - Swordsmen (Sin / Ky)

Top tier Elite Melee unit - Fire Wheel (Sol)

Top tier Armoured unit - Gauntlet Body (Sin / Ky)

Top tier Elite Armoured unit - Gigant (Sol)

Top tier Mobile unit - Springbock (Sin / Ky)

Top tier Elite Mobile unit - Engulfer (Sol)

Top tier Ranged unit - Pencil Guy (Sol)

Top tier Elite Ranged unit - Quadro Bailiff (Sin / Ky)

Top tier Magic unit - Wise Man (Sin / Ky)

Top tier Elite Magic unit - Miss Tiramisu (Valentine / Raven)



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