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Servant Types and Type Superiority
Type Description
Melee (●) All-rounder % 200% 40% 80% 150%
Mobile (▲) Fast but weak 50% % 250% 250% 200%
Armored (■) Powerful, but slow 250% 50% % 300% 75%
Ranged (↑) Potent ranged attacks, poor close-range power 175% 100% 50% % 500%
Magic (★) Support units that often can't fight alone 150% 50% 500% 50% %

There are five total tribes in GG2, with Izuna, Sol, and Dr. Paradigm having ones unique to themselves. Each tribe is meant to complement the strengths or exemplify the weaknesses of their associated Master. Elites within each tribe often determine their best threats.

Sol's Tribe (Junkyard)


The DrillNot very good.
210 Cost / 520 HP / 100 SPD / 10 RMC

An incredibly underwhelming starting unit that begins Sol's grind game. They gather Sol's unique resource (Gears) when attacking, and if multiple can be made without burning a hole in your wallet, they can make up their cost by letting Sol activate Dragon Install. When combined with Blockhead, it becomes buffed, gaining access to much stronger attacks.

Sin & Ky's Tribe (Illyria)

This army has the strongest units but at the highest cost of any army. Even with the high cost this army is one of, if not, the best in the game. The non-elite melee "Swordsman" and armored "Gauntlet Body" have higher HP than any other armies similarly typed units and thus generally make the bulk of the army for much of the early-mid game. The mobile unit "Springbock" is useful when used to counter enemy armor, range, and magic units but will only make up it's cost if it's used to counter those weakness types. The non-elite ranged unit "Twin-Trigger" has high attack power but also has very low HP making it only useful if you can keep them covered. Similarly the non-elite magic unit "Wiseman" provides buffs to attack and defense for nearby units but it's only attack is easily dodges and doesn't do much damage so mass producing them is not reccomended.

The elite units in this army tend to come out later than other armies due to the cost but all of them can have a high impact on the match. The elite armor unit "Convict Hammer" hits likea truck and has armor on its attacks. "Convict Hammer" also can provide attack buffs to nearby Units and Players and also has a dispel ability (like the one the player can buy from the shop) which removes enemy buffs and deal very high damage to units summoned by special abilities. The Elite Magic unit "Heaven's Libra" is a good support unit with high attack power, buffs for allies, and debuffs for enemies. "Heaven's Libra" can put down a rod which lowers enemy defense in an area around it. "Heaven's Libra" also buffs one ally's attack speed for 30 seconds which admittedly can be harder to take advantage in large chaotic battles as it may buff a weak unit like a swordsman rather than the Master or other elite units. The Elite Ranged unit "Quadro Baliff" has high movement speed and attack power as well as a stance which allows more rapid powerful attacks.

Raven & Valentine's Tribe (Valentine's Army)

What this army lacks in versatility it makes up for it's high strength for a low cost. Valentine/Raven lack a armored or mobile unit like most other armies have so they are reliant on non-elite magic and elite units to counter armored units. That said the non-elite melee unit "Candy" has very high attack power for a very low cost winning most battle against similarly typed units from other armies. The non-elite ranged unit "Gateau Skin" will preform a invincible attack on wake-up so if your opponnent doesn't know how to kill them without knocking them down they can be annoying to deal with. Valentine/Raven tends to go for early game map control to deny the opponent resources that way they can release their elite units before their opponent.

The elite units of this army tend to be fairly strong for their cost as well but if the game goes on too long they can be outclassed by some other armies elite units. The elite mobile unit "Mille-feuille" is her strongest unit. "Mille-feulle" has good AoE attacks, and unblockable attack, and can summon a group of 3 unique units called "Cherries", and can summon a stronger version of those units from corpses called a "Cherry Hatchet". The elite magic unit is one of the best in the army at raw attack power with good AoEs on top of the ability to seal the opponents special skills (the ones on the command bar including items and picked up units). The elite armored unit "Charlotte" has surprisingly good movement speed but less health and attack power compared to other elite armored units. "Charlotte" does have a few hits of super-armor which can make interupting it's attacks hard for newer players and small groups of enemy servants. The elite ranged unit "Eclair" is the weakest of the group and tends to run away from fights when chased making it not very effective. It's recommended to summon Eclair last if even at all.

Paradigm's Tribe (Gears)

Paradigm's tribe is one of the best in the game alongside Sin/Ky's tribe. Early game Paradigm's units have low costs but mediocre unit strength but his elite units are the strongest in the game. As such they use strength in numbers to overwhelm the early game and take momentum, then keep it with their powerful Elites later on. Paradigm's heavy elite "Bonebiter" is the most impactful of all his elite units and is generally summoned first out of his elite units. Bonebiter can eat the non-elite melee "Geroppa" and mobile "Bower" units as such unlocking Bonebitter first allows for compete coverage of all unit weakness types with good frontline sustainability.

This army feels like it has something missing when you first play Paradigm; with its low initial combat power, you'd expect an army of this low scale to belong to a powerful combatant like Sol. Instead, this army has to be put to good use with Paradigm's ability to control a crowd and support his Gears, letting them rapidly push without confronting the enemy Master where able. Paradigm himself can use his purchasable ability "Stratagem" to make his units move across the map faster than any other master which is key to reinforcing his units and maintaining control on multiple fronts without Paradigm having to pick up his units to taxi them around. Paradigm often needs to move on multiple fronts, as if he's making one large push, it's easy for him to be defeated in the frenzy. Having a second force somewhere allows Paradigm to move to another battle and keep reinforcing, which is what he does best.

Izuna's Tribe (Backyard)

Izuna's tribe is fairly well rounded in theory but has one glaring weakness. That weakness being that all of his units have low defense/HP.

His standard unit "The Kappa" has a counter attack that gives it super armor but experienced players know how to bait this out in order to hit it with attacks that would normally knockdown leading to a quicker death then even Sol's Drills. Even with that weakness the Kappa is the only non-elite unit with an AoE attack meaning you are forced to rely on it in large scale battles. Izuna's armored unit "The Namahage" the lowest cost Armored unit but also the lowest health armored unit. Izuna's mobile unit "Nekomata-chan" doesn't deal enough damage to armored units to act as a proper counter to armored units. "Nekomata-chan" does act as a good counter to ranged and magic units though. Izuna's ranged unit "Ittanmomen" is literally made of paper though it has decent tracking projectiles, so making them is only recommended for experienced players intending to carry them around and fight with them.

Izuna's elite units also tend to be squishy with the exception of his armored heavy "Deidara" who only attacks enemy ghosts. Izuna's other elites tend to be focused on Crowd Control abilities like Freeze or temporary removal from the battlefield meaning they do best as support units to an army or to Izuna himself.