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Making his debut in the series, Sin is a close to midrange monster. With large, sweeping moves and high mobility attacks, Sin has no issue controlling the flow of battle. As well, he has possibly one of the most versatile Overdrives, allowing him to both shred Masters and Servants alike.

Nothing is without weakness, and Sin is definitely no exception. His hurtboxes extend far more than they may look, leading to quite a few situations where Sin can get pre-emptively counter-poked and have to Burst to get his pressure back. As well, his combos don't do any exceptional damage with or without Modern Cancel, generally falling slightly below the average.

If Sin is a character you wanted to play, don't be disappointed. With all of his tools combined, Sin makes life hellish for the opponent in head-on fights and larger scale conflicts. Even if they don't come together as cohesively as Sol's kit does, is there really a need for it if the opponent can't stop you anyways?
Lore:A bratty kid with a lot to prove, Sin travels with Sol as he hunts down That Man. He holds great spite for Ky Kiske and views Sol as his father. He has a habit of holding back, despite whatever circumstances occur.
Sin is a strong midranger who prevents the opponent from defending whenever possible.
Pros Cons
  • Amazing Reach: Able to pressure other characters from a distance, Sin is almost never out of range to threaten the opponent
  • Counter: Electroreverb, one of the only other reversals in the game, allows Sin to exploit gaps in the opponent's pressure and strike back with high power.
  • Pressure Nightmare: Sin's normals aren't anything special on Guard, but Big Beak Driver and Voltic Eye make the thought of blocking against Sin impossible. With the highest possible Guard damage of a single attack, Big Beak Driver is pivotal to Sin's gameplan and lets him open up opponents, while Voltic Eye can be used to make them take a powerful attack if they sidestep.
  • Balanced Army: With an army that's generally strong in all stages of the game, Sin can focus on playing where he wants to be and avoid engagement until it becomes advantageous.
  • Versatile Overdrive: R.T.L. is a jack-of-all-trades Overdrive, letting Sin use it whenever he sees fit to shift the momentum of battle. It's useful in any context that he has Tension.
  • Counter-poking: Sin's hurtboxes are questionable, and as such, he's susceptible to counter-poking, which most characters aren't due to the nature of this game.
  • Tension-reliant: Without Tension, Sin's pressure and combos leave much to be desired and don't give him any room to threaten the opponent. In between battles, he has to recover the Tension he spent to remain as a threat throughout a match.
  • Versatile Overdrive?: Both a blessing and a curse, Sin's R.T.L. can't decide what it wants to do. It does ok damage for each of its three hits, but less than Ky's one-directional Ride the Lightning, meaning it can struggle to wipe out crowds. As well, Sin cannot combo all three hits against a single enemy, making its single target damage lackluster compared to competition like Tyrant Rave.
GG2 Sin Portrait.png
Skills:Patecatl Stain, Phantom Barrel, Exciter, Humming Sword


To do: fix notation combos involving jumps and air combos. -Basic Combos-

5X, X, X This combo will launch his opponent which can lead to easy air combos.

2X, 5X This combo can be looped infinitely. Good for clearing mobs, can be used in master fights but don't over do it otherwise you'll just get opened up.

8X Sin throws himself at his target. Has long wind up.

2X Sin trips his target. Can follow into specials.

6X Sin quickly jabs his target with his flag pole. Can cancel into specials as well.

-Advanced Combos-

5X, X, X, dj. 5X, X, ad. 5X, X, X 188 Damage.

5X, X, X, dj. 5X, X, ad. 5X, X, 5Y 213 Damage.

5X, X, 5Y, Y, j. ad. 5X, X, X 228 Damage.

5X, X, 5Y, Y, j. ad. 5X, X, 5Y 254 Damage.

5X, X, 5Y, Y, 8X, j. ad. 5X, X, X Delay the 8X 250 Damage.

5X, X, 5Y, Y, 8X, j. ad. 5X, X, 5Y Delay the 8X 275 Damage.

5X, X, 5Y, Y, 8X, 5Y, Y, 8X, Delay 8X, Second 5Y will whiff. 269 Damage.

5X, X, (MC), 5X, X, 5Y, Y, 8X, j. ad. 5X, X, 5X Delay 8X. 259 Damage.

5X, X, (MC), 5X, X, 5Y, Y, 8X, j. ad. 5X, X, 5Y Delay 8X. 285 Damage.

6X, j. 8X, l. 6X, j. 8X, l. 6X, j. 8X, l. 6X, j. 8X. 195 Damage.

8+X, 5Y, 8+X, 8Y. Start the combo with the camera unlocked. Lock camera for 5Y, unlock again for 8+X then lock again for 8Y. Delay 8Y. 313 Damage.

5X, 5Y, Y, 8+X, 8Y Start from far as possible. When you get to 8+X unlock the camera. Relock the camera after 8+X Delay 8Y. 308 Damage.

-Phantom Barrel Combos (damage varies with Exciter and nearby troops)-

5X, X, X, Phantom Barrel 5B 199 Damage.

5X, X, 5Y, Y, Phantom Barrel 5B 257 Damage.

5X, X, 5Y, Y, 8X, Phantom Barrel 5B Delay 8X. 277 Damage.

4X, 5X, X, 5Y, Y, Phantom Barrel 5B 276 Damage.

4X, 5X, X, 5Y, Y, 8X, Phantom Barrel 5B Delay 8X. 292 Damage.

8X, (MC), 5X, 5Y, Y, Phantom Barrel 5B MC when Sin touches the ground,. 276 Damage.

8X, (MC), 5X, X, 5Y, Y, 8X, Phantom Barrel 5B MC when Sin touches the ground. 292 Damage.

-Overdrive Combos-