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Dr. Paradigm was intended to be a technical character focused on strategy over combat but he happens to be very good at clearing enemy units despite his weakness at PvP. Despite this weakness Dr. Paradigm is a very effective character in the right hands with some saying he's the best in the game alongside Sol. The learning curve for Paradigm can be difficult due to being vulnerable to the enemy Master early game if they manage to force a conflict, as Paradigm generally wants to engage in PvP from behind his units with items purchased to help glue some combos/setups into his slow damaging attacks.

Dr. Paradigm has an extremely steep learning curve, but his Elites can turn the tide of battle and his own supporting abilities can be applied well in large-scale conflicts.
Lore:The leader of a small society of Gears that survived the Crusades.

He despises humanity, but holds Ky in high regard.
Dr. Paradigm is a non-combatant with powerful support abilities.
Pros Cons
  • Disengagement: Dr. Paradigm has many tools to get out of disadvantageous battles.
  • Pure Utility: He has Skills and Servants for every possible match state, letting him take advantage of every situation. With Paradigm's skill (Stratagem) he has the quickest army in the game making controlling the map easier especially on large maps where the enemy master has more places they can't be as often.
  • Cheap Servants: Many of Dr. Paradigm's Servants are dirt cheap, letting him get units out faster than other factions. He can form a strong foothold in the early game.
  • Fast Unit Clear: Surprisingly, Dr. Paradigm can pump out alot of damage over a large area very quickly. Gate Gunners last a long time, L8X deals alot of damage, and with some tricky placement of Bombs and Bonnie Paradigm rivals Sol's Unit clear.
  • Non-Combatant: He has a fighting chance nearly approaching zero against most Masters, even other low combatants like Valentine. No matter what you try to do, his combos are non-existent.
  • Mediocre Army: While the Gears are not a bad tribe by any means, they aren't as strong as Ky/Sin's or Valentine's armies. Sadly, they don't, and are instead an army known for its cost-effectiveness and troublesome Elites rather than its full composition.
Dr. Paradigm
GG2 Dr. Paradigm Portrait.png
Skills:Gate Gunner, Stratagem, Aegis Field, Get Out of Here


-Basic Combos- 5X, X, X The third x hit will apply a debuff to the targets hit in the circle. This debuff pairs well with Dr. Paradigm's y abilities. If an enemy is pulled into an explosion with this debuff they will effectively explode twice dealing tonnes of damage and launching Masters.

8+X Drops a giant apple on their head. Spam for profit.

2X Creates a field on the ground which knocks the enemy backwards ever so slightly. Quick, will apply a debuff which works in conjunction with his explosive y abilities.

5X,4X Knocks his target away.

6X, X, X Another 3 hit combo.

5X, X, Get Out of Here 5B The tracker doesn't say, but I estimate about 230 damage.

5X, X, Gate Gunner 5B Can help you apply pressure and put down a gate gunner safely on your opponent giving you more options. Also feels the smoothest when summoning the gate gunner compared to the variants below. 65 Damage.

5X, X, X, Gate Gunner. 5B 109 Damage.

To do: come up with item combos, unblockables, and setups. Might need to dive into JP wiki for more info on advanced techniques with Bonnie Bombs.