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General Tactics

As Percival your main goal is to build up Träumerei stock and then use the added benefits from it to apply heavy pressure to your opponent. Percival additionally has a very strong set of normal moves that are extremely useful for poking and punishing the opponent. However, Percival's speed and movement options aren't very strong so you should rely on playing footsies to gain an advantage by utilizing your excellent normals. You can also force knockdowns off a plethora of situations which will lead to safejumps.


Most of your blockstrings focus on using plus buttons up close to push yourself out into 2M/f.M range. Once you have successfully spaced yourself out, then Percival's midrange dominance begins to shine. You'll want to stand at around f.M range as it gives you the most options. After the opponent blocks a f.M, you can either cancel it into 236X if you want to keep pushing them out, cancel into 214X for an easy hitconfirm or more pressure with Macht once the opponent is conditioned to block, or attempt to catch a whiff by letting f.M play out and pressing 2M after. Percival's RPS between fireball and command dash is part of what makes him so scary, and f.H's range only complements his pressure game. f.H can also be cancelled into Dodge (4G) as another way to bait the opponent into pressing a button to contest it. While f.M can also be canceled into Dodge, f.M is also much faster overall making it generally unnecessary.


General Information

Most of the time, when you get a knockdown with Percival, you'll want to use the time to get some stocks as those give you better knockdowns and damage later on in the match. Percival's best midscreen oki is from 623H, as it gives you plenty of time to either run up and meaty or use 22M to gain stocks. In the corner, 623H gives both 22M and a meaty button. Off his throws he gets similar pressure, with forward throw giving stocks or a meaty midscreen (although generally you'll want to gain stocks) and giving both in the corner, as well as a safejump as an alternative. Off of any sweep, Percival can do 22L > 214XM for a meaty and an extra stock.

Safe Jumps

Here is a list of moves you can do a safe jump after (tested against Gran, will need to validate against rest of cast and from air combos):

  • Forward Throw - immediately do a super jump; opponent must be near or in the corner
  • Enhanced (Träumerei orb) 214HH - immediately do a super jump; opponent must be near or in the corner
  • Normal 623H - immediately whiff 2L and normal jump; opponent must be near or in the corner


After a safe jump, Percival can set up a command throw or strike mix up after the opponent blocks the air normal. An easy way to do this is to do super jump forward j.L. Once the opponent wakes up and blocks the j.L, you can immediately do command throw (5U) if you think they will block or c.H if you think they will press a button or jump. If the opponent's fastest move has a start up of six frames or more, the command throw will hit them before their button hits you which will force those characters to either jump or do an invincible move to escape. If you think the opponent will do an invincible move, you can block or do c.L or 2L after the j.L. Blocking means giving up your turn but you can punish your opponent if they did an invincible move. Doing j.L into c.L or 2L has no gaps in which the opponent can press a button and can help you start your pressure after a knockdown.

After 623H or enhanced (Träumerei orb) 623H in the corner, Percival can immediately do 22M > c.M or c.H for a meaty. This will beat any non-invincible moves with a start up of five frames or more.

Matchup Information

General Information

Percival can out-poke a lot of characters, but he can and will lose fireball wars against most of the cast. You'll want to stay in the midrange until you can find an opening, and from there enforce Percival's strong strike/throw mixups.

Matchup Chart

Ferry ?:?
Gran ?:?
Lancelot ?:?
Percival 5:5 You get to whiff punish your own f.H for once.
Katalina ?:?
Metera ?:?
Ladiva ?:?
Charlotta ?:?
Zeta ?:?
Vaseraga ?:?
Lowain ?:?
Beelzebub ?:?
Narmaya ?:?
Djeeta ?:?
Soriz ?:?
Zooey ?:?
Belial ?:?

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