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General Tactics

Beelzebub is a hybrid zoning/pressure-based character.

Bubs likes to apply his safe ranged pressure to make his opponent move around which he can then punish them for doing. His end-game is getting them to respect his ranged pressure game enough so he can push them into the corner where he can fish for combos or just chip them with his excellent specials and tools.

Characters that play similarly:

  • Justice (GGAC+R)
  • Merkava (UNI)

Since he’s a hybrid he doesn’t excel at any one thing. Because of this Beelzebub’s game plan varies on the match up, but generally goes a bit like this.

  • Vs. Close-range characters: Mid-range pressure/keepout using far normals and 214L/M.
  • Vs. Mid-range characters: Long-range pressure/runaway
  • Vs. Long-range characters: Approach, Mid-range/Corner Pressure

Versatile Fireball

  • 236L: Really average fireball that is decent for canceling out of normals since it’s safe on block. The real highlight is it can be charged to apply plus frames on block which also makes it a decent pressure tool if you can establish respect. (See Blockstrings for more details)
  • 236M: Slow but at mid and long range can compete with some other projectiles since it hits twice (3 times at partial charge, 5 times when charged fully) and must be superjumped to avoid entirely. With meter, SBA can be used to frametrap punish both spotdodge and cross over at far distances.
  • 236H: Optimal juggle starter in the corner, most of his really stable combos come from here.

Space Control

  • Buttons: Bubs has great buttons at mid range with f.5M, 2M, and f.5H which can all grant combos on hit.
  • 214L: A special that chips a fair amount, is safe on block even at close range, and also confirms his mid-range buttons.
  • 214M: Also chips a fair amount, is safe on block even at close range, hits low to catch people standing or walking, and even provides a wall bounce on CH.
  • 214H: Also starts low and can be confirmed on just about any button near the corner for a wall bounce combo.

Unique Movement

  • Slow Movement: Bubs is really slow on the ground, slow walk speed, slow dash, average backdash. Because of this he has to rely on his teleport and air game to get around the screen and approach when he needs to.
  • 5U (Teleport): While it appears pretty safe he usually gives up a turn if he just throws it out. Good for skipping fireballs or after seeing a big whiff, can struggle to punish things but it’s a good tool for approaching.
  • Air game: He also has a tricky air game with his j.U and j.214X moves. j.U is a very long range air button that forces early AAs, can be canceled into j.214X on block and hit and will give a combo if hit deep enough. His j.214X series can be used to approach after a jumped fireball, stall in the air after a high jump, and M and H versions are generally plus.



  • 2U > 22L: Is a fairly safe poke vacuum, will beat most mashing, loses to exDP
  • 2U > 214M: On CH it combos and a wallbounce in corner, otherwise it’s a safe double sweep that chips.


  • f.H > 214L: Good midscreen poke that confirms into damage and 236M oki.
  • f.H > 22H: f.H Counter Hits gives guaranteed combo but sucking in on block is good too, if they block you are +2 for pressure. Can be interrupted so use sparingly.

XXX, 214L

  • This is a jailing block string, there are no gaps, which means they can’t DP between the autocombo and 214L. It pushes you out and them away, most characters can’t take their turn back with any light normals so they have to move in or take the turn with disadvantaged medium and heavy far normals. If they use a far medium it usually gives you your turn back and if they try to move in or use a far heavy you can contest with f.M.

2L, c.L, f.L

  • Standard low poke string. Lots of gaps to catch buttons, worst case it's safe. Can confirm 214H for combo.

XX(1 hit), 236L, c.M

  • xx: Hits twice, the timing(and frames) differ slightly, mix it up if they are just waiting a lot hit them with an overhead instead of 2nd hit, etc
  • 236L: Gives them 4 Options
  1. Hit Buttons: Get CH by 236L (+4 for you, which means you get to hit your own buttons again.)
  2. Wait: They just block and wait to take turn back, this is fine for you, 236L is safe, you can wait. Next time you can use 236[L] to keep your turn going. Get greedy with 236M.
  3. Spot Dodge/Crossover: They cannot punish 236L with either mechanic, they are still slightly plus but you can sometimes contest.
  4. DP: Sometimes you gotta do it. Just make the reads or use a different string.
  • c.M: Use this after establishing 236L. Not 5 frame but has good reach, creates an even scenario by being 0 on block, gives more pressure/confirm on hit and combo on CH. Fairly good button that gives a lot of options, good for going into more pressure.



  • Typical safejump, safe to DPs, usually get this from a juggled 623H ender or 2U. Hold up forward, jU, follow with more high low.

Forward/Back throw > 5U > c5L/c5M

  • You’re plus so if they hit buttons they get CH, good for baiting the DP, throw them or UOH when they lock up, shimmy with a backdash.

xxx > 214L: 236M

  • Bubs can generally throw this out for free, it punishes and interrupts most things people want to do on a wakeup.
  • xxx, 214M: This setup works really similarly with 214M but the timing isn’t as tight so they can move around a little bit after a quick rise. Still worth throwing out after 214M.

j.214H > 236[M] lv 2

  • Same concept as 214L/M, can be done in corner or midscreen.
  • Gran can (with perfect timing) get a single hit on his ex DP in corner, very very low reward for him.

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