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Ground Movement


Hold 6 or 4 while standing on the ground.

Walking is the most basic movement option, and is the slowest way to move while presenting the least risk. Walking can freely and immediately cancel into any action-- including blocking, making it useful when baiting and whiff punishing moves or while spacing attacks during combos and pressure while minimizing risk.


6 6 while standing on the ground.

Running moves your character forward faster and more effectively compared to walking.


4 4 while standing on the ground.
Backdash to quickly move away from the opponent.

Backdashes move characters away from their opponent more quickly than walking, but while doing so characters cannot block and have no invulnerability to most attacks, making them inherently more risky. They are immediately airborne and make the character lose their lower hurtboxes on the 1st frame, making them naturally invulnerable to throws and some lows.


6+G while standing on the ground.

(See: Dodge for detailed explanation on Dodges.)

Dodges move your character forward while avoiding attacks, but are vulnerable to throws.

Air Movement


7/8/9 while grounded to jump in that direction.


Jumps are not instantaneous-- before going airborne, characters enter a state called prejump for 4 frames during which they can not block, but are invincible to throws.

Landing Recovery

When landing from a jump, there is a 3 frame period in which characters can block or attack, but cannot move. If the character took an action in the air before landing, they are instead unable to take any action in that period (including blocking), leaving them vulnerable.