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Pure Game Information

Battle Types

Battle types is an indication of the style and complexity the characters have in the game.

Character Type Traits
DNFD Standard.png


A type with good balance between offense and defense. Recommended for beginners.
DNFD Ranged.png


A type with many moves that apply pressure upon the opponent from afar. Placed at a disadvantage when in melee range.
DNFD Traps.png


A type that can plant special tools on the field to restrict their opponent's movement.
DNFD Gimmicky.png


A type that bends the rules of battle. Recommended for moderately experienced players and above.
DNFD Melee.png


A type with moves that are considerably short-ranged, but has many offensive options including mids.
DNFD Grabs.png


A type which has difficulty in creating advantageous situations, but can instantly turn the tide of a fight with a single correct prediction through strong grabs and more.

Community Information

Finding content on Twitter

With the ease of posting videos and discussion to Twitter, it can be helpful to know how to track this information down. Each character in the game has a specific hashtag which people should aim to use when posting tweets for ease of searching. The current list of these hashtags is as follows:

Berserker #DNF_BRZ
Crusader #DNF_CRS
Dragon Knight #DNF_DRK
Ghostblade #DNF_GHO
Grappler #DNF_GRP
Hitman #DNF_HIT
Inquisitor #DNF_INQ
Kunoichi #DNF_KNO
Launcher #DNF_FLA
Lost Warrior ?
Ranger #DNF_RNG
Striker #DNF_SRK
Swift Master #DNF_SWI
Troubleshooter #DNF_TRO
Vanguard #DNF_VNG

It is also recommended that you repost any perceivably important character developments or information found on their Twitter hashtag, to their corresponding Resource Dump pages on the wiki.