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===<big>Dragon Breath</big>===
===<big>Dragon Force</big>===
|conditions= during '''Summon Astra'''
|conditions= during '''Summon Astra'''
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===<big>Dragon Fang</big>===
===<big>Dragon Breath</big>===
|conditions= during '''Summon Astra'''
|conditions= during '''Summon Astra'''
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===<big>Dragon Force</big>===
===<big>Dragon Fang</big>===
|conditions= during '''Summon Astra'''
|conditions= during '''Summon Astra'''

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Dragon Knight a character that fighter alongside her partner, the dragon Astra. She pressures the opponent's guard by utilizing Astra's immobilizing attacks as well as a wide array of airborne-based attacks.

She is able to press an unwavering offense due to increased MP recovery speed when Awakened
Lore:Originating from Plane: Dragonia, she was one of the greatest warriors of Dragon Tyrant Bakal: he who the dragons worshipped as both their father and the King of Dragons.

Although she revels in battle and is merciless to her foes, she treats her partner, Astra, with the utmost kindness.
She is highly hostile towards the Dark Elves who brought about the ruin of the kingdom she had once devoted herself to.

Now, on the Day of the Waning Dragon which marks the end of a year, she lay dying on the battlefield after being stabbed by an enemy's blade.

Suddenly, a halo of light encompasses her, which then drops her off in a completely different place.
Dragon Knight is classified as a Gimmicky type. She can summon her dragon companion Astra for powerful independent attacks and can alter her airborne trajectory with her unique airdash.
Pros Cons
  • Has a Dragon: Astra, Dragon Knight's titular Dragon, can be commanded independently from herself for tandem pressure.
  • Has an Airdash: j.M pauses Dragon Knight's momentum and can be turned into an airdash with another j.M input. This really opens up her pressure options and gives her ambiguous high/lows when most characters don't have them.
  • Strong Reach: Dragon Knight has a surprising amount of long-reaching moves as her sword and shield change forms.
  • Bountiful MP: Dragon Knight has naturally greater MP regeneration. During Awakening she has 2.5 times more MP recovery than most, giving her the fastest MP recovery speed in the game.
  • Fast Burner: Summon Astra and its follow-ups consumes large amounts of MP while heavily stalling MP recovery, making it easy to run out of MP quickly when applying pressure, despite Dragon Knight's superior MP recovery speed.

Unique Mechanic: Astra the Dragon

Astra is a small dragon that accompanies Dragon Knight. By activating Summon AstraDNFD Dragon Knight 5M 1.pngGuard:
, Astra will move in and attack the opponent completely independently of Dragon Knight's movements and actions, creating a tag-team duo on offense. Astra continue to attack even if Dragon Knight is hit, providing safe cover for Dragon Knight.

By pressing A, B, or S during Summon Astra, you will also instruct Astra to perform one of three follow-up actions to happen automatically after their initial attack. This gives Dragon Knight options to prolong and modify her offense, but she will be unable to halt her command once issued.

Awakening Effect: DNFD MP Recovery Up Icon.png Dragon Force

Awakening Effect: activates when entering Awakening mode at 30% HP or less.

Increases passive MP recovery rate and MP recovery on hit to 200%Passive MP recovery rate increases from 15 MP/s to 30 MP/s..

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
35 Mid 6 -4 none
  • Cancels into 5AA on hit, block or whiff

A fast poke with a decent combination of speed and range. Can be used to pick up punishes that 5B or 2A can't, or to start pressure with its wide cancel table.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40 Mid -3 none

A long range stab with shocking range for a Dragon Knight normal. You might want to whiff 5A in neutral sometimes just to get this as a poke.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
50 Mid 8 -4 none
  • Moves Dragon Knight forward significantly

Dragon Knight's longest grounded normal. Very fast for its range and great for combos to close distance for 2S. As a starter, it leads to high reward on both normal and CH, making it a strong stagger frametrap as well.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30 Low 5 -8 none
  • Chains into itself up to three times

Dragon Knight's fastest low and also her fastest normal. Good for abare, as a pressure starter, or as your low option for high/low mixups. The frame data is pretty bad on block, but you can gaplessly chain into 5B to be much safer than you would be otherwise.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
60 Low 13 -12 none
  • Launches on hit

Dragon Knight's sweep. Though it has decent range, it's slow and very unsafe on block. Chains from 5B for combo and pressure filler but can mess up combos due to pushback. Generally not that useful.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40 High 6 none
  • Great crossup hitbox

Dragon Knight's fastest air normal. Good for catching people running under you or crossing under your flight. Also good as a high option for high/low mixups as it's much faster than j.B. Has a surprising amount of hitstun/blockstun so you can cancel high flights from this and still combo or continue into pressure.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
60 High 12 none

A slower air normal that reaches higher and further forward than j.A, at the cost of being much slower to start up. However, it's slow enough to not come out if used from the lowest possible airdash, allowing Dragon Knight to fake out a high and go into a low or a throw.

Universal Mechanics


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
150 Throw 5 2 22 none
  • +2 on hit

No oki on hit midscreen. In the corner you can try to smack them with 5B or bait a reversal.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
N/A none
  • Placeholder

Guard Cancel

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
70 Mid 23 none
  • Placeholder

Special Moves

Lethal Punto

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
75 Mid 14 -8 none
  • Data in [] refers to charged version
  • Chains into 4S and 6S

Long-range stab that's useful for blockstring filler or to convert off of spaced starters that you can't get 2S from, like max-range 5AA or 2B. Great range and safe on block at most ranges.


  • Wallbounces and hard knockdown on hit

Charged Punto, in addition to having much more damage and range, is much safer on block than its uncharged counterpart. Staple in corner combos due to its wallbounce and damage, as 5M~S often allows you to loop it multiple times in a single corner combo for extremely high damage.

You can also release charge early for a frametrap when people mash expecting 5[S] in a blockstring.

Shield Uppercut

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
65 Mid 13 -12 none

Typical launcher. Sets up most of Dragon Knight's good combos. You'll want to cancel 5B into this most of the time, and follow up with either 4S or 5M~X depending on your screen positioning and combo scaling. It's range isn't great, however, so don't just autopilot into this for your confirms.

Notably, this doesn't cancel from 5S so you'll want to confirm your A/B buttons straight into it.

Sky Break

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
75 Mid 22 -1 none
  • Placeholder


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
50, 60 Mid 32 -12 none
  • Can be cancelled into j.M on the first hit
  • Second hit can be cancelled into any grounded mana skill

Combo filler after 2S or from high launches in general. High recovery, but it has a generous window to combo from it if you cancel into a either hit into a Mana Skill.

Knuckle Blaster

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
45×2 Mid 20 none
  • Can be whiff cancelled into j.M

Huge space-control fireball. A very silly swiss-army knife of a move that can be used for okizeme, to control airspace, as an air stall to bait anti-airs, instantly from a jump to bait throws, or you can just throw it out randomly. The whiff cancel into flight is highly useful as it allows you to confirm whether the fireball was hit, blocked, or avoided, and pick your option based on how your opponent interacted with the fireball. If they rolled through it to avoid the explosion, you can cancel flight into j.A or j.B and punish them for it. If they blocked it, you can airdash and try to transtion into pressure. If they got hit, you can confirm into a combo with airdash j.B, provided the fireball doesn't hit an extended hurtbox.

However, as potent as j.S is, throwing it out willy-nilly against characters with larger normals is ill-advised, as a lot of them can just smack it out of its startup with one of their higher-reaching pokes.

MP Special Moves

Summon Astra

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
60 Mid 23 50 none
  • During startup, Dragon Knight can command Astra to do one of three follow-ups. These follow-ups have their own mana cost and will not come out if Dragon Knight is in mana break at the point which the follow-up is supposed to come out.
  • Despite what the in-game tutorial says, pressing the buttons at the same time can cause the follow-up move to not come out. It's best to plink the input, i.e. press the follow-up shortly after pressing 5M

Sends Astra forward to the opponent's location, attacking with a shockwave upon reaching them. If Dragon Knight is hit before Astra's attack is active, the move will be cancelled and Astra will fly back to its initial position behind Dragon Knight. Attacking Astra itself will also cancel the move.

Astra has fairly poor tracking and it can be hard to pin down moving opponents with this move. However, 5M's animation is short enough for Dragon Knight to link 5B if she cancels a launch into it. This leads to highly damaging, albeit expensive, combos from anywhere on screen.

This move can also be used during your pressure to try and force your opponent to disrespect you. The prospect of taking a guard-bar draining, 10 second long pressure sequence is fairly deterring, so your opponent will often want to try and get out with abare, a reversal, or some other option.

Dragon Force

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
80x3 Mid 20 none
  • Astra fires three staggered fireballs towards the opponent that travel fullscreen

Enables the longest pressure sequences due to the nature of the attack. However, the same properties make it fairly poor for combos.

Dragon Breath

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
25x9 Mid 30 none
  • Astra fires one massive slow-moving, multi-hit fireball that travels fullscreen

Slower than 5M~A. Dragon Fang is likely the most versatile followup, with a generous hitbox that can catch opponents off guard even if they escape your pressure sequence or you drop your combo somehow. These properties also make it great for midscreen combos.

Dragon Fang

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
40x6 Mid 40 none
  • Astra becomes invulnerable and spins around, hitting several times.

Decent for lockdown, but you'll see this most in corner combos as the long hitstun enables Dragon Knight's highly damaging and versatile 5[S] loops. Huge generous hitbox with much more verticality than the other two followups, which can be useful if Astra tracks the opponent to an awkward position

Dragon Smash

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
80×2 Mid 10 -44 60 1~?? All
  • Invulnerable on startup
  • Cannot be cancelled with Conversion
  • CH state in recovery

Dragon Knight's DP, and a pretty good one. You can link this after 214M/4M anywhere, or of course use it as a reversal. Pretty good range and will clip extended hurtboxes with fair regularity, but of course if this whiffs or is blocked you're going to eat a lot of damage for it.

Dragon Warrior Princess

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
120 Mid 20 -8 40 none
  • Massive range
  • Hard knockdown on CH

Gigantic counterpoke that's useful in matchups where your opponent's buttons vastly outrange your own or to check opponents trying to hit Astra after using 5M. Combos into super at close range, can be used as an okay frame trap after 5S.

Biting Dragon

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
50×2, 100 Mid 16 -24 50 none

A hitgrab that launches the opponent high in the air. The cinematic animation and launch take so long that you'll start recovering MP before they get up, even if this move puts you into Mana Break. Dragon Knight's best combo ender for okizeme and damage and fairly versatile, comboing from 5S and 4S(2) with ease.

Dragon Wing

Name Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block MP Cost Invuln
Dragon Wing Mid 30 none
Boost Wing (Forward) Mid 15 none
Boost Wing (Back) Mid 15 none
  • Will continually drain MP while active
  • Lasts until Dragon Knight's MP runs out, but can be cancelled with j.A, j.B, j.S, or j.M~M/4M.
  • Can only be used once per jump

AKA Flight. Upon j.M's activation, Dragon Knight's MP gauge becomes a timer for her flight instead. Notably, j.S can whiff cancel into flight, so Dragon Knight can make her fireball much safer using it. She can also use it to threaten a long-range whiff punish that leads to a full combo, or to bait grounded anti-airs by indefinitely stalling her momentum.

If cancelled into j.A or j.B, Dragon Knight will start falling immediately upon using the move.

Boost Wing (Forward) 5M

  • Moves about halfscreen forward

Great for extending air combos. You can easily confirm into airdash j.B upon landing j.S. Notably, unlike airdashes in most other anime fighters, Boost Wing has a very low/no minimum height and can be used extremely close to the ground, making it decent for a quick, high profile approach option.

Boost Wing (Backward) 4M

  • Moves about a quarter screen backward

Mostly used for repositioning if your opponent puts you in a bad spot during your flight. Fairly hard to catch due to how fast it moves.

Awakening Moves

Dragon Sortie

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 [200] Mid 2+16 -32 none
  • No invulnerability, but big disjoint
  • Dragon Knight exits Awakened state upon use

Dragon Sortie's activation hit has massive range, being one of Dragon Knight's largest moves alongside 236M. You'll mostly see it as a combo due to supers scaling extremely well with combos, but it can be thrown out raw against characters who feel safe against Dragon Knight from far range.

From any combo that ends with 214M, a delay cancel into Dragon Sortie will combo and do massive damage. To land it consistently, wait until your opponent starts falling before pressing AS.


DNFD Dragon Knight Color 1.png
DNFD Dragon Knight Color 2.png
DNFD Dragon Knight Color 3.png
DNFD Dragon Knight Color 4.png
B-Type Color (DFO)
D-Type Color (DFO)
DNFD Dragon Knight Color 5.png
DNFD Dragon Knight Color 6.png
DNFD Dragon Knight Color 7.png
DNFD Dragon Knight Color 8.png
C-Type Color (DFO)


Dragon Knight
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