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Blocking is an integral action to keep yourself alive.

After blocking an attack, characters enters a state called blockstun where they are unable to do anything except block or guard cancel

Ground Block

Hold any backward direction to block.
Hold back to block standing. This blocks high and mid attacks.
Hold down-back to block crouching. This block low and mid attacks.

Normal blocking is the default type of blocking and is the most commonly type used.

Guard Crush

When guard gauge has been depleted you will enter guard crush state.

Unblockable Attacks

Finally, some attacks are completely unblockable, meaning the only way to avoid getting hit is to move out of the way!


Sometimes "Punish" will appear on the HUD. This means that you hit the opponent during the recovery of their attack.

Attacks are punishable on block if the defender has enough time to hit the attacker after blocking the attack. Each character's frame data lists the amount of time to punish an attack on block; Of course just because an attack is fast enough does not mean it can reach the opponent, so knowledge and practice are still necessary, even when a player knows the numbers.

While the concept of punishing exists in all fighting games, the HUD indicator is helpful for learning while mid-match. Did you actually punish the opponent's attack or were they just not blocking? Now you can know for sure.


Reversal is a term used to refer to either performing an action on the first possible frame after recovery or actions that would be used in such a context, such as moves with invincibility during start-up. The HUD displays the word "Reversal" when performing a special immediately after recovering from blockstun, hitstun, or knockdown. This message is useful to tell when an attack is performed as fast as possible.