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As with other 2D fighters, DNF Duel uses Numpad Notation.
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3

Button Representations:

  • A = Standard A
  • B = Standard B
  • S = Skill
  • MS = MP Skill
  • AS = Awakening Skill
  • G = Guard

Special moves used more then one directional input but can only be performed with MP skills

  • 236MS = 236MS
  • 623MS = 623MS


Hold 6 or 4 = Walk

The most basic movement option. The character approaches or retreats from the opponent slowly.

Hold 1 or 2 or 3 = Crouch

Put the character in a crouching position, lowering their hurtboxes. Note that the hurtboxes don't shrink immediately; the character can still be hit by moves normally whiffing on crouchers until they actually crouch.

66 = Dash (or Step)

Dashes move the character forward at a greater speed than walking. Most characters can run; hold the second 6 to do so.

44 = Backdash

Backdashes move the character back a preset distance. There is a brief period of invincibility starting from the very first frame, making it handy against certain attacks.

8 = Jump

Makes the character jump into the air. Pressing 7 or 9 will have them jump backward or forward respectively. There are a few frames during which the character stays on the ground before they actually jump; they are invulnerable to throws at this time, but can still be hit by strikes and projectiles.

(In Air) 8 = Double Jump

Exclusive to Kunoichi
Jump again while in the air. Alternatively you can press 7 or 9 to double jump in the specified direction.


Normal Moves

Gatling Combination

Gatling combinations vary greatly character to character but currently the known gatlings are:

  • A > A
  • A > B
  • A > 2B
  • 2A > B
  • 2A > 2B
  • 5B > 2B
    • Useful for hit confirming but the 2B can make it hard to follow up with certain skills.


In order to perform a throw, input 6A+B while next to the opponent to throw them forwards or 4A+B to throw them backwards.

Throws are strong tools against opponents who have been conditioned into blocking for too long. However, using a throw while out of range triggers a vulnerable whiff animation.

Throw Tech

In order to perform a throw tech, input A+B as the opponent initiates a throw.


Performed by pressing B+S when the character has any amount of White Life. This consumes all white life remaining plus a small amount of real life to cancel your character's current action and return them to a neutral state.


Performed by pressing S and a direction together (including 5). Skills function in a variety of ways depending on the character. Some skills function closer to normals while others have special properties.

MP Skills

Performed by pressing MS and a direction together (including 5). Each MP skill costs varying amounts of MP to use and pauses MP regeneration briefly when used. They cannot be used when exhausted, but can still be used without enough MP in stock as long as a character has at least 1 MP remaining. This uses all remaining MP and puts the character in exhaustion.

Most MP Skills can also be input with a "technical" full motion e.g. 6+MS can also be input with 236+MS. Using the full motion causes MP to begin regenerating sooner than when input normally.

Awakening Skill

Performed by pressing AS. A very powerful attack that can only be used once a round, and only after a character activates Awakening. While it deals high damage, it has no invulnerability and using it turns off your character's Passive Skill for the rest of the round.



Hold 4/G to block high, or 1/2+G to block low.

  • High block will not block lows.
  • Low block will not block overheads, such as jumping attacks.
  • You cannot block in the air.


Performed by inputting 6+G. This moves you forward while avoiding attacks, but is vulnerable to throws.

Guard Cancel

Performed by pressing 6+B+S while blocking. An invincible attack that launches the opponent away on hit. It costs 100 MP and cannot be performed without at least 100 MP.

Other Mechanics


A special powered-up state that automatically activates when characters reach low health, visually indicated by the larger section at the end of the health bars. This activates your character's Passive Skill and enables the use of their Awakening Skill. Healing white life back above the Awakening threshold does not disable Awakening.

White Life

MP Skills deal a small portion of their damage as white life when blocked. Normals, Skills, and throws leave 50% of their damage as white life on hit. This life does not count as "real health" as your character will be K.O.'d if they run out of normal health, but it slowly turns back into real health over time while your character is not in blockstun or hitstun. MP Skills deal all of their damage as real health damage and remove all white life on hit, represented by a Critical Hit system message. White life is also consumed to use Conversion.


A temporary negative state that occurs if a character reaches 0 MP. MP Skills are not usable while exhausted, and MP does not regen until enough time has passed for exhaustion to wear off.


A clash occurs when the hitboxes of both players' strikes connect with one another.