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Gogeta (SSGSS)

General Tactics

Gogeta is an unorthodox character with unconventional tools and explosive damage. His neutral revolves around either whiff punishing and counterpoking with 2M and 5H, or counterzoning with 5S > 236H. Once he gets up close, he can keep the opponent guessing with a multitude of mix-up options and great stagger pressure, and hitting the opponent often means he will take 30-40% off of their character's HP, if not outright KOing them. When defending, Rising Vortex is an invaluable asset, with 214H in particular switching sides and leading into a full combo, reversing momentum instantly.

Team positioning


By far Gogeta's best position. Having two assists available makes up for his committal neutral and turns his pressure into a nightmare.


Gogeta's A and C assists provide great support value, so putting him here can be a better option depending on the team. He still has one assist available to help him either pin down or open up opponents.


Without any assists to back him up, Gogeta will struggle in both neutral and pressure, and will frequently have to resort to using Vanish to keep himself safe. However, this allows his other two characters to use his assists for longer, and being the last character increases his already ridiculous damage to absolutely nonsensical levels.

Evaluate the trade-offs carefully.

Picking Teammates

Since his combos are mostly self-sufficient, Gogeta will benefit the most from neutral-oriented assists (like beams or invincible attacks), or from high-blockstun assists. Any character that appreciates the utility assists A and C provide also makes for a good teammate.


  • 2L > 5L > 5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H...
  • 2L > 5L > 5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H > 236LLL
  • 2L > 5L > 5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H > 236LH

Safe normals: 5L.

  • 2L (reflected) > 2M > 5H > 5S (Reflect-proof)
  • Mix-up tools:


  1. 5LLL > SD
  2. 5LLL > airdash j.M
  3. 5LLL > delayed SD

5LLL pulls opponent out of the corner unless in blockstun. Will need to cover the gap between 5LL and 5LLL to make this real. Overall too risky and resource hungry to be viable in a real match.

236LM / L:

  1. ...236LM > airdash j.M
  2. ...236LL ▷ 2L

Second M rekka leaves Gogeta airborne, but has a gap. Second L rekka quickly puts Gogeta back on the ground for 2L. Viable with a low stun assist, but unfortunately almost no assists can make it gapless.


  1. ...2H > airdash j.M
  2. ...2H ▷ 2L

Can be done with even medium-blockstun assists. j.M may cross up midscreen on small crouching characters. Very vulnerable to fuzzy guarding as well.

Jail into SD:

  1. 5S > SD > airdash j.M
  2. 5S > SD ▷ 2L

SD cannot be reflected. 2S > SD or j.2H can be 2H'd, so don't do 2S after 5S. Very vulnerable to, you guessed it, fuzzy guarding. Strong with an assist after SD in the corner.


  1. ...236[5S], 2L
  2. ...236[6S], j.M
  3. ...236[6S], slightly delayed airdash j.M (cross-up)
  4. ...236[4S], airdash j.M (same side)

This is Gogeta's only real mix-up and requires a high-blockstun assist to setup properly.

The blockstring and mix-up option you choose is mostly dictated by the assist you pick. 5LLL is mainly used as a knowledge check since it can be 2H'd and even mashed out of. 214S can be used as a tick throw without delay off of every move except 5S. Delay 236M~H can be used as very fast overhead (no head property) by cancelling the 236M "reel back" into the heavy ender.


Gogeta has frankly shite okizeme midscreen. Using 236LLL to end a combo leaves you at almost +30, but the sliding knockdown pushes the enemy extremely far away. This means that if you don't want to sacrifice resources, ending a combo early with J.2H is alright. In the corner, Gogeta has far better oki, with the primary options being 236LMM or a vanish into 214S if SKD is unavailable, which allow Gogeta to use his supers as well.

Tips and Tricks

  • For your own sake, please remember Gogeta has awful frame data. You should work to trick the opponent instead, using your huge normals and beams to strategically bully the opponent around until you can land a starter, although if you are dealing with someone who prefers to float in the air, your best shot is hoping J.M -> J.LL or 236S can drag them down.
  • On the same note, get comfortable with your three Multiplex Afterimage options, so you can get the most out of them and their applications.
  • Do NOT risk dropping combos at the end of them. All of your enders and moves that lead into them (specifically 236LMM, J.214M and J.2S) are horribly unsafe on whiff, and will be punished by a raw tag on reaction to a drop, with little to nothing you can do about it, potentially losing the entire round. Only "save meter" if absolutely nessecary, which in all honesty is probably never considering Gogeta's meter gain.
  • Optimise your corner carry, and once you get the opponent there, maintain it at all costs.
  • Gogeta is one of the only characters with a practical unversal fuzzy set-up. Video example.
  • 214L is always an unscaled starter and a frame 1 anti-air. Never forget you have this.
  • 214M should be your get-out-of-jail free card, and can convert into a combo if you want to use Vanish or a suitable assist. 214H has the wonderful blessing of a side-switch, which can corner his opponent, a Gogeta favourite.

Fighting Gogeta

  • All of Gogeta's moves are incredibly unsafe on whiff, so a correct read will usually result in a hard punish.
  • Many of his normals and specials are completely Reflect-proof. Do not attempt to do so without a solid read.
  • Don't overuse Guard Cancel Change. If Gogeta hasn't committed to the next normal, he can punish it hard.
  • 214S (command grab) is +5 on grounded hit. Pressure resets off of it are not "real", and can be universally punished with Reflect or level 3 supers.
  • If Gogeta is not the anchor, targeting his teammates can potentially make the match much easier.


Gogeta (SSGSS)