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General Tactics

Piccolo is a tricky mixup character with decent neutral tools and a good set of assists. While he works the best as a point character, he now has all the tools he needs to fight on his own, albeit his kit is lacking in terms of dealing with zoners. With assists and meter, Piccolo can make any hit or blockstring into another lethal mixup. He does his best work in the corner, so your main goal is to get there no matter the cost. Piccolo really likes to have a beam assist, as it mostly negates his zoning weakness and gives him Hellzone blockstrings and combo extensions. Otherwise, he can mostly fight for himself by advancing behind 236S, using his second airdash with whiffed j.236X, and controlling the skies with j.L. j.H is also notable as IAD back j.H is a completely safe retreat tactic.

Team positioning


Take advantage of Piccolo’s mixup potential and build up meter for your team by getting many small hits through left right/high low mixups as well as smaller combos and his grab and orb setups. Piccolo can be a meter hog at times when using his special moves to mix up your opponents; however he does benefit from multi-hitting assist to setup his mixup game. If you can use Piccolo without using too much meter, he’ll serve you well as a point character


If you have the meter, be sure to use Hellzone Grenade for some setups on knockdown (especially in corner) or for mixing up your 214 or 236 specials. While his assist leaves something to be desired, it can still be used effectively with a variety of point characters; however Piccolo makes an excellent mid character when there is plenty of meter to be used.


Be sure to take advantage of your mixup potential to finish off/frustrate opponents and eventually finish them with a Special Beam Cannon or Light Grenade.

Picking Teammates

  • Goku’s Beam Assist can help Piccolo in Neutral. Should Goku’s assist hit, Piccolo can vanish to score a combo. Piccolo’s assist can also help Goku have more options on knockdown due to Goku’s “honest” nature.
  • When used in conjunction with Piccolo’s Hell-Zone Grenade, Vegeta's assist can easily overwhelm the screen, and your opponent, with Ki-blasts. Use Vegeta to extend combos, cover your approach, or to give yourself a free Hell-Zone grenade without worry of your opponent retaliating.
  • Teen and Adult Gohan's assists can provide a solid defensive option for Piccolo, since he doesn't have many.
  • Gotenks' Galactic Donut assist allows Piccolo to get the much sought-after hard knockdown midscreen without burning meter by holding them in place during an air combo allowing him to connect j.214M


  • 2L/5L > 2L/5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H > 236S (Has a small gap between the 5H and 236S. Can be useful for catching opponents mashing)
  • 2L/5L > 2L/5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H > 6S

Basic blockstrings to use with assists.

  • ... > 5H > Assist > 236H+S > 9 > ...

Hellzone Grenade assist safejump. Cannot be guard canceled and leads to an airdash j.M/land 2L mixup that's nearly invisible because of the explosions.


Piccolo doesn't get any real okizeme off of a j.214L ender, but he gets a safejump or a 236S setup off of j.214M in the corner. 236S is interesting as it pulls the opponent out of the corner. If you cover your oki with an assist, this can lead to some really mean crossups that Piccolo can take back to the corner with a j.236M > airdash j.H rejump.

  • Piccolo Hellzone Grenade mix up example by ApologyMan

Tips and Tricks

  • Wearing an orange costume allows you to blend in with the Hellzone Grenade explosions, making it harder for the opponent to see your mix up.
  • 214H having guard point from frame 1 allows it to beat safejumps, but the follow-up will tend to whiff.

Fighting Picklejo

  • Piccolo is a character who struggles at full screen without assists, and as such, zoning him out and burning his assists is a strong option to get in safely.
  • If he gets you in the corner and sets up 50/50, drop the controller cus you ain't playing.

guess piccolo is unbeatable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [some guy on 2021/04/12]