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Fitting for the legendary hitman from Universe 6, Hit is an oppressive offense-heavy neutral character with a wide variety of options for closing the gap and putting on the pressure. He has a number of powerful offensive techniques, like a fullscreen ground-based command grab and an unconventional focus on Stances for his special moves that allow Hit to attack from all ranges. He also has a good amount of defensive options as well, such as a counter for his Special move and a good series of dashes with Deadly Intent and Mark of an Assassin. All of these tools make it so that Hit can own the neutral game like few others on the roster, especially if backed with assists. Despite his oppressive tools, Hit's approach isn't completely sure-kill, as his damage is rather low without assists. As well, his entire kit is ground based, meaning aerial zoning can stuff him. His focus on stances makes him odd to play as well, and learning how to effectively use the options said stances give you for comboing and pressure require some practice. If you want an unconventional but scarily effective ground-based fighter who rewards smart play, foresight and grappling with unconventional techniques, consider hiring this assassin to do business on your enemies.
Hit is a unique assassin who uses a variety of stances to penetrate defenses.
Pros Cons
  • Deadly Range: 5LLDBFZ Hit 5LL.pngGuard:
    , 5MDBFZ Hit 5M.pngGuard:
    , 5HDBFZ Hit 5H.pngGuard:
    , and all stance follow-ups have very wide reach and are resistant to reflect.
  • Command Movement: Deadly IntentDBFZ Hit DeadlyIntent.pngGuard:
    and Mark of an AssassinDBFZ Hit MarkOfAnAssassin.pngGuard:
    give him unparalleled ground maneuverability and make any normal safe on block.
  • Screen Presence: Extremely fast teleporting attacks in Instant BlowDBFZ Hit InstantBlow.pngGuard:
    and Guard BreakerDBFZ Hit GuardBreaker.pngGuard:
    are both safe on block. The latter is invincible on start-up.
  • Left/Right: Stance follow-ups double as left/right weapons and easy frametraps in conjunction with the command dashes and full-screen unblockable, Icy GlareDBFZ Hit IcyGlare-positions.pngGuard:
  • Combo Parry: Unique airborne parry j.SNo results makes you think twice before using Superdash against Hit.
  • Extraordinary Neutral: All of these factors amalgamate Hit into having an unmatched grounded neutral.
  • Versatile Assists: A has decent range, high blockstun, is invincible on some frames and easily combos, B reaches fullscreen and wallbounces, and C is arguably one of the better C assists in the game for a multitude of reasons.
  • Aerial Game: Almost all his special moves are ground-only, limiting him in the air despite his j.SDBFZ Hit jS.pngGuard:
  • High/Low: Has only one low in 2MDBFZ Hit 2M.pngGuard:
    , and it's the slowest low in the game, weakening an otherwise great mix-up game.
  • Low Damage: Hit's damage is on the lower end of the cast without the corner.
  • Anomaly: Initially hard character to play due to how different he is to everybody, and has a high skill floor.

Normal Moves


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
5L 400 All 6 3 9 ±0
5LL 700 All 10 3 18 -5
5LLL 350×2, 450 All U3+ 10 3 18 -5
  • 5L is Hit's fastest button at 6f.

Fastest attack Hit has making it his go-to for punishes and abare. Can be risky in certain gaps since the short range can be baited, and with his longer reaching moves being much slower.

  • Can be chained into itself once

  • 5LL teleports Hit decently far giving it a very long range.
  • Comes out even if first jab whiffs. Commonly used mid-combo after a vanish.
  • Surprisingly good anti-air, as it has a very high vertical hitbox and tracks. Easy confirm to j.L.

This is Hit's first line of offense against Reflect. It also shines after a Vanish, as it catches both reflect > mash AND backdash which will discourage your opponent from trying to take their turn or disengage.

  • 5LLL hits 3 times if it connects, with Hit teleporting behind the opponent for the second hit. Only performs the first hit on block.
  • All 3 hits can be special-cancelled, so it's possible to side-switch after the second with a special.

All 3 hits are always guaranteed, making this an essential part of his combos. First two hits and the third scale seperately. Like with all L-autocombos it can give a wallbounce even if wallbounce was used earlier in the combo. It will always combo into superdash or 236L stance follow-ups.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 All 9-13 3 15 -2
  • Hit swiftly moves forward about 55% of the screen before the attack.
  • -2, the magic number: allows Hit to safely backdash.
  • Arguably the best 5M in the game. Use it and use it a lot.

A simple punch with some invisibility that has quite good reach. Be careful though, as you can be hit out of it even if it looks like Hit is teleporting. This normal shines as Hit's main way of sticking to an opponent even if they reflected.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 / 1000 All U1 11-17 21 -7
  • Hit moves forward invisibly about 75% of the screen before the attack.
  • As with 5M, can be struck out of.
  • Hit's 5M autocombo uses this instead of 2M because of how slow 2M is.

You're more likely to use 5M than this, but it also makes a great poke. You won't actually be using this normal a lot because of how difficult it is for hit to keep his Smash sliding knockdown, but it still shines as an anti-reflect tool. As with other 5H normals, it's great for corner carry and works well with assists to secure the corner where Hit can sustain his offense.


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
5S Catch All 4 15 22 3-18 Guard Point
5S Attack 850 All U1+ 10 -7
  • Can parry physical attacks, ki-blasts and projectiles.
  • Can not parry grabs or supers.
  • The punch is not guaranteed - if an assist is parried the opponent can still block the followup, or even avoid it if he's in movement.
  • Can be followed up midscreen with 236L~L or 236L~M.
  • Wallbounces if the opponent hits a wall, allowing meterless followups.
  • Like other 5S-specials you can vanish-cancel it on whiff, and even option-select it to reduce the risk.

Hit poses with an aura around him. If he's hit with an attack he stops time and teleports in front of the opponent with an attack.

This unique parry is one of the things that really separates him from the rest of the cast. His neutral can be played around this, making the opponent hesitant about how to approach Hit. The long recovery also makes it very risky if it's baited, especially since the punish can be much more brutal than the reward for successfully parrying an attack. Please don't mash this on wakeup, 4 frames is not enough. On wakeup you have ONE frame.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 High 20 4 19 -7
  • Standing overhead. Forces a tech on ground hit

At 20 frames, it is not the common abare button most characters can use. On hit, it's impossible to combo afterwards, even with the use of assists or supers. Fortunately, being a normal, you can still gatling into other normals on block or hit. This makes it more useful in combos rather as a mixup, as it doesn't knock down on air hit.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 Low 27 3 18 -5
  • Standing low. Hit's only low, and the slowest low in the game.
  • Can gatling both to and from with other normals.

With such a slow low it's hard to open up anyone with this without having an assist or previously establishing strong conditioning. Being the only low threat from Hit it's a generally strong strategy to avoid crouching against him and rather try to react to the low. Because Hit has so many overheads, people will just get caught by this.

  • With how much tech that has been discovered with Hit as a result of his buffs, a good player can make it almost always his turn, so this low being the slowest in the game might not matter as much as it might seem if one makes good use of the rest of his kit.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 / 1000 All U1+ 13 3 27 -14 4-15 Head

Hit's universal anti air. With assists and bar for vanish, it has strong potential for super dash punishes. The launching smash effect allows hit to confirm into M Stance > Projectiles, making it a very strong combo tool, even if the range is rather poor compared to other 2Hs.

Essentially, 5M > 2H is Hit's go-to damage combo route most of the time, especially when he has the opponent in the corner. However, at certain ranges 2H might whiff, making 5M > 5H the better choice for confirming it but losing a bit of damage.

Due to Hit's difficulties scoring a hard knockdown, it is recommended to go for the standard super dash after a 2H if you want to keep proper pressure without assists available after the combo.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 High 24 7 3+6L ±0
  • Universal overhead.

1F more active than other 6M, allowing Hit to do 2L (hit) > 6M or 2M as a soft knockdown mixup in the corner. From this setup, 6M will hit so meaty that:

  • On block, can truestring into 5L
  • On hit, can solo extend with 5L against forward/back tech or 2H against up tech


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
400 High 6 3 12
  • Incredible reach, can stuff Superdash on reaction but j.S is better served for that purpose.
  • Cannot gatling into itself like most other characters.

Amazing air to air button, which can also be used as a IAD meaty to cover uptech. Unlike other characters, Hit cannot do jump M > jump L > jump L as a combo, with only the first L normal coming out. This is actually good for hit, as j.LL~M will option select an L auto combo on hit and a j.M on block.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
700 High 9 4
  • Good downward range.
  • Weirdly enough, also a good crossup button.

Since it has higher hitstun and blockstun than j.L, this is Hit's primary crossup normal despite j.L having better range. You'll either be converting with microdash 5L or 5M.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 / 1000 High D1+ [D3+] 13 4
  • Stalls Hit's air momentum for a brief moment. The opponent can tech immediately after getting hit, limiting the move's uses as a jump-in.
  • Due to it stalling air momentum, it can be used as a surprise overhead when pressuring the opponent via jMLH


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
j.S Catch 4 15 28
j.S Move 15-21
  • Invincible for a few frames after teleporting, but not enough to guarantee any air normals afterwards.
  • Doesn't stop opponent characters gatlings, if they are pressing buttons they will automatically autocorrect to turn and face Hit before attacking.

Aerial version of his parry. Doesn't attack afterwards but rather teleports behind the opponent. Doesn't freeze time as much either making it more or less a very different move from the grounded counterpart. It can give better meterless rewards if used against slower attacks like beam attacks but a punish after a countered superdash is almost guaranteed. Although you might be tempted to punish super dashes with this at close ranges, you must press L very fast after parrying it since the opponent can actually block rather quickly. Nevertheless, it's a strong punish with the proper air combo. Be careful countering assists as countering things like GT A might end up with you inside the beam.


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
850 All U1+ 13 3
  • Jump cancellable.

Entirely combo filler. Situational, but vital to Hit's post-j.S combos as it allows for j.H's sliding knockdown.

Special Moves

Vital Point Attack


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236L 11 11-50 70
236L > L 900 All 5-12 4 14 -2
236L > M 1450 All D1 8-15 3 17 -4
236L > H 1500 All U1+ 7-14 6 18 -5 1-9~19 All
Vital Point Attack

This stance might look like a taunt as Hit puts his hands into his pockets. Essential to a lot of his gameplay.

  • Stance can be cancelled by pressing S. Stance cancel recovery lasts 14f.
  • If holding 4 when doing any followups, they will not come out.

Direct Hit Vital Point Attack > L

Fast long-ranged attack. Reaches about 95% of the screen.

  • Has the same Re-center property as Smash! attacks, meaning the opponent is put in the same position on hit every time.
  • Hit's main combo extender with assists - hitting meaty allows a solo 5L followup in the corner. It also acts as his most solid regular combo ender, as it causes a forced soft knockdown and can lead into any of his supers.
  • Not a true teleport - Hit can be hit during the travel time.

Can be used to frametrap people during a blockstring by slightly delaying it. Mostly used in conjunction with 214L to mixup. Is also plus on block if the opponent is in the air when blocked. Being -2, it's also safe to backdash after, a property that is made even more potent by 5M's massive range to punish whiffs. Using this move in a blockstring as mentioned above is a very good option for dissuading mashing so you can begin opening your opponent up with 2L and 2M

Instant Blow Vital Point Attack > M

Full-screen and harder hitting.

  • Causes an unusually fast sliding knockdown on hit, flinging the opponent to the other side of the screen.
  • After using it once and spending the sliding knockdown, any other hits will not cause sliding knockdown.
  • If Hit combos with an assist after the attack, he can still use his smash attack for the likes of a 2H, but can't get a sliding knockdown solo without Vanish -> DR.
  • Not a true teleport - Hit can be hit during the travel time.

Generally not as useful as Direct Hit, due to not being as safe on block, and almost always requiring Vanish to convert into a bigger combo. Unfortunately, doing so will use up all of your Smash potential, needing even more resources in order to get any knockdown that is in Hit's favor. You're usually better off going into Realized PowerDBFZ Hit RealizedPower2.pngGuard:
immediately after, unless the resulting combo will kill.

Guard Breaker Vital Point Attack > H

Hit teleports towards the opponent and kicks upwards where it hurts the most. Contender for one of the best moves in the game. Guard Breaker has it all; It's combination of full invincibility, fast start-up, and safeness on block make it a force to be reckoned with in neutral and on offense. In neutral, Guard Breaker can be used to snuff out opponents from doing anything on the ground. On block, Guard Breaker is safe and Hit can call his assists to take his turn.

  • Appears in front of the opponent, range is around 75% of the screen.
  • Launches straight up on hit, leading to easy conversions.
  • Fully invincible until Hit enters recovery(!), making it functionally impossible to trade with unless Hit recovers into a projectile.

Tides of Time


Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236M 28 28-51 20 18-60 All
236H 14 14-40 15 4-? All
236M > L 700×1~3 All [High] 9, 10, 11 7, 7, 8 32 -18
236M > M 1450 All D1 20-31 3 17 -4
236M > H 1500 All U1+ 19-30 3 18 -5
Tides of Time

Hit goes into a stance which causes his body to emit blue flames after a short moment. Once they're visible, Hit is invulnerable to everything except grabs. He also becomes immaterial, allowing his opponent to walk right through him.

  • M Version has a small start up, while H Version is much faster. Both of them are identical, except for the speed of going in and out of stance.
  • Once blue flames are active (17f/4f), Hit is invulnerable to everything except grabs.
  • L and M followups do not carry invincibility. Hit can be struck out of them before they come out.
  • H followup will carry invincibility.
  • S stance cancel for both L and M stances are 20f, but H stance recovers faster at 15f.
  • L and M stances S earliest cancel window is 10f, whereas H stance cancel window is 8f.

Time Release Tides of Time > L

Fires sharp lines towards the opponent, with deceptively large hitboxes. Unlike Direct Hit, this can be followed up with 3 slashes. Cannot be superdashed through, but the tracking isn't the best. Hit's main combo extension tool when going for good damage, especially in the corner.

  • Can be repeated up to three times.
  • 2L is an overhead, L and 8L are mids.
  • Counts as physical strikes. Goes right through Broly's Powered ShellDBFZ Broly PoweredShell.pngGuard:
    Total 40
    , but teleports Hit into the loving arms of physical counters like SS4 Gogeta's Punisher GuardDBFZ SS4Gogeta PunisherGuard.pngGuard:
    and Jiren's Shock TornadoDBFZ Jiren ShockTornado1.pngGuard:
  • Highly unsafe on block, so be sure to cover failed attempts with an assist.
  • Never true strings into Vanish.

Instant Blow Tides of Time > M

In terms of mix-up, Instant Blow is nowhere near as potent as Guard Breaker due to it being slower, being vulnerable to mashing, and requiring the use of Vanish to combo off of.

  • Same as Instant Blow from Vital Point Attack, except Hit teleports behind the opponent before doing the attack. Variable startup based on how long it takes for him to get behind them.
  • Hit appears on the opposite side of the opponent based on where he's standing, not where he's facing (i.e, Hit on the left side of the opponent will always appear on the right side, regardless of facing direction.)
  • Not a true teleport; Hit can be interrupted if there are projectiles or any other long actives in his path.
  • Good move for short conversions where it takes little damage to kill an opponent, due to even harsher scaling. Death Blow is an excellent move in tandem with this.

Guard Breaker Tides of Time > H

Just as powerful as Guard Breaker from 236L~H. On offense, the start-up is significantly faster when Hit is in close proximity to the opponent, so it can be used as a fast cross-up that leads into good reward.

  • Same as Guard Breaker from Vital Point Attack, except Hit teleports behind the opponent before doing the attack. Variable startup based on how long it takes for him to get behind them.
  • Hit appears on the opposite side of the opponent based on where he's standing, not where he's facing (i.e, Hit on the left side of the opponent will always appear on the right side, regardless of facing direction.)
  • Because this move is frame 1 invincible and carries the invulnerability from 236M/H, 236H~H can be used as a 1-bar frame 4 reversal that is safe on block.

Icy Glare

214L/M/H (Hold OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214L 230×7 Throw U2+ 26 min 4 24
214M 230×7 Throw U2+ 34 min 4 24
214H 260×7 Throw U1+ 24 min 4 24

Hit's command grab. Extremely important for opening people up, since his high/low game is non-existant without prior conditioning.

  • Summons ice below a given point, growing outwards the longer you hold the button. Only grabs once the button is released, if held.
  • Always appears in the same spot relative to Hit, not the opponent.
  • Recovers deceptively fast, allowing for a counter 2H if the opponent happens to react with Super Dash too slowly.

  • Ice originates from directly under Hit's feet.

  • Ice originates from slightly less than fullscreen distance, but will still grab a fullscreen opponent.


Pops the opponent far up, allowing for a solo followup. Spaced perfectly to catch an opponent from 214S, if started point blank.

  • Ice originates from about 3/4 screen distance, a bit behind where 214M starts.

Deadly Intent


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
5 22-31 (stance) 5-Recovery Projectile

Hit does 3 short dashes towards the opponent (2 if the first dash bypasses opponent). Becomes intanigble during this move, allowing him to pass through opponents, but he can still be hit by anything in his way.

  • Passes through opponents during the dashes. Also invinicble to any and all projectile attacks during the dashes, including Supers.
  • Hit enters Vital Point Attack stance after finishing his dashes.
  • If M or H is pressed while dashing, he goes into his Tides of Time stance instead.
  • If S is pressed while dashing, will immediately cancel whatever stance was buffered. Cancel recovery is 20f
  • Decent for crossups if the opponent has been conditioned not to mash, also serves to nullify zoning and raw supers but do not abuse this move, you will get hit out of it.

Mark of an Assassin


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
5 25 5-29 Projectile

Identical to Deadly Intent, except he takes one dash backwards instead. Covers similar distance as a backdash, but it's important to note that he stands still for a bit before stepping back, so it's not a substitute for backdash at all. Trying to use it like one will get you hit. Often used in blockstrings to make almost any normal safe, since it is a special move. Also used if you wish to invalidate projectiles while still moving backwards.

  • Projectile invincible from 5f forward
  • Hit quickly dashes away from his opponent, moving about as far as a backdash.
  • You are safe coming out of this teleport, meaning that if you teleport into a meaty projectile attack you can block it.
  • Special cancellable into any other special move or 5S at any point. Earliest cancel can occur at 14f

Z Assists

Assist A

Guard Breaker

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
800 All 26 6 +29
  • Invincible from 17f to 31f
  • Comes out fast and launches the opponent on hit to allow for additional combos. Pretty good in blockstrings too, allowing some characters to go for high / low mixups.

Assist B

Instant Blow

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
800 All 30 6 +29
  • Hit launches forward and strikes the opponent with an attack similar to his medium attack from light stance.
  • Causes a wall bounce on hit.
  • Unlike his A assist will attack the opponent even from full screen.
  • Has the exact same blockstun as his A-Assist but takes longer to come out.

This assist trades Hit's A Assist's invincible and fast start-up for a slightly slower attack that will now reach full-screen, allowing for some new conversions thanks to the wallbounce as well as a nice assist to throw out in neutral as a way to catch some opponents mashing or using certain moves.

Assist C

Time Release

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
450, 350×2 All 50, 21 10 +32

Easily one of the better C Assists in the game due to it's ability to track the opponent anywhere, and Hit's safety when using it. The only C assist in the game that always drags the opponent down completely from double jump height. Since Hit doesn't approach the opponent, he's usually safe when striking, making it a C assist you can throw out without much worry. Also because of its ability to track and its safety, it can be really good for neutral. Unlike the parent special move, this does NOT count as physical strikes, only an assist. Assist and/or projectile invincible moves such as Broly's Powered ShellDBFZ Broly PoweredShell.pngGuard:
Total 40
will stop this assist.

  • Plays out all three hits on hit, two hits on block, only one on whiff.
  • Fullscreen tracks the opponent, even if they're behind him.
  • Projectile and strike invuln like Tides of Time during the blue flames. Can still be hit during the startup, and just before striking.

Super Moves

Realized Power

236L+M (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236L+M 550×4 All UDV 7+4 -18 ?-? All
j.236L+M 550×4 All UDV 7+4 -18 ?-? All
  • Ground version pops the opponent up. Can DHC another super before or after the animation, allowing you to either stay or switch sides with the opponent.
  • Air version dumps the opponent straight down, with Hit moving past them. DHC'ing early will pop the opponent up behind Hit, allowing for some niche super combos. Hit also teleports on the ground afterwards.
  • Minimum damage: 203*4.
  • Hit's main air combo ender for when you won't get a knockdown and you just want the damage. Can now DHC into most supers on air hit.
  • If blocked, Hit will bounce off the opponent, which can grant them a punish.
  • Optimal metered followup after a succesful ground counter. Although you might be tempted to vanish, do it only if it will get your opponent in the corner, since the scaling as well as Hit's poor air options will remove most of the route's effectiveness.
  • Easily DHC's into Base Goku's Super Spirit Bomb from anywhere, if you're into that sorta thing.

Death Blow


Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
2564 All UDV 16+4 1 22 -16 ?-? All
  • Combo ender and metered beam.
  • Scales poorly and consumes ALL of your meter. At 4 levels it becomes more damaging than his level 3.
  • Can be DHC'd into after a character has been KO'd by using the KO'd character's super input.
  • Causes a sliding knockdown on hit.

Consumes all of your available meter for extra damage, up to 6564 damage raw if you spend 7 bars. 2564 for 1 bar scaling 1,000 dmg per bar up to 4 bars and 500 dmg per bar every bar after 4. While this damage is great, its meterburn capabilities can make it tricky to use from a lack of control over the amount that's used. It's amazing at finishing off an opponent if Hit is solo, also works great against Sparking by doing all the damage in one hit, or you can use it to burn the meter just to look cool, which is always a good option. It also has amazing comeback capability by doing apocalyptic damage when Limit Break and Sparking are activated, letting Hit rapidly mount a comeback from a single combo, potentially instantly killing an enemy character.

I keep improving

214L+M or 214H+S

Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
4300 All UDV 9+3 -14 1-? All
  • Costs 3 Ki Gauges.
  • Minimum damage: 1755.
  • Advantage on hit: +42.
  • Standard level 3 reversal.

High damage combo ender. Its main utility lies in the fact that it ignores sparking blast's healing effect, making it a very good choice for killing characters that would otherwise survive the combo. Since it also gives a hard knockdown and the animation takes fairly long, it is a very good combo ender all around.


1Seasonal colors that can be unlocked at different times of the year.

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