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General Tactics

Base Goku might as well say "anchor" on the tin. He has solo mixups with his 214X, amazing assists, supers that get stronger as more characters die, and adds tons of damage to your team. As a solo character, his goal is to stagger and command grab you to death. Because he is a Goku, his great normals allow him to do so very effectively. When he's not in your face, he also has a strong ranged game. He has SSJ Goku's great Ki Blasts, with 1-2 Ki Blasts being safe against superdash. He has a few tools of his own too, with 2S covering vertical space and 214S being a tracking, auto-confirm projectile. Lastly, he has a beam that can be used on the ground and in the air that gives him a non-committal superdash check after Ki Blasts.

Team Synergy



Okay, fine. Simply put, there is no reason to play him on point. None of his gimmicks are at their most effective on point, his assists are very solid, and he can burn meter like no tomorrow but builds it slow. Playing him here sucks, don't do it.


Maybe. This is the first position where another character can take advantage of his great assists, and gives your team more damage with the ability to DHC into Super Spirit Bomb.


This is the position Base Goku works best in. His mixups are good enough that he doesn't have to rely on assists to open up his opponents, and his Kaioken gets better with each successive ally that gets KOed. His own assists are pretty good too, especially his B assist which charges his spirit bomb and grants meter, allowing for a more greedy game plan to be executed.

Picking Teammates

Picking teammates for Goku is really based more on your other characters. Having access to Super Spirit Bomb combos, be it through DHCs or other methods, makes a team with Goku on it go from good to great. While he can be played on teams that do not have the ability to link into his level 3, he will be limited to his B assist if you want any hope of comboing into it reliably - and that leaves a huge gap in your team. While Spirit Bomb is not Goku's only strength, it is easily one of his best, and it's presence alone makes opponents absolutely terrified of the possibility of getting hit.

You don't need to be super picky when it comes to what teammates or assists you want with this in mind - Goku benefits strongly most assists, especially if he is able to use them in the middle of his combos to confirm into air DR for SKD, since in some situations he may struggle to get it.

Kid Buu: is good at point, anchor, and mid and his human extinction attack is an easy way to link into level 3, and his assist can lock down a point to allow time to charge.

Beerus: Beerus' level 1 can be used to connect into Super Spirit Bomb very easily.

Teen Gohan: Amazing point character, allows for Super Spirit Bomb anywhere on the screen from his level 1. Teen Gohan also benefits greatly from Base Goku's A assist because of the pushback putting him in the perfect range to threaten with crossup j.L.

Gotenks: Not only gives midscreen level 3 confirms, but is able to provide Goku with two solid assist choices that allow him to combo and to continue pressure - likewise, Gotenks appreciates either the A assist for it's long blockstun, or B assist to enable lots and lots of ghost oki setups. Gotenks is flexible with his team composition, which helps Goku a lot.


Generally, Base Goku won't be doing many full blockstrings unless he's trying to frame trap.


Base Goku doesn't consistently get slide knockdowns from most of his corner combos. Generally you'll just be doing a meaty or pushing people out with 5S to start your space control game.

Tips and Tricks

  • 214L does not require any delay when tick throwing from lights, but requires a 4 frame delay when throwing from a medium. Alternatively, 214M can be used instead.
  • 2SSS gives time to charge 214S, and it also gives you 1/4 of a bar if you aren't under the meter penalty.
  • 236M/H are both frame 4 reversals, making them great tools to escape pressure or challenge after 6M.

Fighting Goku

Base Goku's mixup is almost entirely strike or throw. Always be on the lookout for a command grab.