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Goku (GT)

General Tactics

GT Goku is hands down the best Mid in the entire game. His supers are powered up when one of his teammates dies, his best tools require meter, and his Assist A can do things that very few other assists can do (If you can get around its 40 frames of startup). His neutral is dominated by both 236H and 214H, as they are both incredibly low commitment neutral skips that allow for pressure when you have an assist to cover you. His damage also increases exponentially when he has meter, as Ultra Spirit Bomb allows for an unscaled combo afterwards.

Team positioning


GT Goku can service as a good point character, but he's most often played as a Mid due to his assist and the damage boost to his supers. GT Goku is the kind of character where he brings tons of benefits to the rest of the cast, but he doesn't receive much from them in return.


This is the best place for GT Goku. He likes to have at least one assist to help his mixups and neutral, and being here also allows for him to use the powered up supers. Usually you'd want to pair him with SSJ Goku, because Goku provides both a neutral and combo extending assist, but he works with any character that allows for a 5L pickup off of j.214M.


GT likes to have a lot of meter in order to do his best work, and this position allows him to have that AND for other characters to take advantage of his amazing assist. If you get a clean hit, you're still almost guaranteed to take a character from your opponent thanks to Limit Break boosting his already high metered damage.

Picking Teammates

GT Goku is interesting because he assists almost everyone but gets assisted by very few characters. He really likes beam assists for two-man ToDs and better neutral, but he plays well with most common anchors.


  • 2L > 5L > 5LL > 2M > 5M > 2S > 5H...

Safe normals: 2L, 5L, 5LL, 2M (-6) 2S and 5S.

  • 2L > 5L...

"Infinite" stagger.

  • 2M (reflected) > 5S > 236H (Reflect proof)

Basic reflect proof blockstring example.

  • 2S > j.2H

+4 on block pressure reset. Plus enough on hit for a meaty jab. Can be 2H'ed, so don't get predictable.

Mix-up tools:

214L Corner:

  1. ...214L , airdash j.H
  2. ...214L , airdash ▷ 2L
  3. ...214L ▷ dash 2L

Can be fuzzy blocked consistently but it is very difficult. 214M has a gap but is alot easier to use for mix-up

2S Midscreen:

  1. ...2S delayed j.2/1S ▷ 236X (Land cross up)
  2. ...2S delayed j.3S > 214S ~ 6S...

Switches sides after 2S. Examples shown using Goku Base A assist.

j.2S high/low:

  1. 2S > j.2S ▷ 2L
  2. 2S > j.2S airdash j.L

This is a true 50/50 mix-up. Will need high blockstun assist to setup in a true blockstring, low blockstun assist can be used but it is very risky.


j.2H and j.214M

After a midscreen j.2H, you get a jump > airdash mixup. j.214M gives you nothing midscreen, but it gives a non-IAD safejump in the corner.


When non-enhanced, you're only allowed to get a high-low. When one character is down, you can also get a crossup.

RIP Season 2 Ultra Spirit Bomb, we miss you :'(

Tips and Tricks

  • Any version of 214X cannot be 2H'ed, and due to its nature as a projectile does not get pushed out if reflected.
  • 236H is a great neutral tool that can be used like Bardock's lariat. It also allows for a free combo on hit.
  • 2S > j.2H can be used in a similar manner to Bardock's 236S.
  • Any medium button chained into 5S acts as a frametrap for 6 frame jabs.
  • 2S being a low allows you to do similar pressure to Cell, and people just happen to get hit by it.

Fighting GT Goku

  • 214H can be punished by running under it.
  • 236H can be punished by IAD back j.H, and j.236H can be 2H'ed.
  • 2S > j.2H can be 2H'ed.
  • The nerf to GT's autocombo makes backdashing after a blocked vanish less risky.

"Don't let him touch you" -Anonymous


Goku (GT)