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Broly (DBS)

General Tactics

S Broly is an absolute gorilla. He's a rushdown grappler with decent projectiles, making him a threat at all ranges. Because of his command grab, he doesn't actually need assists to hit you. His main gameplan revolves around working his way in with his projectiles and scaring the opponent into submission with the threat of his huge damage.

Team positioning


With assist Broly can build meter extremely quickly serving as a great battery character, this paired with his high damage supers allows Broly to two touch off of most starters making him a strong point character. Broly can utilise assists to help him delete his opponents, keep his pressure strong and tight, make his corner carry even stronger and combo into sliding knockdowns. Broly's main mix up revolves around his command grabs, DR, 6M and left/right meaning his assist don't need high blockstun to be effective and he can focus on assist that compliment his neutral. Broly is strong by himself but when he has assist to cover his weaknesses it can be difficult for the opponent to deal with him. His supers make him very compatible with other characters, he gains something from almost any assist and he can Z change into almost any other super.


His assists are good for neutral for most characters thanks to their space coverage, they also have acceptable blockstun to help his teammates maintain their pressure. By himself, he already has good neutral thanks to his projectiles and long normals. However, he still needs an assist to for amazing corner carry and easy sliding knockdowns, keep his pressure going and make his approach safer as most of his normals on the ground have high recovery on whiff. Broly can also use meter very efficiently with high damage off his EX moves, high damage supers and a damage boost after you take off his shirt (uwu) by landing his Lv3.


Broly can have a lot of trouble on maintaining pressure or even starting a combo due to his unsafe and slow normals, though some have good reach which could compensate it all by a bit. He has fantastic damage with bar even by himself and limit break plus shirtless Broly (uwu) gives him a 25% (35% with spark) overall damage boost for the rest of the match. His neutral alone is very strong, although high committal due to his high recovery ground normals, but his extremely powerful projectiles more than makes up for unsafe normals. Broly doesn't need assists to open up opponents (although it may be more difficult) with command grabs, and several armoured moves. All Broly's assists are strong neutral tools; his A assist being a pseudo-beam assist and B assist being a pseudo-GT Goku A, and of course a true beam C assist. Broly may struggle against characters with reversal options after 236X knockdowns and can't get a sliding knockdown easily without spending meter. Broly is better suited for point and middle, but can blow up opponents with his strong read options.

Picking Teammates

Wall bounce assist Gives Broly amazing corner carry in almost any solid hit using Broly's MASSIVE 5M and if he already has the corner they can be used to combo into sliding knockdown using DR or 6H into 214M. Wall bounce assist include: Gogeta A, Goku Base A, Android 17 A, Hit B and Jiren A.

Basic beam assist Gives Broly good corner carry using super dash as well as high damage corner extensions into sliding knockdown. Beam assist paired with 236S in neutral is a reliable way to cover most of the screen and force your opponent into blocking. If the beam assist connects in neutral Broly can confirm off of it using 236M.

Goku Base A assist like other wall bounce assist gives great combo extensions but Goku Base's should be highlighted as it's particularly quick and has decent blockstun adding to Broly's block pressure. Broly's grounded 236LM can easily setup spirit bomb and is also his Z Change level 1. j.236LM can also set up spirit bomb by directing Broly up back in the corner and immediately Z changing into spirit bomb. This paired with Goku Base B assist allows Broly to reliably two touch off of most hits.

Adult Gohan Z changing from Broly's grounded 236LM into Adult Gohan potential unleash allows Gohan to follow up with a DR. This can also be done with other fast supers like Ginyu and Trunks.



  • 2L > 5L > 5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H...

Safe normals: None.

  • 2L > 5L > 5LL > 2M > 5M > 5H > 236L
  • 2L (reflected) > 5M > 2M > 2MM (reflected) > 5H > 2H (reflected) > 236S (Reflect proof)

5M, 5H, 5S 236X and 236S are all reflect proof moves, use them after a gap in your blockstring to guarantee either a hit or more pressure. 5H and 236S are particularly strong for covering reflect as they both have vertically high hitboxes and 1 hit of armour. 6H is semi reflect proof and will catch double reflect attempts.

  • Mix-up tools:
  1. ...2M > 2H/236S (Catches chicken blocking, can be fuzzy jumped)
  2. ...2M > 2MM (Can catch fuzzy jump, beaten by chicken blocking)
  3. ...214L/214H (Command grab, can be placed anywhere in your blockstring without delay)
  4. ...2M > 6M (Universal overhead, worth mentioning as 214L/H is barely reactable)

Broly's mix-up revolves around barely reactable command grabs making him very scary to block against for beginners. Meaning against opponents who are defending properly you will need to condition your opponent to look for something else like pressure resets, 6M, 5L > DR and IAD j.ML/j.H to open them up.


Off of a non-smash j.236X ender, Broly gets a basic meaty setup. Holding [4] and pressing 2L after a slight delay will catch all techs, and you can actually react to delay tech if you listen for the "Nice!" voiceline.

Smash-less 214MDBFZ DBSBroly GiganticFury2.pngGuard:
gives Broly a basic safejump.

Tips and Tricks

Fighting DBS Broly

Broly's main option to open you up is his 214L command grab. His normals are highly unsafe on block, which poses a large problem for him: he has to frametrap or command grab you, and he doesn't get any real stagger pressure. Even his 5S is -7 up close. Once you get above the range of 236S, he also doesn't have any good way to control the screen space above him. Any of the 2M follow-up stomps can be jumped, but not mashed.


Broly (DBS)