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Team Synergy

A compilation of thoughts on every possible Vatista team can be found here.


Vatista is a strong zoner with a keepout based neutral game.She has a decent close ranged due to her normals having a good balance of range and speed.She has good active switch tools to help your partner get in.Her main way of mixup strike/throw all though you can mix it up with her J.C and 2A for a high/low.Her main zoning tools are her specials.Her 236 moves are instant lasers that can be used to punish assist, but are minus,can get you punished if they predict them and some can punish you even if they blocked them.Additionally if they're done in the air, she can't act until she lands.Her 214 moves are much safer than her 236 moves,can make her 236 moves safe, can be used to stall in the air and can be used for oki. However you have to be careful as if the opponent has a fullscreen super,they WILL punish you for spamming lasers and fireballs. Against characters that don't have fullscreen supers, you can spam lasers and they can't stop you.

Her supers are pretty good but not the best supers in the game.Her 236BC can be used to punish fireballs, normals/specials with long start and other fullscreen supers.It has a long duration so you can double super with your partner for a combo put it's costly so only do it if will kill.It can also be in res for chip but it's minus so only if it will put them a 1HP. 214BC is combo ender/ reversal. It can also be used as a antiair.

As for gameplan, you have two choices. You can either go close range and normals for stagger pressure and tick throws. Use 214A to make moves safe and don't forget use her DP. It one of the best antiair in the game and is great at making the opponent to stop jumping. The other choice is zoning.Use 214A/B to keep the opponent away and if they call assist 236A. Only use 236B if the opponent is already airborne or if your 110% sure they're going to jump. 236C is plus so you can use it if you want to zone without having to worry about being punished


Vatista has a great assist kit that can support everyone. 5P is a great for extening combos due to its LONG duration as well as lockdown. 6P goes fullscreen and is useful in neutral as lockdown and oki. 4P is her worst assist but since this is vatista it's still good. It's mainly used to catch people super jumping or stalling midair as well for combos. Pretty much every character can use her assists. Special shoutout to chie who can use Vatista 5P to get easy power charge combos and her other assist help chie's neutral game.

Recommended Partners

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General Tactics

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Meter Usage

Vatista isn't very meter reliant but she mainly uses meter for EX laser which were you want it to go. EX laser is fast,does good damage(which is non-recoverable) and is plus so they have to predict it.Gem is a waste of meter.You should only use it if you have a hard read like a dp as if you use 5B as a starter,you can get some good damage.Other than tat don't waste your time. Vatista's super are mainly used as combo enders, 236BC midscreen and 214BC in the corner. 236BC can be used like her regular lasers but if you have a hard read as it could potentially end the match. Both of her supers can be used for double super setups.



Since she is a unist character, Vatista's blockstrings are very freeform and are mostly up to you but a good rule of thumb is that you shouldn't start your blockstrings with 2A unless you for a high/low mix and you both went low.This is so if your opponent pushblocks you, you can cancel into 2A to stay safe.

Tips and Tricks

Fighting Vatista

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